This week in Go! Princess Precure would be best described as Stunning Visuals. The animation was absolutely top-notch, and as I have said time after time again, I absolutely love how Toei Animation is constantly experimenting new ways to raise the bar for their epic battles. It certainly creates a great anticipation of how they will execute the final battle when the quality is already stunning for the “Mini Boss” battles.

I found myself becoming a bit concerned when the girls were able to get their keys back just six minutes in. My hope was to see them struggle a bit more to get them back, but instead, the true struggle they were facing were after they successfully retrieved them. The cut straight to the chase choice made me feel better when they confirmed out suspicions of how Lock had his own agenda, and sure enough, he wanted to overthrow Dyspear and become the DysKing of Despair. So basically he had no intention of assisting Dyspear, he was going to take full advantage of her health crisis to claim the throne. But when I think about it, his downfall was ultimately doing thing on his own with no one to back him up. Dyspear already knew she can’t take the Precures down on her own, so what does she do? She created a created a squad to deal with them.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 30 Img 0021Like Close, Lock revealed his true form to go all out against the Precures. His form appears to be an Imp, which took me a while a figure out since he primary body looked more like a giant frog, which to be fair- it did.
Upon his defeat, Lock is very much still alive, and appears to have attained a human form, but at the price of being stripped from his powers from none other then Close himself. Lock basically dug his own grave the minute he said he revealed he was not loyal to Dyspear, and with that, she is unlikely to welcome him back unless she has full control over him. On the other-hand, Close has always been loyal to Dyspear, but I do wonder after his first demise of what he now thinks of her. He can do two things: Either A) Utilize the Gauge to obtain his powers back and aim for the top like Lock had, or B) Use the gauge to obtain his powers back and then attempt to full-fill the duty to assist Dyspear in her recovery.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 30 Img 0024I am sure there are some disappointed how Yui’s sketchbook was not used at this time. I for one am not since I honestly didn’t expect them to put it to use just yet. However I couldn’t help but scratch my head and have a puzzled reaction when Hope’s Kingdom Castle was purified and instead of reverting to its former glory, it transformed into a mini castle to be used to activate the new power-up: Premium Dress Up.

Okay, then… what the hell happened to the castle? Are we supposed to presume it has already returned to Hope Kingdom and the mini toy castle Princess Palace (this is going to sell like hotcakes) had only “popped out and materialized” by reacting to the girls’ powerful feelings? I would hope so, because of many reasons.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 30 Img 0028The Premium Dress Up is without a doubt stunning, and every single one of them look gorgeous in them. Their new final attack is Éclat Espoir (I think it means Brilliant Hope) and it was nice to finally have Towa a part of the final attack. Ever since she has joined she would do it solo. I also wanted to add, the Princess Palace’s mode elegant reminds me of a battle arena, aha.
But now that the girls have achieved the Premium Dress Up, it only makes me more excited to see what the Grand Princess gown will be. I hope they will be making it to be the most beautiful one of all, otherwise it would be a bit of a let down if the other outfits look better than the Grand Princess dress!

Go! Princess Precure Ep 30 Img 0034We are now officially through the first half of the series, and now it is time to begin a new arc! And what better way to kick if off with CROW-I MEAN CLOSE MAKING A COMEBACK! I guess it really was him as the Crow after all since he was the one who snagged the gauge. But who needs to make a comeback alone when he can bring along his own team-mates with the power now in his hands! The question now is, where does his loyalty lies.


