As we approach the halfway mark, I sit here realizing that this show still has a lot to offer and hasn’t nearly overstayed its welcome. coughoremonogataricough However, this episode DID tend to get on the frustrating side, and i’ll be very happy when this little “oh i barely missed you” nonsense is over. What do I mean by that? Well, let me elaborate.

So the episode starts in a flashback with the dark elf talking to her elders about how they want her to go and get the green people’s help to kill the dragon.

haha...they look like big brown yodas.
haha…they look like big brown yodas.

Cut back to the present time and we see that she has arrived at the base. Unfortunately she doesn’t speak Japanese and no one there can understand her. Once again, this is where the “other language” thing gets VERY confusing. Look, they were able to do the whole “not japanese” thing in “The Devil is a Part-Timer” so why can’t they do it here? Just have the characters speak in a made up fantasy language and put in japanese subtitles. IT’S NOT THAT HARD. Honestly, I know i’ve mentioned this before, but it’s REALLY hard sometimes to figure out when they’re supposed to be speaking Japanese or madeupy language because they speak Japanese for both. This issue hasn’t gotten any better and has just gotten more annoying as time goes on and is one of my biggest gripes in the show.

Sorry, you're speaking Japanese, we only understand Japanese
Sorry, you’re speaking Japanese, we only understand Japanese

Unable to help her, she heads back to town, people saying they can help her, but they’re really just thugs so she beats them up for being thugs. She comes across a catgirl who can speak Japanese and asks her how she learned and she shows her a red book. Freaking out over the possibility to learn the language, she asks to buy the book off her.

I'd make a yaoi doujinshi joke, but that's the princess
I’d make a yaoi doujinshi joke, but that’s the princess

The guards recognize her as the one who beat up the thugs and brings her in for questioning despite the fact that she really can’t speak Japanese. So, they bring the mage girl to help interpret. They explain everything and she’s freed from the charges and goes to ask the Japanese for help. Unfortunately their hands are tied as her homeland is past the border into a hostile territory and they can’t help her.

Damn it man! I said all my subordinated have to be tan. Get tan damn you!
Damn it man! I said all my subordinated have to be tan. Get tan damn you!

Dejected she gets escorted from the base, but is told that if Itami heard about it he would help her. Because Itami is like a loose canon cop on the edge playing by his own rules! okay..maybe not but they do say that he would help her.

Meanwhile, speaking of Itami, he’s off talking to the princess where she gets more yaoi doujinshi.

See, now if a guy did that with yuri, they'd play it off as creepy. Just sayin'
See, now if a guy did that with yuri, they’d play it off as creepy. Just sayin’

And back at the depressed elf girl, a bunch of the guys who aren’t the main character are going “Man…I wish we could go help her. Here’s what we would do if we COULD help! but..we can’t. so…there’s that” Truly a wondrous scene.

Pfff.. after that…not a whole lot happens. The princess translates some stuff…..the elf chick talks to the dark elf chick… honestly I stopped caring at this point.

This episode is one of those where nothing really happens…like…at all. The main character is off doing something else so the plot isn’t really allowed to move forward. So they kind of put this girl in a holding pattern until he gets back. The episode basically

“Can you help?”
“are you sure?”
“are you super sure?”

That’s pretty much all that happens. There’s little scenes here and there about different stuff but…….I just don’t care. I don’t think it’s going to lead to anything. It was one of those episodes where I watched the clock to see how many minutes were left to see if anything was going to happen. Yeah. One of those episodes.

scenes like this are half the episode
scenes like this are half the episode

I’m actually excited to see where this series GOES, but this week where it WAS wasn’t very exciting. Honestly… if you wanted to skip it, here’s what you need to know. The dark elf asked for help and they said no, but Itami might help. There you go. There’s the entire episode.

Episode 4/10

This episode made me tired. good night.



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    We’re not getting any more episodes until January, I believe. Yup. They’re leaving it off here. On an unfulfilling episode like this one. MAL has more info here, most likely.

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