So everybody. Are you ready for another day of more dancing and showing how Crowd High is terrible and you should all feel bad for liking it? Well i’m not, but i’m going to do it anyway. Because i’m awesome. So let’s get into the episode.
It starts up with cup and ball guy having injured his foot. However, now his team has to go up against gold and silver. What they end up doing is doing a dance that doesn’t required cup and ball guy to stand on his foot much and it looks pretty good. However, since they don’t have main character poweritis, they lose to gold and silver.

If only this anime were called "Blossom Bullets!"
If only this anime were called “Blossom Bullets!”

After this, LuiMoe show up and tell TCC how they were wrong and Crowd High is bad and blah blah blah they become friends again.
Following this Gold and Silver face off against our main characters and since they DO have main characeritis, they beat them. Yay for main characteritis! Oh, and more of the dance magic spreads through the facility making it look like Jey might wake up soon.
Oh yeah, and there’s a flashback with the chick who runs the event first realized that jey was cool and stuff. um..yay? So master t and the MC show up dress up as kappas and rescue her.

Yeah...yeah i'm not exactly sure what to say here either.
Yeah…yeah i’m not exactly sure what to say here either.

And the episode ends with Momiji and the butler finding a Jey robot. Which I assume is evil. Because its eyes glared at us. And that’s where the episode ends.

See, you can see he's evil because of the negative filter.
See, you can see he’s evil because of the negative filter.

First of all. Godammit show! You better not have Jey wake up from his massive internal injury induced coma due to dance spirit. Because that would make my brain hurt. I’m trying to give you SOME credit show. Please don’t take that away. My head’s still reeling from the realization that there was a child suicide bomber in this show about DANCING.
Another thing that bothered me was that there was no bishonen Yuzuru dance. I hope they’re just saving it for the final climax dance, because i’d be really annoyed if they brought it up only to never mention it again.
I know exactly the direction this show is going and it is certainly making my eyes roll a lot. The climax is pretty obvious in what’s going to happen and how this is going to play out, and I have to say, not too impressed. At this point in the series, i almost feel as if the end of this arc is an obligation considering i’m what? 45+ plus episodes in? And i CAN’T imagine it will go much longer. If i had to guess i’d say this will be 50 episodes. Maybe 52. Other than that, I don’t know where they’re going to go from here unless they start up a “World Dance Tournament” Arc or something and be like “Jey wasn’t the most powerful dancer. There’s really (insert character name here) who is the best dancer but he’s so powerful not even jey could defeat him” You know, one of those.

What's that? Another dance tournament? why sure!
What’s that? Another dance tournament? why sure!

That’s really the only thing that i’m wondering about. If this show’s going to keep going or if it’s done after this arc. Considering the wiki still says “Ongoing” I have no idea what’s happening with this show. Oh well… guess i’m still here…still reviewing Tribe Cool Crew. Thanks Ushinawareta! If you hadn’t sucked back in fall of last year I wouldn’t be on episode 47 of Tribe Cool Crew. There we go. It’s all Ushinawareta’s fault. Okay, I feel better now.
Also…is Momiji going to end up with Yuzuru? Because they better resolve that before the series ends or i’ll be pissed. And in a good way.
Episode 4/10