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    This episode, once again, surprised me! It’s strong, stunning, epic and have great surprises! 😀
    Oh my God, I never thought Lock had his own goal all along with Queen Dyspear’s absence! And his monstrous form also got me puzzled of what on Earth is he! In my opinion, I concluded that is a combination or a “chimera” of certain species of animals, including the frog, bat and crocodilian genus. Still, that form impressed me and made an impact on me! And he proved powerful, creepy, intense and dangerous as well!
    Now about when the cage got unlocked to free the stolen Dress Up Keys. I also thought and I was like, “What?! But that was too quick! And it’s not even close to the end of the episode yet!”… But… The final epic battle is the main reason and that was okay for me then.
    And WOW, Cure Scarlet was the heroine of this episode in my opinion. She fought very well against the “green Lock clone” and protected Yui at all cost too! And this moment caught my attention and I was looking for this beautiful screenshot too:

    Go! Cure Scarlet! 😀
    The fairies did a great helping hand for the “new princess trio” (Haruka, Minami and Kirara) I must write! Pafu transported them and she helped carrying the Sakura Dress Up Key at best she could! And Aroma was crazy but great for… How can I write this… Distract or bother the “blue Lock clone” for the precure!
    Go fairies! 😀
    I was glad to see the girls and Pafu trying to pass Lock and unlock the cage and Haruka managed!
    Go! Haruka! 😀
    And then, the battle between mighty Lock and the princess warriors is really epic, strong, intense and great to watch! And Cure Scarlet saved them right on time, she granted my thoughts “where’s Scarlet? they need her”! Again, she’s a heroine! They got together and fought together and activated their new Princess Palace! I like the Premium Mode Elegant and the new attack as well! And I’m glad to see Towa be a part of this final attack too!
    “All for One, and One for All”!!!! 😀
    I was hoping for Yui’s sketchbook make an appearance or some kind in this episode too, but oh well, at least I liked seeing Yui grab Haruka’s hand and tells her before she goes and then kept praying for hope and precure’s triumph. 🙂
    And my God again, that bird is trully Close! “I thought he was dead”, but no, what a surprise!
    He’s really going to make a comeback, just like (SPOILER ALERT) the villains in SplashStar series!
    Let’s see what he got and what he really plans in the next episodes!
    Go! Princess Precure! And good luck on the new semester! 😀
    Wow, I ran out of “Gos” for this comment. Whew… 🙂
    Oh! One more thing I noticed and missed, where’s Shut? I wonder where he went. I hope he’s okay.

    1. Ayal92

      I think Lock’s real form is an imp. And Shut must have joined Dyspear in the forest or gone in the spiritual quest he obviously needs right now.

      1. Marcos Pinheiro

        Hum… That’s an interesting thought, Ayal92, but I’d rather wait for the next episodes to see their future and what they really are. 🙂

  2. Ayal92

    I know the palace is blatant merchandising but the transformation and outfits are so stunning I don’t care. Shut apparently took the chance to going on holidays or something, I can’t imagine his reaction if he had seen Towa in premium mode XD. Lock, poor thing, got wrecked and if Dyspear wants revenge he’s in a bit of trouble. I spoiled myself his fate but I’m curious how we’re going to get there. And Close in the preview look like a zombie controlled by Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny (I’m calling them that until they reveal their names).

    1. Marcos Pinheiro

      I agree that Close does look different than before, Ayal92.
      And nice/cool names you gave for the next villains of Dysdark that will appear. Can’t wait to know their names too. 🙂

    2. Eva

      Shut is back in the Hope Kingdom since he wasn’t on the castle when it teleported to the girls’ world.
      Welp I would hope Close is not puppet being controlled by mickey and bb! But you’re absolutely right about that! >x<|||

  3. Wanderer

    So Towa received an official powerup via one of the precure tools? Whatever is going on with her, I can only conclude that she was wrong about the nature of her powers and her keys. Her powers are not fake. She is a genuine Princess Precure, even though thtere were only three last time.

