“Lesson Three! What’s important now is to study and play all you can. Then that will connect with your dreams.”

Ahahaha, wow this episode made me feel really old! It brought back a lot of memories of the age when I enjoyed these types of episodes just as much as any other. It had the talking cats, dress-up and make-over, and the precious moment of Shut receiving some acknowledgement and support from someone for the first time after thirty-three episodes. Overall, the episode was quite a wacky one, and because of the age I am at now, I usually don’t enjoy these type of fillers. Fortunately, Miss Shamour showed us how she is an endearing character who has wise words, making it so it was enjoyable to see her fulfill her role in the spotlight this week. Miss Shamour regularly leaves the tablet on her own to go around town. Today she did just that with Kuroro, otherwise previously known as Lock. Kuroro is very timid and just wants to go back to Hope Kingdom, but Miss Shamour is trying to get him comfortable by encouraging him to study and play, and that will connect to your dream. (Well said!)

Besides the point of the episode, there were a couple of things that bugged me.

The first was how this episode’s pacing (more so in the second half) felt rushed. We know there are two major events that are going to take place in the near future, first the inevitable angst reunion with Kanata, and of course the seeds of despair blossoming right under their noses, along with possibility of more unexpected drama with the theory about a possible dark history regarding the Princess Precures with Dyspear previously being the original “fourth”.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 33 Img 0019The second thing: I don’t know if it was just me, but I felt like there was a disconnect between the girls “helping” the cats and the cat providing them a reward which then revealed to be a crest from Hope Kingdom’s royal family. Now I absolutely hate how they had chosen execute this reveal. It feels so cheap, so easy, so ugh, it is a pet-peeve of mine for characters to receive a plot-progression device on a silver platter. I mean, it was literally handed to them. It may  have been more interesting had the girls found it in the bushes or at the beach themselves rather than to be given it. What is worse, this episode literally had NOTHING to do with Kanata- heck, they didn’t even bring him up, not even once! And now behold! They now have Kanata’s royal crest!

Go! Princess Precure Ep 33 Img 0001And finally, the third: The results of the literal transformation of Lock’s character. His Fairy name is Kuroro, and he is super shy and has no memories as Lock.
Now let me tell you why I don’t like the post-transformation. First of all, I don’t see a single characteristic that reminds me of Lock, whatsoever. As we have seen in the previous series, villains who suddenly turn into fairies usually have a characteristic they shared in both forms. Of course it has only been one episode, and fair enough- Kuroro was not the one who was supposed to be in the spotlight, but I am not holding my breath for him to play a major role. I actually just expect him to be there, and that’s it. I would have cut them some slack if  I knew he were harboring guilt of what he had done while he was an Imp. It would have explained his ‘timid’ behavior. And based off how he “lightened up” by the end of the episode, I would say it pretty much confirms he has no memory as Lock. unless Dyspear or Close were to try and remind him.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 33 Img 0014
Miss Shamour for best fairy!

Ultimately, after waiting so long, the highlight of the episode was simply Shut finally receiving some recognition thanks to Miss Shamour. It was a very precious moment, and it made me happy for him and respect Miss Shamour even more as a character for choosing to help him than to fight him. She was able to identify his heavy heart of confusion and uncertainty, and make him feel beautiful by providing him some new tips to beautify himself in a new way. My inner fan girl had hoped he was going to make the transition this episode, but that itself would have been a rushed move- so we ought to be grateful for that. But I have to say, it was absolutely GLORIOUS to see Shut frolicking down the corridors past Close and his two minions without a care in the world! Keep being fabulous Shut!

Next week! Haruka will be modeling with Kirara in what appears to be  Princess Contest? Well this should be fun! I look forward to seeing Haruka being dressed up with make-up and all (hopefully it actually looks good like today with the other girls).


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    Another filler episode of this series, but… There were some parts I liked to see, especially when Miss Shamour having a major role and met Shut.
    First was the make-up lessons at the beginning. I felt bad for Haruka that she failed. And on her second try, when she asked her friends how she looks and Yui answered, I felt like I was about to say “Haruka you look so… So… So… Uh…” (that’s Disney’s Beauty and the Beast inspiration, I know). Guess I was about to say “ridiculous”, gomen Haruka, I couldn’t lie to you. 🙁
    Second, when the team was searching for Miss Shamour so persistently, and they sure walked a lot.
    Third, seeing Miss Shamour as Neko-chan in a show, even though the episode didn’t show it much.
    Forth, trying some clothes for Kuroro, and I liked the second one in my opinion. But I liked his last clothes and glasses, he looked good with them.
    Fifth, when Miss Shamour was about to announce the winner, but ordered break time first! I was like “Huh? Come on”! XD
    And sixth, “Miss Shamour VS Shut, the duel of beauty and elegance”! Dragon’s caramba, that Royal Teacher really lectured Shut impressively great no matter what he is! For once someone made Shut really happy. He had a lucky day this time. And the teacher taught very good lessons in this episode too, especially during this duel of beauty and elegance!
    Miss Shamour, you’re a great and kawaii teacher! 😀
    Honestly, I expected Shut to confront Scarlet, but oh well, maybe in some another episode. At least, he faced with a very good and kind opponent. 🙂
    I wonder how the next episode goes. Ganbatte, Haruka! 😀

