(Sigh) Well, even with the rest of the shows sucking this week, at least I can count on Gate to be halfway decent. (Thank god) So yes, it’s time for our favorite otherworldly people and their SDF protectors to continue and wrap up their adventure in Japan. What happens you may ask? Well that’s what I’m here for to discuss with you. So without further ado, I bring you Gate Episode 10.

So the episode picks up immediately where the last one left off, with Rory about to start doing the nasty with Itami. Unfortunately it gets interrupted by a text message he receives.

Goddamn it Itami! that's what they invented Airplane mode for! Well...that and for..well..being on airplanes.
Goddamn it Itami! that’s what they invented Airplane mode for! Well…that and for..well..being on airplanes.

This message is from the prime minister who’s tells him that shit’s about to get real. At this point, the americans cross paths with the chinese and russians who are trying to do the exact same thing they are.

PFFFFFF. I love that face. That's the "I just saw mom in bed with a guy who's not dad" face.
PFFFFFF. I love that face. That’s the “I just saw mom in bed with a guy who’s not dad” face.

So in typical fashion, because they’re not Japanese, they all proceed to shoot each other as people who aren’t Japanese do a lot.

That’s when Rory comes barreling out and starts fucking up everyone’s day.

See that guy right there? He's getting his day fucked up.
See that guy right there? He’s getting his day fucked up.

Pretty soon everyone else is dead and the group packs up their stuff and leaves.

Of course Not Obama is very mad about the fact that they didn’t get to capture the visitors and does his best to impersonate Gendo Ikari who is channeling the Emperor while doing so.

Enough of your failure. Did you kill the puppies and orphans I asked you to?
Enough of your failure. Did you kill the puppies and orphans I asked you to?

As the group knows this wouldn’t be the last time they would make a move before they left to go back through the gate, since they know there’s a leak at this point they decide to go on social media and tell everyone that the girls will be at Ginza tomorrow to pay their respects to the dead people and then go back home.

The next day the place is packed and the people who wanted to kidnap them realize that’s no longer an option as there are way too many people there to do it without causing a national incident.

(Seen here, the Masquerade line at Otakon)
(Seen here, the Masquerade line at Otakon)

And, even though they’re worried that the people will want to attack them as they believe they’re still angry over losing loved ones at the Ginza incident. Actually though, they couldn’t be happier to see them and applaud them to send them off.

All this scene was missing was one guy standing up first and doing an angel wave like "Angels in the Outfield"
All this scene was missing was one guy standing up first and doing an angel wave like “Angels in the Outfield”

Ah yes. Almost forgot that the army girl’s sister is a news reporter and noticed her sister walking with them. Going up to her she starts to talk to her on camera where the army girl pretends she’s talking to her mom about how crazy things have been including that other countries have been after the girls. Hearing this on the news, the other countries back off completely once again, for fear of an international incident.

You'll pay for this captain planet!
You’ll pay for this captain planet!

The girls make it back to their own world and the princess basically states how she needs to convince everyone not to fight with Japan again because she now sees that if they were to attack, they would not only be beaten, they would be annihilated. And that’s where the episode ends.

In terms of this episode, the only thing that’s getting on my nerves in general is the treatment of other countries. It’s like Really guys? Come on. I think the American president would have more shit going on than worrying about this. Okay, we get it. The other world is probably full of other resources and shit. But this series really does go out of its way to villainify everyone that isn’t Japanese. I haven’t seen a show this xenophobic with such a stupid president since “Read or Die’. It’s not enough to insult me, I just keep rolling my eyes at it. It’s like “We get it. You have a hard on for Japan. Quit being a dick.”

This episode I do have to say definitely made me like the ex-wife more. There were some touching scenes with her and you can see how the two of them were a couple once.


Still, she broke it off, and now it’s time to move on and pair me up some Itami and Rory.


Yeah. That’s better.

I can’t say that I was bored with this episode as I slightly was last episode. Granted there were random people that weren’t Japanese getting shot and that made me more laugh than anything as well as the revelation that Japanese people are good people who forgive.

"BWAH! I die..knowing.. I was shot...because I wasn't Japanese in this show..."
“BWAH! I die..knowing.. I was shot…because I wasn’t Japanese in this show…”

There were some cute moments, and this episode flowed smoothly. Rory and the rest of the girls are fun as usual and seeing them evolve over time has really been one of the high points of the show for me. However,  I can’t say I was really too much of a fan of the sister news reporter. I mean, she served her purpose, but she was a bit too…annoying for my taste.

Wah! I get nervous doing the news despite the fact that I got a job as a news reporter!
Wah! I get nervous doing the news despite the fact that I got a job as a news reporter!

Overall, a solid episode, leading me to be excited for the next one to see where it goes. I wonder though if McIdiot will NOT attack and possibly make peace with Japan?


Oh yeah. That’s right…..not holding out too much hope for that one.

Episode 7/10


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  1. trejon pearson

    It made me pretty sad at the end to see when tuka went back to the room and was talking like her father was still alive

  2. zztop

    Still, you need to remember the source author’s right-wing beliefs. Hia entire agenda with this story was to glorify Japan and to villianize all other foreign powers.

    A lot of his more controversial diatribe was excised, but the writers can’t eliminate all of it (like the evil US President) or else the original story wouldn’t exist.
    This being an adaptation, Japanese fans don’t like it when you change their material too much (like the complaint that Hollywood sometimes bowlderizes a movie’s source material for mainstream appeal).

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