This episode is split into two sections, backstory from Big Brother and ‘Let’s save Ayumi’, all of it is fairly light content and I found myself laughing quiet a few times. Though I wouldn’t say it’s entirely a happy episode either. In particular, the backstory. As we knew before, Shunsuke has the power of ‘Time Leap’ it allows him to go back at time. Though as we also know, nobody in this series has a perfect power. They are all flawed in some way.


His flaw is that he looses a bit of his sight with each leap, which leads us to why he is blind when we meet him in the last episode. We see him leaping and leaping, trying to find the perfect balance to stop the scientist from discovering them. In one time line, in fact, the last one he went too before this one. Yu mentions highschool and Shunsuke gets the idea to make the current school for ability users.

He leaps back one last time, completely loosing his vision and the ability to use his power with it. He has a member of his group erase his existence from Yu and Ayumi’s minds and that’s pretty much the story up until this point. I’d be lying If I said I didn’t feel sad at seeing him kiss the both of his siblings goodbye. Having to let them go, knowing that it’s for their own good.


Vice versa, I nearly died of laughter at the part where Shunsuke and Kumagami are talking about how to disguise himself. Using his long hair to cover his face, it was actually Kumagami that suggested drenching himself. So that’s why he always showed up to the club room drenched in water, not because his power only worked that way. It was to disguise himself, clever. Very clever.

Of course, now the key is to go back and save Ayumi. He can’t use his power anymore, but Yu with his ability to loot powers should be able too.
So Yu loots the ability to go back into the past and goes to save Ayumi…

OKAY WAIT, did we just give our slightly sociopath main character the ability to leap through time? I mean, I believe that he’s had enough of a character arc to use the power only to save his sister. However, let me count the 100 ways this could go wrong. We have two more episodes, and time travel rarely goes well…I think that something awful is going to happen and…


Wait? They succeed? He not only takes her power before it destroys the building but manages to come in and save his sister from the Yandere with a box cutter perfectly? I am oddly unsettled by how easy this was.

That ending is way too happy! Ayumi is safe and sound and they’re on their way to meet with Shunsuke together. Maybe if next episode was the last episode, i’d buy that. Since it’s not, I don’t….

What are you plotting on me show!?


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  1. trejon pearson

    I agreed this episode was way too easy I was on edge the whole time cuz I expected something more I thought they’d go with the whole you can’t change the past thing and ayu would still end up dead somehow but nope everything wrapped up nicely I’m honestly a little disappointed right now lol

  2. kinghumanity

    Does anyone actually think it was going to be this easy? This is Jun Maeda writing after all.
    I’m going to bet that Yuu will have to let go of his sister again.

    1. MidnightDevont

      Oh, i believe something awful is going to happen. It was just too easy THIS episode. I am very convinced there is going to be some painful twist.

    2. Wanderer

      I swear if Maeda kills her AGAIN he will end up on my “Urobutcher divine retribution list” of creators who deserve to have their kneecaps broken for the evil they have done to innocent characters.

  3. Moonlight

    Lol I was honestly expecting that Yuu was going to fail, or even if he saved her from box-cutter-girl, she’d end up dying another way (similar to other time-leaping stories). So I was shocked when the episode ended so pleasantly. ….Still, I just know something terrible will happen….oh please don’t let Ayumi die again. (or Tomori, if anything happens to Tomori I will cry).

  4. Wanderer

    So… wait, what about all the development that’s happened since Ayumi’s death? What about Nao? Will all the growth she’s had since then be undone?

  5. Shiki

    Maybe the arrow into our knees is still coming, letting Yuu die or get crippeled by using his powers to save everyone

  6. Magicflier

    My guess is that someone else is going to die, the butterfly effect isn’t that easy to break out of… >>

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