For a final episode of a season, this episode was a little subdue. However, with that being said that’s because it’s setting us up for the beautiful thing that will be arc three of season 2! The chess board is set with all the players getting ready. The Yellow scarves going against the Dollars, the Dollars against the Yellow Scarves. There’s a war brewing in Ikebukuro and at it’s center, two best friends ready to take each other down.
There’s also Anri, who while not directly involved has stakes in this as well with Saika….oh my god Saika. If I had to point out ONE plot point in this show that drives me up a wall it’s trying to figure out who’s controlled by Saika and who isn’t.


On that note, which Saika? Anri’s? The chick working with Izaya, the one under the control of the secretary lady who worked under the organization known as Yodogiri Jinnai. Who we have now confirmed is not one person, but in fact multiple people under one name. Most of which Izaya had taken out this episode. Speaking of being taken out…

WHAT IS IT WITH THIS SEASON AND TAKING OUT MY DARLING IZAYA IN THE FINALE’S!? What did he ever do to…..well there’s that, and that….okay so he did a lot of things to a lot of people to deserve this. I think my real problem here is that he’s been taken down twice by someone who doesn’t deserve it. If it was Shizuo or Masaomi or even Verona. I could kind of get behind it.
The organization known as Yodogiri Jinnai has no business taking him out when there is a list of people who deserve it more.


The most interesting scene of the episode by far though is the ending, as Celty returns home to the apartment that her and Shinra share. She finds an odd assortment of people there. Shingen, his wife, Walker, Togusa, Namie and others….wait, how did Namie get there? Safe and sound none the less? What’s going on here? This isn’t the first odd assortment of people meeting this season but…
I don’t get this one. There is little rhyme or reason too it. I’m sure it will be explained in the next cour but for now. I’m just left here wondering to myself “What?”


In particular, even beyond Namie I am curious about Walker and Togusa. As two people who were out on the war path, why would they show up here? Walker was attacked by Izumii and narrowly avoided a full out fight. He mentioned going somewhere to hide, like a base or something…but why Shinra’s house? Well once again, I’m sure it’s something that will be explored more next cour.
Final impression

Well, more like a end of this cour impression. It won’t be a true final impression until the whole thing is over. With that being said, x2 Ten had a lot of things going for it but in the end it was all build up for the final cour that will be coming out in January next year. It was the people and events boiling too the point that the war of Ikebukuro is ready to break out.

It’s sad to say but honestly, I don’t have a lot to say here. Until the season is actually over, what is there too say? I am concerned about the sanity of Mikado. I’m always upset when something happens to Izaya. I would like Shizuo to not be under arrest anymore, in particular under obviously false charges. It was an interesting ride but it will be even better when it comes to it’s conclusion next cour.

What’s going to happen?! Is war going to break out? Is celty’s head going to awaken? Will we finally get a handle on all of these different Saika’s!? Seriously, there are at least three that I know of right now and probably more. It’s driving me crazy. Oh well…That’s it for now!