Poor Alisa. 


Being Alisa is suffering.

God Eater 6 Img024

God Eater 6 Img018I can’t help but think back to that time when Alisa was on the plane with her doctor, and she reassures him that she’s the strongest God Eater ever – while the reality is that even if she is the strongest, she’s only as strong as the number of pills she has with her. I guess we also now know why she brought a doctor with her from Russia. Her PTSD has definitely been hinted at, especially in the way she reacted to the Dyaus Pita when she first saw it, but it looks like it’s very, very severe – without her pills best girl is a helpless wreck, even with her Jinki. I assume all the Aragami surrounding them were supposed to be small fry, but even they’re a threat when the only means of retaliation is Lenka and the useless piece of metal that was once his Jinki. And to think, they were so resistant to falling from great heights up until now.

On the whole, there was less bonding between them than I thought there would be. I’m not exactly expecting a sudden romantic development or anything, but I definitely wanted more than just silence. At the very least, Lenka must have roughly known what was up with the way Alisa was acting, but he said nothing – he didn’t try to comfort her, or ask her exactly what was wrong. He just sat there watching her. She looked terrified the entire time – was a hug too much to ask of him? I guess he gave her a coat at least, when her revealing outfit finally got the better of her.

God Eater 6 Img029I also thought something would happen that wasn’t Lindow coming to rescue them, but that’s certainly better than the alternative, which is a random power-up that would have magically gotten them out of the situation – or something like Lenka picking up Alisa’s Jinki with his high compatibility rate and somehow being able to use it. I guess they’re saved now? What would have been really radical is if they were both eaten, and the show just ended there because they ran out of money. As for Lenka’s actions, he wasn’t exactly going to count on Alisa miraculously recovering, so it was right of him to jump into the fray – and I also can’t blame him for praying at the end there. After last episode, where he did exactly as Lindow told him to and placed his faith in his Jinki, he saw it crushed immediately and flung far away from him. His attempts to power-up happened twice, in fact – so I can see why he lost hope. And right now his Jinki is a piece of metal – it’s about as much use as Alisa.

…Too soon?

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