Now tell me, who’s excited to see another episode of people battling over stuff that isn’t really important with lots of flashbacks? …anyone who’s raising their hands….get out. Now if you DIDN’T happen to leave and did raise your hand, this is the episode for you. I wish I could say this wrapped up the fight….but i’d be lying. So let’s jump into this next part of the random battle in the random tournament. Awesome.

So the episode starts out with them still fighting. During the fight the last remaining girl on the all girl’s team manages to take out one of hte other people on blandy mcgarystu’s team.


Of course this doesn’t happen right away, oh no. Sprinkled intermittently throughout this is a bunch of flashbacks about stuff. I didn’t care about them and I thought they were really really poorly misplaced. So, I skipped them. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t do this very often, but I skipped these scenes. Because they were pointless, and broke up the action. Sue me.

Meanwhile, following this, Duckface and Gary Stu are fighting, Chika blows up the bridge some more and Duckface and he fall in the water, and Duckface stabs him through the back and he has to bail out.

But...I wanted to go...into space.
But…I wanted to go…into space.

Now the only ones left are some guy, some girl, and our three main characters. No, i’m not going to bother learning these random people’s names. It took me 20 episodes just to learn Wet Blanket’s name. If i had to learn EVERY SINGLE one of these character’s names I’d have to replace something vital….like 3rd grade math. And I’d rather hold on to that for a bit longer if I could. Here are the names I know. Osamu, Yuma, Chika, Jin, and of course, Konami. That’s really about it. I mean, I know them by their faces, but I’m like 45 episode in and they’re STILL introducing a butt ton of characters. I am NOT going to attempt to learn these people’s names if I don’t think they’re worthy of me learning their name. Yeah, so that’s why I call people “Bitch girl” and “Gary Stu” well….that and because I don’t like those 2.

Anyway, enough of that rant, what happens in the actual show? Well….Wet Blanket’s plan is to drain the river and flood the city and um…that’s about it for this episode.

No! My shoes! The hell with this! i'm bailing out!
No! My shoes! The hell with this! i’m bailing out!

This episode had a LOT of the announcer talking to Jin and the other guy, a lot of flashbacks, and a lot of talking back and forth. One of the only cutaways I liked was Konami being Konami. Also when that guy who got captured was all like “Duckface will lose” and then when he didn’t he gasped.

(In Ben Stein voice) this is my deep emotional range. See how shocked I look?
(In Ben Stein voice) this is my deep emotional range. See how shocked I look?

It’s actually painful to write this review which is why it’s a little late because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. Literally one guy and Gary Stu gets taken out. That’s..about….it.

Yep, Nothing to really write home about in this episode. They are REALLY stretching this battle tournament arc so they can just end the 50 episodes at the end of it. And it’s showing. Dear god is it showing. I am actually interested in the new filler series because it might actually have them DOING something. That would be pretty funny if the filler arc had more going on than the actual series. Because as of right now i’m just falling asleep. Come on guys, FINISH THIS FIGHT ALREADY!

Episode 4/10

Also because I don't get to post a lot of Konami pictures, here's more konami.
Also because I don’t get to post a lot of Konami pictures, here’s more Konami.

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