You know, the struggle with review episodes of DBZ is with episodes like this one. Where it’s not boring like Oolong vs Beerus in the most tense game of Rock-Paper-Scissors ever but it’s not really something you can talk about either. This episode is pretty much summed up into pure action scenes all around. A majority of it is Goku getting used to his new power and observing how his body doesn’t feel like his own right now.

punches are thrown,kicks are kicked, Ki-blasts are sent flying. Bulma’s weird air pod thing that everyone piled into so they could watch the fight better goes tumbling down into the ocean. People freaking out and Maron giggling all the way. Goku gradually settles into his power and by the end of the episode, it seems like he’s gotten used to the spike in power.


The other things that happen in this episode are small things, like King Kai getting yelled at which once again was hampered by the voice acting. I hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but it really hinders scenes with King Kai to have him sound the way he does now.The idea being put on the table that if Beerus unleashed his full power, the universe could be destroyed.

Though my favorite addition of something onto this episode was Pilaf’s gang sneaking back onto the boat and having food with Whis.
That was not in Battle of the Gods, even though I wish it was! That would of been hilarious to see.


Let’s see, anything else really important this episode? No, not really. It could be summed up into fighting and people eating. Wait, isn’t that sort of Dragon Ball Z in a nutshell? I’m curious to see where Super intends to improve on Battle of the Gods from here. The rest of the movie from this point on was Beerus and Goku fighting. Super is also looking to give us some more detail on the events leading into Resurrection F.

Next week, more fighting! Can Goku keep up this godly pace? how will it play out as compared to the fight in the movie. Is Trunks going to claim that Mai is his girlfriend in Super!? All this and more on the next episode of Dragon Ball Super!