Well, here we are. One more episode of Denpa Kyoushi. After two seasons worth of this show, some good episodes, some bad, we’re finally here. One more episode and we’re done. So for those of you who stuck around with me to the bitter end, what do you say we do this one more time and wrap this up for good? All right, here we go, for the last time.

So the episode starts up with the students all worried as they haven’t seen Kagami for a while. They get suspicious when Options tells them that she’s handling it and to leave it alone. The gang tries to follow her in a taxi, but she loses them when she pulls into that super secret tunnel.

Damn it, now i have the "secret tunnel" song from avatar stuck in my head
Damn it, now i have the “secret tunnel” song from avatar stuck in my head

Meanwhile we cut back to the little girl who apparently locked herself in the top secret building because she heard that she would have to go back to school and leave the research place and she didn’t want to.

Kagami breaks into the place but actually joins her in her defiance.

See, this is why I like you Kagami
See, this is why I like you Kagami

However, the girl (Reiko) soon realizes that she can make her own amusement by going to school and goes with Options. It’s at this point that Kagami finally realizes what it is he truly wishes to do and wants his job back as a teacher, but with some conditions. Conditions which Options gladly accepts.

We cut forward to the next day when all the students have standardized tests but they all seem to do extremely well. It turns out that Kagami made a custom App for every student that gave the questions and answers he thought each teacher would put on the test. Because of this the standardized tests became effectively useless.

He did this so students could stop worrying about keeping their GPAs up and focus on what in life it is that THEY want to do and study forging their own future.

Now that's an awesome teacher
Now that’s an awesome teacher

With this, the series ends.

This episode was a nice wrap up. It kinda had the ending I thought it had, but it had a cool twist with the test app which was nice. I didn’t even think about that which was neat.

The first half of the episode with the lesson seemed a little rushed and forced, but it all worked out in the end as the epilogue was satisfying enough as well….the manga’s still going so they can’t really SUPER end it so they kind of had to leave it a little open ended.

The good thing about this character was that he has developed throughout the series, but also never betrayed himself and stayed the same guy for all these years which is nice and not as common as you’d might think.

Why couldn't this guy have taught MY high school?
Why couldn’t this guy have taught MY high school?

All in all, a nice ending to the series.

Episode 7/10

So now we get down to the nitty gritty. Let’s review each segment.

Head: When I first heard of the plot for this show, I fell in love with the concept and wanted to see it. An otaku teacher who only does things he wants to do. That’s great. Right off the bat i’m sucked in. And I have to say, they really didn’t disappoint on that front. The show delivered on that premise and never strayed from it. He took the opposite route most characters in other animes would take.

Every few episodes was its own little arc which as i’ve said in the past some really worked and some didn’t. (yes i’m still mad about the crazy long Koutaro arc) for the most part the arcs were short enough that you didn’t get tired of it, but it kept you interested to see what was going on and the new characters you would meet. For having a premise that delivered and kept the spirit, I give this show a


Eye: I have to say, I really did adore this art style. Things were Chibi, but also had a real world feel to them. The girls were cute, the main character looked cool as his design was nice, and with the exception of the sister’s VA, all the other Japanese voice actors were pretty damn good. I’m not sure what happened with the sister but…she…wasn’t very good and she got grating.

damn it sis why does your voice sound like ass!? and why does kagami have red hair and you have striking blonde? and where are your parents?
damn it sis why does your voice sound like ass!? and why does kagami have red hair and you have striking blonde? and where are your parents?

Eye:  7/10


Okay, this is where the show gets dichotomous (ah there goes me using my fancy five dollar words). The episode either felt really squishy and great or it was annoying and stupid. However usually it was the former and not the latter which was nice. Most of the characters I felt for. However, that became the problem, as, as the cast grew, they had to keep moving back to them or…in some cases completely forget about them. It was obvious that nearly every single girl in the show wanted Kagami’s dick. And I mean like…..all of them, but it didn’t delve into any sort of romance. I mean…that’s good in a way, but it was almost kind of weird to see him having no romantic urges towards well….anyone. It’s almost like watching Tenchi Muyo except with LESS sexual tension coming from him. If that’s even possible.

I have never seen less sexual tension in a hug in my LIFE
I have never seen less sexual tension in a hug in my LIFE

(laughs) all right. I did this in Monster Musume, so just for you guys, I will do my “Who deserves to be with the main character the most?” countdown. All right but just the top 5 or i’ll be here all day.

  1. Idol Chick: I don’t know..I just think they’re cute together and I think they would make an adorable couple. Come on, an idol and an otaku. That’s fantastic.

  2. Manga chick: What’s to say? They’re both anime fans and if you put those two minds together you could seriously take over the anime world. Plus he could give her more things to put in her manga (wink)

  3. Money chick: Okay yeah, it’s a bit obvious, but she was definitely the most straight forward of all the girls and seeing how much she loved Kagami really was adorable and I would not mind seeing them as a couple as it would be adorable.

  4. Potatoes: I don’t know what it is, but i really love her. I think she’s a great character and was really the first person other than face punch (who…kind of got lost in the lurch when he switched schools…yeah what was the point of that again?) that he helped out. She really loved him from that starting point and she has been one of his biggest advocates ever since.


ding ding! we have a winner!
ding ding! we have a winner!
  1. Anime voice: God…damn it I just think Anime voice and Kagami would be the best couple. I could just imagine these two being married. I don’t know why but when I think of the canon pairing in my head…I think of these two. I don’t know why, I just do.

Oh yeah, the heart rating.


Total Score: Even


That being said, this was a fun show and I would not mind watching a slew of these episodes again (not every one obviously) If they made more, yeah, i’d watch it, and i’d definitely blog about it.

Final verdict? Yeah. Give it a watch. For all of those of you made it through with me, thanks for sticking by me and i’ll see you next time.