Self care. The act of caring for your self. That’s what this episode is, among other things.

The first half the episode was Futaba dealing with her insecurities again as she feels like she’s running behind Ichigo and Rin, who are more popular than her. She gets a job as a program regular, which is someone that gets a few lines here and there each episode as just side characters, like Boy A for example. In this anime she works with Ryoko Shiraishi (I watched the stuff she’s in). Futaba hurts her voice during recording and Shiraishi gives her cough drops, and then when Futaba gets home she gets a cold and has to miss recording for the second episode. The following week she’s there for the third episode and after recording she walks home with Shiraishi. As per usual, the show’s guest gives Futaba some advice and she learns from it. Also, Futaba really takes this self care thing seriously as she puts on a coat and scarf after work.

The second half of the episode was the announement of Earphone’s first solo concert. But Kaibara is kinda a crappy manager as he booked a place that seats 500 people but he’s hardly done advertising. Also, the girls don’t even have enough songs to sing. They only have enough for a mini concert, not a big one. Um YOU REALLY SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE PLANNING THIS CONCERT, WHAT KIND OF MANAGER ARE YOU? I wish the girls really did tell him off because he deserves to hear that or else he’s gonna keep screwing up. Well, they, and by they I mean Ichigo, decides that Earphones will do cover songs to fill the time. And Ichigo will pick the songs and do the choreography.

Kaibara also teases the girls that they’ll go to a huge event to promote their concert. It was a concert type of event, and the girls thought they’d actually go on stage and sing. But in the end they were passing out flyers outside of the venue.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 11 [1080p].mkv0095[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 11 [1080p].mkv0096

Honestly, Kaibara sucks.

Well the girls decide to look on the bright side and just hand out the flyers. The next day at their choreography practice Konno calls Futaba and tells her that 200 out of the 500 tickets were sold, which is pretty great! Almost half….you’re almost there, you guys. Well things seem great but then Ichigo trips on one of their water bottles AND OF COURSE SHE HURT HER ANKLE. OF COURSE SHE DID. Self care, sweetie. You did too much on your own and now look what happened. Great.

Now that her ankle is hurt we’ll just have to see how bad the injury is and whether it’ll get better in time before the concert. But knowing Ichigo she’ll probably still perform anyway even if it hurts.


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  1. Katrina Karen1

    Would you recommend me this shoujo anime? (I really enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke) What is it about? if I may ask? ^_^

  2. Wanderer

    There was a trippy moment when Futaba was picturing Ryoko Shiraishi voicing Hayate in Hayate no Gotoku. Sore ga Seiyuu is set IN the Hayate no Gotoku universe. So it just referred to its own universe as a fictional setting.

    In other news… Seriously girls, you need to tell off Kaibara. Or get your production companies managers to tell him off, if you’re unwilling to do it personally. He needs to have someone yell some sense into him.

    ICHIGO! NOOOOOOO!! That’s a bad fall. Rolling your ankle like that can cause permanent injury, not just a minor sprain. She needs to get to a doctor right away.

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