So what is this episode going to involve? Why dancing of course! Because this is tribe cool crew and everything must be about dancing. So what dance related thing did this episode happen to be about? well let me tell you.
So the episode starts out with ayumi and Haneru’s friend talking about how they miss their friends and how it’s dull without them. They see people performing crowd high but realize that they like Kanon and Haneru’s dancing better, so they decide to practice dancing themselves.
(this was a good 5ish minutes i summed up btw)

nah, just kidding, it's more like 9
nah, just kidding, it’s more like 9

So eventually we get back to Dance road where gold and silver start destroying all the random nameless people with their funky phresh dance moves. Then of course we get to the people who are actually named and have voice actors. Team Blossom bullets want to dance against them but gold and silver get bored and say that they have to dance against robots.

Our programming commands us to
Our programming commands us to

Meanwhile Momiji is off being some sort of awesome ninja sneaking around to hear the plan that’s going on. and dude, not only can she move around like a spider, she can freaking read lips. That’s pretty damn impressive. Why can’t the series star HER more often?

Spider-Momiji don't give a shit
Spider-Momiji don’t give a shit

Anyway So Team blossom bullet dances off against the robots and cup and ball guy does a crazy huge long solo dance and they win the round, but the episode ends with the realization that he hurt his leg, and team silver/gold will be back in a few minutes to battle them.

fancy pain effects are fancy
fancy pain effects are fancy

So yeah, some stuff definitely did happen with this episode, but i don’t know if they were trying to drag this out or not as the first near half of the episode is watching Ayumi and haneru’s friend talking about stuff. I mean, i like this two but it was a very odd placement considering we’re kind of in the middle of the climax here. It would be like if they were fighting against perfect cell and he decided to just stop and tell everybody to have wacky adventures for 10 days or stop in the middle of the semifinals of a yugioh tournament to get sucked into a computer. oh wait. THEY DID BOTH THOSE THINGS! Goddamn it sometimes anime.

No, please, continue. It's not like we're at the climax or anything.
No, please, continue. It’s not like we’re at the climax or anything.

The one thing that’s making me shake my head in this show is every once in a while while they’re dancing some dance energy emanates through the complex and they show Jey uncscious there. I’m just sitting here thinking, “please no, tell me they’re not going to say that he’s going to be awakened through the power of dance.” I gave this show SOME credit, but, come on. you’re not going to reawaken a suicide bomber coma victim with DANCE. it’s just…please tell me you’re not going to do that. And yet somehow, i have a feeling that’s EXACTLY what they’re going to do.

I know I have massive internal injuries but...the funky phresh moves!
I know I have massive internal injuries but…the funky phresh moves!

You hear that everybody who has a relative in a coma? apparently if you dance enough, everything will be okay. Now i’m not sure that’s where they’re going with this, but they’re really really implying it’s going to happen.
I can kind of guess what’s going to happen at the end of the series (if they are indeed ending it here which i can’t really see they won’t) but the only thing i can’t really see is what the crowd high TRUE intent is. Like…is he going to use this to fight in armies somehow? I really don’t know. It’s a DANCE. What possible EVIL motive could it have? Really. They’re taking this a tad too seriously. But you know I guess it’s just as believable as somebody saying that a card game will decide the fate of the world.
Either way, it was an okay episode and I do want to see where they go with this. It really WOULD help though if i knew if the series was ending or not. I would be more certain of what they were planning on doing if i knew for a fact that the series was ending in the next  5 or so episodes. Also it would help me plan my next season out better. Ongoing? come on, seriously?
Episode 6/10

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