Durarara x2 Ten ~ Episode 22 [Scumbag]

Phew, it seems we’ve returned to the land of ‘a ton of things happening in one episode’ that Durarara seems very fond of doing. This episode skips around a lot to various people. Most importantly, Mikado, Aoba, Masaomi and Dotachin. I don’t know exactly where to start recapping this episode. Oh there is one last character that this episode had a minor focus on. Yodogiri Jinnai, god this guys makes my skin crawl in every sense of the word.


Let’s bullet point a few things that happen

-Yodogiri Jinnai makes contact with that drug selling kid that Izaya messed up a few episodes back

– The scarred guy from Izaya’s gang [I think his name is Iizumi or something along those lines] is the older brother of Aoba, wait a second, Blue Squares….season one, war with the yellow scarves. I think I might need to double back to season one, I feel like I missed this guy or he’s just missing from my memory.

– Masaomi gets in contact with Dotachin’s group and asks them to leave the Dollars and join the Yellow Scarves because he wants to take down the Dollars. Obviously to help out Makoto but when Dotachin asks him directly about that, he dodges the question. I get why he’s keeping it from them and playing it close to the chest, but when it comes down to it if he told them the truth they’d be willing to help.

Speaking of Dotachin, as he thinks over what Masaomi said, about Mikado acting strange. About him being part of the Dollars purging group, about the Blue Squares. It all begins to come together, at the very time a car rams into him at high speeds. Are you kidding!? Oh dear god, if the show itself hadn’t of made it a point of saying MULTIPLE times that he wasn’t dead.
I think I would of taken my computer and thrown it across the room. What in the world is it with this season hurting all my babies! First Izaya, then Shinra, now Dotachin!?
I know this time it was Izaya’s fault too most likely….DOTACHIN!


So as word passes around, we see how everyone reacts to the news. Scariest reaction goes to Shizuo. I think he might of gone Super Saiyan there for a second, he was NOT happy.
A lot more happens this episode, but honestly it all pales in comparison to seeing this happen to Dotachin. It was one of those, mouth dropped open. Staring at the screen in mild disbelief moments.


I mean, compared to that. We can barely take the time to remember that Akabayashi hired Izaya to look into Mikado or that Anri was in cosplay…okay. We can remember those things if we try, the first one is pretty important.

I liked this episode, while it did jump around a lot. It wasn’t really too hard to follow, it seems like they were hitting up a lot of important plot points before we get to the real meat of x2 Ten. I’m so hyped, it seems like all the pieces are on the chess board now. It’s time for the games to begin, AH and we have an entire other cour to go through!


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