Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 11: Trade-off

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“We’re gonna kill Gel-chan!”

Yeah, right. I know exactly what you did. Of course they didn’t kill Gel. And seeing Hajime injured in the end, well, it’s easy to figure out what happened.

Knowing that their attack on the Kuu-sama was going nowhere, Hajime proposed to make a smart phone poll. So she, Rui, OD, and Sugayama payed a quick visit to the Million show where Sugayama asked the people what they were to do with Gel. Everyone voted that the Gatchaman should decide what to do and so the team went back to HQ to discuss it. Even though Tsubasa mentioned it wouldn’t fix anything, the team decided to kill Gelsadra.

Except they didn’t. The team made up a story that Gel was on the run and could possibly take people hostage. Then they fought with Gel. And they indeed fought to kill. But I knew the minute the whole fight started that something was definitely off. Tsubasa was part of the fight, which didn’t make sense as she would never agree to killing Gel. In fact, she’d never allow any of this to happen. Another thing that was off was that Gel wasn’t putting up much of a fight. We saw that they could easily fight off against Joe and Sugane, so for them to struggle so much against the others was strange as the team fought Gel one by one, not at the same time. And third, and this was the big one, Hajime was nowhere to be seen during the whole fight. Everyone thought she wasn’t there, but in fact, she was there the whole time. The only person that wasn’t there was Gel, even though they appeared to be there. But it wasn’t them. It was Hajime.

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 11 [1080p].mkv0025Of course fans from season one remember Berg Katze’s ability to shape shift into any person without flaw. We’ve never seen any type of change in Hajime ever since she absorbed Berg into her body. She’s strong enough for Berg to not control her, thankfully. I always wondered if her having Berg inside her would come up during the story other than Berg spouting curses and swears. Nearing the end of the show and Berg having such a minimal role, though important ones, I didn’t think we would but we did. Having Berg in her I’m sure that Hajime can also have some of his abilities, namely the shape shifting ability. So it didn’t take long for me to figure out that that’s what Hajime did. When I didn’t see Hajime in the fight I was 100% sure that that’s what happened, among the other things I found off about the battle. The whole time, Hajime was the one taking all the hits while Gel was safe in HQ. Now she’s bedridden with a worried Utsusu by her side healing her to the best of her abilities.

In the end, Tsubasa went on the Millione show again to tell everyone what they did, lying that Gel was on the run and that they’re actually alive. During the fight with “Gel”, the Kuu-sama steadily disappeared and the people that were eaten by them came back too. Mana has her papa back! The Gatchaman’s true enemy wasn’t Gelsadra or the Kuu-sama. Really, it was the atmosphere. And the only way to get rid of the Kuu-sama was making an atmosphere where everyone agreed on something. And in this case, the people that were watching the fight against “Gel” all agreed that the Gatcha team were taking things way too far.

This episode was appropriately titled “trade-off” as the team had to get rid of something in order to get something else. They “got rid of Gel” which also got rid of the Kuu-sama in return to a normal world without them. And this only had to work if the people knew that Gel was really getting killed in front of their eyes. And Hajime had to be the one taking the hits as she has the ability to do so. And I absolutely love her for that.

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6 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 11: Trade-off

  1. I don’t even watch this series, but even I have learned enough to know that of course Hajime would do this. If it looks like the best we to save everyone involves nearly getting herself killed, no hesitation at all.

    …Just reading about her as a character makes me want to watch this series, even though I’m not sure I would like most of the rest of what’s here.

    1. Same here, I like the wit of the reviews but I have eyes on very few things that are not even out yet (one punch man, next Dorohedoro chapter, Blame!, Knights of Sidonia season 3, stuff, Evangelion’s next movie, rokka no yuusha s2).

    2. I ADORE Hajime and I think she’s the highlight of the first season. She’s taken a bit of a backseat this season however but she still shines. Whether you’ll like this series depends on whether you’re into a more slower thought out show than most. It’s not the most action-packed show like it seems, but still really enjoyable.

      1. I have now watched the first season, and the first episode of the second. I will watch more shortly, but first, I must now say something important.

        HAJIME!! NOOOOOOOO!!! Pleasebeokaypleasebeokaypleasebeokaypleasebeokaypleasebeokay… 🙁

  2. …Hajime…Why must you constantly do this?! It didn’t click until the very end of the episode, at first I genuinely thought that they killed Gelsadra. Shows how smart I am, eh? I’m pretty sure that this whole deal is gonna have a nasty catch to it for Hajime, which also will probably have to do with why she’s never used this power before. And then the fact that thre are still Kuu-Samas around is another loose end, not to mention the whole deal of WHO IS GOING TO RULE JAPAN?!. I seriously doubt that Rizumi or whatever his name is will just stand by idly for much longer, so either Rui and Hajime will have to confront him or maybe the little girl’s dad will beat him up first. XD
    …And I seriously want JoeXSugane to be a legit thing. Like no offense but c’mon, he seriously just ditched a harem of pretty ladies because the former was jealous! XD

    1. Hmm…maybe it’s because Hajime really never had the need to use that power. I hope it won’t be detrimental for her in the longrun. She had been doing so well with Berg in her I’d hate if something would happen to her now. 🙁 As for leading the country, Sugayama is probably going to be the temporary prime minister again until they fix the voting system and have a proper election because nominating just anyone to be prime minister didn’t go well. And with Hajime being down, Rui is probably going to be the one to confront Rizumu. It’d be a lot better for his character growth!

      Aha, people seem to really like that ship. xD Personally I always wanted SuganexHajime but that never happened.

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