  2. Yoru

    I think the characteristic is that his hair is about the same as Lock’s. Least the bangs and what you expect? Kururo has no memories so why would he have a personality trait of his previous self if doesn’t remember his previous self? It’s kinda understandable that he wouldn’t have much characteristic traits of Lock if he doesn’t remember them.Besides, this is the first episode since he was defeated. He’s just starting to learn how to do stuff and be happy. We can’t really judge too soon.
    Shut’s transition was sweet and funny. Though I wish it was Towa that gave him some kindness but hey, Miss Shamour works too and hey, if Shut starts to not want fight the precure, maybe he can talk to Towa then. It makes me feel like he’s gonna be reformed rather soon but there is still some worry in me. Shut isn’t out of the woods just yet. Close isn’t his old self where he can be foolish. He’s as strict as his mistress. I worry if Shut doesn’t change soon, Close may take matters into his own hands.

    1. Eva

      Fair enough.
      I am quite concerned about how fortified Close is. He is extremely powerful and has no intention of dallying around. I worry about what he might do to Shut.
      On the other-hand, it is awesome to see villain general so focused on his duty! It makes it more exciting! 😀

    2. Marcos Pinheiro

      I agree with that too, Yoru.
      Let’s give Kuroro a break, and I think he’s getting a good start thanks to his great Royal Teacher. 🙂
      Now about Shut, come to think of it, I hope he doesn’t get into trouble with Close too. 🙁
      And yeah, Close sure has changed a lot and he’s doing a hell of a job to serve his queen more than ever before, Eva. The plot thickens in this series, especially when we think about the future of Shut and Kanata!

  3. Keiko

    Another wonderful misadventure episode for the Pretty Cure Series so far. Therefore, the makeup part already reminiscing me with the one of Happiness Charge except when Haru-Haru’s makeup style looked very terrible, and funny to watch at the same time. So my internal self says, “Haru-Haru, you still have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to gooooooooooooo.” Yet, I also find Minamin, Kirara and Towachi gorgeous in makeup at all.
    As for Ms. Shamour, she did very well in taking over the episode’s spotlight and oh boy! She’s gone missing all of the sudden like a bubble alongside Lock, este Kuroro, so the main gang took a search for the two fairies by a bus (yet, it has to be the official mode of transportation for our dear Princess Cures and Yui-Yui during vacant hours) until they saw both hanging out with cats, in which Ms. Shamour said that she was talking to them for a quite while. And, the Lesson Pad diverted our heroines into a best in costume type of thing. It’s pretty nice to see these guys hanging out on a picnic filled with donuts (and just taking a damn glimpse on Kirara’s reaction on one donut which exactly like the one of Marble Donuts).
    I laughed when Shut’s mirror got destroyed in an instant, and it seems that Close + Stop and Freeze were giving him a lot of pressure even more while handling the two Zetsuborg padlocks to search for humans and other living things’ dreams. Poor Shut got undeniably confused his heart out. At the other side, Kuroro really seems to be shy to the heroines and lonely that he really wants to go back to the Hope Kingdom. I am quite felt sorry for the fairy since he’s also a tool of Dyspear to unleash her massive dark powers, but I believe that he can overcome it not unless either the wicked witch herself or Close would notice about Kuroro being Lock.
    Crap, like that showdown between Shut and Ms. Shamour (and she can do the ballet) yet it turns out to be doing some makeup lessons. *sighs* Oh well! Even the bad guys can do it, yet just because one is already confusing in his/her heart as it is in the case of Shut. I wonder what’s gonna happened to him if he’d receive a heel-face turn. Plus, I agree on what Ms. Shamour said to Kuroro that each of us should study and play all we can (in a proper way, of course) in order to connect our dreams that we wanted to achieve, which is important.
    The plot twist at the end: Where in the world is Kanata’s royal emblem come from?! I knew that point, to be clarified, the long-lost prince was just wandering around Yumegahama, whilst the despair seeds got grower than expected and still the Princess Cures weren’t aware until the finale battle aka the super duper right time to do so. So many questions that I really wanna know in the GPPC season, but in a matter or two that the right time will answer everything and anything.

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