    1. Eva

      Oh yes, she is a legit precure! I am so glad she is FINALLY part of the final attack. I have never been a huge fan when they have the latest member to join not be a part of the final hit until near the end of the series 🙁

    2. Marcos Pinheiro

      I agree with both of you, she is completely a true precure in my point of view!
      All I can think is “Welcome to our team, Princess Towa”. 🙂

  4. Brian

    Whenever your review comes up, I go “Yes, there must be an english sub somewhere” because you just so happen to post your review right after its been subbed, but this time I cant find one…where did u watch it unless you just posted it anyway.
    I have a theory. I think Dyspear might possibly be the previous Cure Scarlet turned evil and the previous cures either knew about her but just kept it secret or she disappeared, and they didnt know what happened to her.
    It would make sense as to how she made Towas keys and why she acted the way she did when Twilight found the fourth perfume. I dunno, its just a theory. I dont think the previous cures could create a fourth perfume, that just seems kinda fishy to me. In that case, did they make eachothers, lol

    1. Wanderer

      Doremi’s subs are out like usual.

    2. Eva

      I follow Doremi-FanSubs, you can follow them on twitter to (if you frequently use it) to know when they release it. You can then find their link on their website :3
      Oooh I like that theory, it would create a very fun plot-twist! 😀

    3. Marcos Pinheiro

      Wow, that’s an interesting theory about Queen Dyspear, Brian.
      It would be really really cool if this theory happens in the series. 🙂

      1. Brian

        Yeah, stuff just dont add up, lol. Even how the cures each got their own castle. Im sure the previous cures were staying in them back then, especially being how they were Hope Kingdom citizens. But what about the castle Twilight found the fourth perfume in, did they build that for the future fourth Cure to live and if so, how did they know the cure (if human) was going to want to leave her home on Earth to stay there? AND…yall notice how theres four colors surrounding Hope Kingdom castle, for each cure…what is that four?

  5. Keiko

    Damn, damn, damn woo! >o< Another epic episode coming from Go! Princess came up into my mind and yet, the staff has least gave 'em all. The new group finisher, Eclat Espoir, was just too gorgeous, precious, splendid and elegant (oh, not that word all over again!) in my point as well as the immortalized "never give up" spirit of our dear Princess Cures. Anyway, Lock's toad/dragon-like form was just a whoa (and quite scary) for me though and I couldn't imagine that he's actually NOT working for Dyspear, but he's just working for himself in spreading despair in the whole universe by becoming the Despair King. Yet oh well, I'm gonna miss Yuki Kaida's awesome voice for now, but I am suspecting that her character might have the same treatment as Phan-Phan, and Wolfrun, Majorina and Akaoni… Being a mascot fairy firstly. *gasps*
    Now for Scarlet in five words: SHE. IS. STILL. ON. FIRE! Well, I'm still loving her all the way so far and managed to handled the green Lock clone all by herself. And to Yui-Yui, though I was expected too much about her sketchbook (aka the possible prototype for the rumored picture book-like item) to appear sometime in this week's episode; but grabbing Haru-Haru's hand, her promise that her precious roommate should come back safely, and praying so hard that her Cure partners will win over despair (boy, surely Seiji will get envious even more!) may be enough, and in which Yui-Yui's also quite remind me of Miku Kohinata from Symphogear since both of them are have faith on their superhero friends in times of distress and trouble. On the wacky side, I laughed so hard when Haru-Haru and the others had been chased by the two giant knight Zetsuborgs yet Puff and Aroma had managed those punks up.
    Then the confrontation between Lock and the three Princess Cures for me was one of the tougher confrontations I've seen for the Cure Series, as well as the clear thinking and using death-defying stunts (plus Puff) of the three in retrieving the first nine DUKs were exciting to watch. The Princess Palace meanwhile is suteki sugiru, gah, plus the Premium Dress Modes are super elegant (dear Lord, not that word again)! I think it'd become one of my best cheat code items ever (after the Heart Catch Mirage, the Healing Chest and the Royal Clock).
    And… Special citation goes to Close for spying every single moment during the episode. And heck yeah, this is it! We've been waiting for his vengeful return for 20 episodes and it's real, together with the Dark Daft Punk (I'll just put the damn nickname for now until we'll see their official names on a Sunday, Philippines time).

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