“Begin the annihilation.”

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I feel like this is the second coming of the Anteiku raid, which is a bit weird because we should still be mirroring the Tsukiyama arc – there hasn’t been any extensive torture of a main character yet, either (as pitiable as Kanae is, he’s way less important than, say, Haise). Aside from the CCG swooping down upon the Tsukiyama mansion in huge flocks, Mirumo is clearly doing a Yoshimura in taking responsibility as the head of the family. On top of that, he’s trying to protect the ‘successor’ to his family, the next generation who will carry on his will – this is Master Shuu for the current operation, and it was Touka and Hinami back during the Anteiku raid. A caretaker, Matsumae has been appointed, and her counterpart is Yomo. Like Koma and Irimi, the various employees and subsidiary heads of the Tsukiyama group feel indebted to Mirumo, and are willing to put their lives on the line to allow Tsukiyama to escape. In addition, Eto is also getting involved. If there’s one difference, it’s that Tsukiyama was about to play the role of Kaneki and return to assist his father – but Matsumae has talked him out of it. In fact, I think he clearly remembers what happened to Kaneki as a result of his decision, and knows that he shouldn’t be making the same mistake.

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The problem now, however, is that the CCG are not allowing him to run away. I think it’s really saying something, the way they all acted this chapter – they want to exterminate them all. Even when Tsukiyama tries to peacefully escape, they’re chasing him down with all the manpower they have. Washuu thinks its more fun that way. And some of them are outright angry that Rose aren’t getting violent – that they’re not struggling, which would give them an excuse to pull out their quinques and start slaughtering ghouls. It’s yet another example of the blurry morality in Tokyo Ghoul, and how it’s never been a simple issue of black and white. It’s not like the Tsukiyama group are Aogiri or anything – they still kill humans, yes, but they’re people too. Not enough of the CCG have that in mind – with Ui the ghoul hater at the helm, Promotion-kun who wants to beat Takeomi on the front lines, and Hairu who will do her best to be praised by Arima leading the extermination, things are looking pretty bad for poor Master Shuu.

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Of course, the tragic irony of the last page’s top panel is that Haise is angry at ‘Tsukiyama’, and yet has no idea that the very same guy he’s trying to hunt down used to be one of his most reliable allies – and is the ghoul he’s been meeting in the park to secretly ask about Kaneki. If there are other doves watching, Haise will have to fight – but if not, I think he’ll probably let him go. Tsukiyama is not a ghoul who’s done anything wrong in particular, at least in the past few years. Imagine if they find out he’s Gourmet, though. Freaking Arima will be sent to calmato him for good.

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  1. TheVoid

    Seeing Noro this chapter and recalling what he can do as a ghoul, I wonder if he’s another one of Etos pets that she’s given a part of herself too. His mask even gives me a vibe of the mouths that grew from her kagune.

    1. Vantage

      Sorry for the late reply, missed this comment!

      Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of speculation elsewhere on the relation between Kanae and Noro. How Noro seemingly can’t talk or eat either due to what we now know are stitches over his eyes and mouth, and how he does everything with his kagune. Now that we’ve seen Kanae in Chapter 47 wearing a Noro mask, it’s seeming more likely than ever that ‘Noro’ is just an identity she gives to her various torture victims.

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