I’m so glad things went so well for Earphones. As expected, Ichigo wanted to dance no matter what. So she begged the girls to not tell the staff about her foot injury, or else their work from all those months are going to go to waste. This feeling made stronger when Kaibara brought in their outfits for the concert, totaling 500,000 yen. In USD, that would be a little over $4000. REALLY?! And…let me tell you. I hated their outfits. Dear god they were ugly.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 12 [1080p].mkv0095

Ichigo’s and Futaba’s dresses had this weird giant half-heart (wing???) thing on their side while Rin had giant wings in front. Those music note pin things on their hips were too big. Futaba’s shoulder puffs were ugly. The top halves are plain while the bottom halves are too busy and…idk ugly. They’re ugly sorry I hate them. Minus Ichigo doing some ringlets, what I also didn’t like was the girls not doing anything with their hair. Rin could have tied up her hair, or they all could have put on a hair pin (bow, flower, something) or hairclips or headbands. SOMETHING. THEY JUST LOOK SO PLAIN. God…that was just so disappointing. The fuzzy leg warmers and rabbit ears probably would have looked less stupid if they had cuter dresses. Another reason I don’t like Kaibara. What the hell, oh my god, these are hideous.

I’m sorry, this turned into a rant about clothes and hair. I’m just so upset how ugly it was.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 12 [1080p].mkv0058ANYWAY. After a talk with Yui Horie (Hoi Yurie?), Futaba decided that it would be better for them to tell the staff about Ichigo’s leg injury as the practices would become more intense and could further damage her foot. Futaba came up with a plan of sticking with the same songs but changing the choreography like sitting in chairs for slower songs, taking out jumps for sidesteps, and putting Ichigo in the center and have her and Rin dance more on the sides. So in the short time that they had they came up with new choreography. It took a lot of time and practice but in the end it turned out really well. The day of the concert, Kaibara announced that they almost sold all of the tickets and that made the girls excited! Their first major concert would almost be a full house. That gave them a lot of confidence. Though to cover up Ichigo’s bandaged foot, Konno came up with the idea to create fuzzy leg warmer things. And to make them seem not too random, the girls also wore bunny ears. Even though they looked kinda dumb, the audience ended up loving it.

Ichigo’s father was there! It was sweet. Of course Sayo was there to cheer for Rin. And just a multitude of people. Earphones sang their songs no problem and the concert was a success. In the end, the audience even asked for an encore. And this time, Ichigo decided to dance with everything she got to give them one hell of a performance. And hopefully with this performance, Earphones were able to leave their mark. And with word of mouth from the concert goers, hopefully they’ll have newer fans.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 12 [1080p].mkv0092


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  1. Hahaha I didn’t hate the uniforms as much as you did, but they were definitely really tacky. Luckily everyone thought they were cute, but they were….pretty ridiculous, to say the least. Especially considering how expensive they were. I couldn’t stand Futaba’s shoulder puffs ugh. I’m still really proud of them though; they did an amazing job! 😀 And I teared up when Ichigo’s dad cried. :’)

    Also, I know this is absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate considering the plot/genre of this anime, but I totally ship Futaba with that diehard fan. He follows her events so religiously, it’s so cute! Dx

    1. And I also feel like Futaba in particular should have gotten contacts or something! I mean, I’m not trying to judge by appearances, but she does have a very bookish look with her glasses. All of them should have gotten some extravagant makeup and hairdos!

      1. Berry

        Blame Love Live for my high expectations for cute idol outfits. THEY WERE JUST SO UGLY. Their boots were great but they were covered with those fuzzy leg warmers. But it was Konno’s idea and I like her so I’ll forgive her. u .u Yes, makeup too! Nothing too loud, just a bit of makeup could have been fine. And yeah, I think contacts would have been good too. Also I didn’t really like the yellow for Futaba. Everytime I think about their outfits I die a little. OTL

        When I saw Ichigo’s dad I teared up too! Seems like he lives in the countryside which is pretty far from the city so that makes it all sweeter. :’)

        OMG HER FAN. I smiled like an idiot when he popped up. He even had the Korori plush with him. He’s adorable I’d at least like for them to talk with each other again since last time was so short.

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