Siblings would be an appropriate title for this episode. We discover the identity of the blonde girl that has been helping hunt the Twilights is a girl named Erica, who is Danny of the Monroe families sister. At the end of the episode, we get to see the face of Alex’s brother. So sibling is a very good title for the episode, though there are a multitude of other things it could of been called.


Like, “Slaughter” for all of the Twilights that were completely slaughtered in the club this episode or “Faker” when when we learn from Galahad that Nicolas’s rank is a fake one. Boosted up by the fact he overdoses before every battle, at best, with no drugs. His Twilight rank would be about a B/5.


This episode was full of twists, turns, revelations and shock. The violence from earlier in the series is back in full force, I’m aware that this is something of a turn off to some people. Though, in a series like this. I can call it nothing but fitting. This is the world they live in, one soaked in blood. Where the cops, underground doctors, mafia and ‘specials’ work together to try to create a small ‘peace’.

It threw into an interesting perspective all of the people in the town and how they are connected to one another when Worick threw up the flare for back up. Also, remember that sort of shy, well stacked girl from the guild. Did we get to see her rank before? I thought A was as high as the ranks go! Nope, up to S rank. She’s an S rank!
I guess it would take an S rank to take down Erica and Mikail, I almost called him ‘shark boy’ again before remembering his name. It’s an unusual name to be sure.


With Emilio, Alex’s brother introduced as part of the Twilight killing gang and their leader, Corsica placed out on the table for us. It seems as if a lot of the pieces of this series are falling into place. What interest me the most will be seeing Emilo and Alex meet up again. Perhaps even in combat with her on the side of the Twilighs and him against it.
I do hope however that she can save him. The poor girl has been through enough in her life without having to see her brother die or perhaps even kill him herself.

As for Corsica being the one behind the plot, I can’t say that i’m surprised. He’s been fair bigoted the entire series. Though I do find it interesting that he had one of Monroe’s men working with him. Doesn’t this guy have any pride? You work for one family and one family only mister! There was also a small group of characters that we aren’t familiar with yet.

Isn’t the episode count on Gangsta 12? This might be a lot to wrap up in just 3 episodes, does that mean we could be looking at a second season? Who knows, all I know is that this has been a super fun, if not really dark ride. I look forward to seeing where it goes.