Oh boy. An episode regaling us the with the tale of the episodes we JUST SAW? Fan-fucking tastic idea. I love it! I mean, why WOULDN’T I want to see an episode that talks about the stuff I JUST SAW?
Yeah..if you couldn’t tell, this episode kind of pissed me off. Why did it? Well besides the stuff I just told you about, let’s begin.
So the episode starts up with Duckface, Chika, and Wet Blanket still being in the game and only 1 member of the other two teams still left. As those two fight each other, Wet Blanket goes in to catch her off guard.

Oh finally! Wet Blanket will do something cool! He’ll catch her off guard and get that point and….


she…she takes out wet blanket?
(head desks)


Are you so content on making Wet Blanket SUCK? Is that your thing? Are you like “oh please, we have to make him suck so much that it will give the people who watch this show brain aneurisms? Because you’re coming pretty damn close!
I just…why show? they were winning 3 v 1 v 1. WHY did you have to have Wet Blanket get taken out? Why? Was it really necessary?
(sigh) so anyway the other two fight, the chick takes out the other guy but a delayed attack finishes her off and the battle is over, leaving one armed Duckface and Chika left, so they win.

(waves tiny flag) ...yay.
(waves tiny flag) …yay.

Now, here’s where the episode comes to a staggering, grinding HALT. They stop and talk about the fight we just saw. For about the next 12 minutes. that’s all that really happens for the rest of the episode.

They talk about if everyone made the right plays. The commentators talk about the performances. The people talk to each other and congratulate each other. They literally spend the rest of the episode talking about what we just saw. This. This right here. This is the perfect example on time wasting. This is completely unnecessary. We don’t need to see them talking about the thing that we just saw.
Oh yeah and there’s  some jerk who’s #1 in b rank or something who is like “All we have to worry about is Duckface because the rest suck” Which unfortunately at this point is pretty accurate. (i’m not talking strategy i’m talking battle prowess). As he also realizes that Chika has never fired at people and probably can’t and that will be her downfall.

I shall dub this guy "Sir Douchebag"
I shall dub this guy “Sir Douchebag”

And we also find out that the crew is now #5 overall in the B-rank wars.

This episode was a giant pain in the ass. They REALLY could have wrapped up this battle last episode as it was only about 2 of the minutes of the episode, but i’m sure they wanted to attach that onto this episode just so I could say that this episode wasn’t COMPLETELY pointless. That being said, it came pretty damn close.

I ended up zoning out for a lot of it as it was nothing but banter going back and forth. And the only thing that DID happen pissed me off as they lost ANOTHER opportunity for Wet Blanket to DO SOMETHING.

The entire episode was

“Do you like what they did?”

“I did!”
“Do you like what they did?”
“No, I didn’t”

Imagine that back and forth for 15 minutes. There you go. There’s the episode.
This was another one of those “Hard to write anything for” episodes as I really didn’t know what i’d say here other than NOTHING HAPPENED.
After everything I’ve seen so far in this series, this tournament arc is by far the most painful. At least with the battle that never ended earlier it was an actual BATTLE so there were stakes. Here, it’s just a fun tussle the guys are having with no consequences other than “Will they get a higher rank?” Which you KNOW they will because they’re the main characters.

(ben stein voice) oh man. I seriously wonder if they're going to be able to go to the neighbor universe.
(ben stein voice) oh man. I seriously wonder if they’re going to be able to go to the neighbor universe.

It’s obvious they’re stretching as they’ve pretty much caught up to the manga. They only have 3 more episodes before the 50 episode mark so they’re stretching this for all they’re worth so they can reach that pause marker and hand us the filler series that i’m going to be covering next.
Oh god help me. It’s an entire FILLER SERIES. Oh god what have I unleashed upon myself?

Oh well, at least this episode had Konami

Yay Konami!
Yay Konami!

So there’s a handful of episodes left so hopefully they’ll wrap something up before taking a canonical break. Of course…that may be hoping for too much.
Episode 3/10
Duckface Count: 6