Ah. here we are at (what i believe to be) the final arc of the series. just 3 episodes left to go. How will this series end? I have a pretty good idea, but let’s just take a look and make sure.
So this episode starts off with Kagami being very lethargic at work. He really isn’t that interested in his teaching anymore and really wants to go back to blogging as he sees that it as well as his other anime related duties have suffered due to his having a job.

That's kind of the reaction that we get when our new post doesn't mean the top ten most viewed blogs of the day
That’s kind of the reaction that we get when our new post doesn’t mean the top ten most viewed blogs of the day

Options talks to him about how everything is going great, but he replies with how he’s incredibly bored and he’s not excited for her.
That’s when his old friend from school shows up and tries to convince him to join her alternative to CERM, to build the anywhere door.
You know, I have to say, this show does have a couple of nods to Stein’s gate that I actually didn’t even really think about before, but  especially in this episode, they’re very prevalent.
1. He always wears the white lab coat just like the guy from stein’s gate does
2. The involvement of CERM
3. His favorite drink is Doctor Pepper
4. They even make a banana in the microwave reference.

and they turned all green and gloopy
and they turned all green and gloopy

If you’ve seen Stein’s gate, then these offhand references are actually kind of funny.
Anyway, back to the plot. So to try to convince him, the girl takes Kagami to their super secret base underground, which turns out to be a FREAKING UNDERGROUND CITY.

So THAT'S where all the tax money goes
So THAT’S where all the tax money goes

Like seriously, how the hell did you build this underground with no one noticing? Also… she’s supposed to be like 22. how did she manage to get all the resources, money, and placed in charge of such a high profile operation at such a young age? that’s nuts.
Anywho, there’s almost a meltdown, but Kagami saves the day, showing how much he’s really needed there. options then shows up in the base…somehow and tells Kagami the reason why he’s hesitating to accept the offer is because he doesn’t need to build the door anymore. However, to prove a point, she fires him from being a teacher, so there’s no longer a conflict and he can work on the anywhere door without worrying about teaching.

As opposed to being effective as of yesterday
As opposed to being effective as of yesterday

And that’s where the episode ends.
This episode …is kind of going in the direction I thought this show would. I have the feeling that it’s going to be one of those “bah, i don’t want to be a teacher” “Here’s what you’re missing!” “oh you’re right! i DO want to be a teacher!” You know, one of THOSE endings. However this show has proved me wrong before and maybe it WON’T take that path, but i’m pretty certain it will.

I'd be more confused how she GOT there seeing as it's an underground facility
I’d be more confused how she GOT there seeing as it’s an underground facility

I actually really don’t care about the anywhere door and if he completes it or not. I’m much more interested in him having wacky adventures. (except for Koutaro. No. I WON’T ever let that go).
I do like this show (even if no one else seems to) however, i do see the problem with this show. It has a very stagnant formula. Character has issue in school, otaku solves it in wacky way. 9/10 times person who he helps gets a crush on him. Lather, rinse, repeat. Without the chance of a romance, it is actually getting a little dull. There’s only 3 episodes to go, so it isn’t overstaying its welcome NEARLY as much as Ore Monogatari, and I DO want to see how they end it, but i’m not holding my breath for a groundbreaking series because honestly, it’s not the kind of show that would do that.
So, raise your glasses with me and salute the fact that there’s only 2 more episodes to go. Let’s bring it on home Denpa Kyoushi, I can see the finish line in the distance.
Episode 6/10