Low in plot, but high in… plot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


God Eater 8 Img015So Lenka only has a few years to live, and I bet Sakaki will tell him next episode that his lifespan will be shortened even more if he continues using his Jinki to defeat Aragami. At least we finally got a proper explanation about what Jinki are, and how they work – a Jinki is a man-made Aragami that tears apart fused Oracle Cells, which confirms my suspicions last episode about the stuff in the capsules being made of the same substance. It’s funny though, because the irony is that every single Aragami is technically man-made anyway – or mutated from the original man-made cells. If his tactician abilities are good enough to make Hibari go all starry-eyed for him, I guess Lenka could survive as a coordinator of sorts? At the cost of Major Amamiya being out of a job. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did actually die at the end of this anime, given how tragic the first encounter against the Dyaus Pita was – anything could happen, really. I was also expecting someone to die during the Kongou ambush, like Kota. If only it was a certain other sort of Kongou who attacked them.

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God Eater 8 Img020I know Fenrir is not monolithic, but at first I was confused when Lindow started sneaking past humans at the AEGIS site – I thought he was sent on an errand by Amamiya on behalf of Fenrir. Is he being asked to investigate something the higher-ups don’t want him knowing about? He’s already set up his own settlement away from their eyes, so this sort of thing is nothing new to him – and it’s already been hinted that they’re not building whatever they say they’re building over at the Fenrir site. He calls it their ‘last hope’ or a ‘den of evil’ when he encounters it – I’m really starting to think it’s the massive anti-Aragami cannon I said it was several episodes ago, instead of a shelter for everyone in the world. I’m also thinking that whatever he found is not the device Johann has unveiled to the rest of the God Eaters – maybe it’s whatever heretical technology is powering it and enabling it to attract Aragami in the first place. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why all the strong Aragami are gathering at the Far East branch – although it doesn’t explain how Dyaus Pita crossed the ocean.

I’ve been going on about how nothing’s being done about Alisa for weeks now – we’ve seen her suffer so many panic attacks in so many different situations. So far, she’s had them naked, clothed, armed, unarmed, in battle, in the bath, in bed – it’s good that they’re actually going to do something with her character development after it’s been stalled for so long. On the other hand, the worrying bit is that she’s saying some alarming things about not caring what the doctor does to her in order to take her fear away. I’m not liking the sound of that. It doesn’t sound very healthy.

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  1. gorgonzola

    Inb4 a final ep taking place in Lenka’s mind, haunted from the ghosts of the dead clapping at his sudden realizations of big truths while wandering a sea or orange juice on godzilla. “Congratulations!”

    1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

      Pray to Ufotable that the remaining episodes will be finished and streamed. I’d wait on them just like I’ve waited on Kekkai Sensen’s final episode (heck, I might even buy it out of paranoia that it’ll disappear from the net once more).

      1. gorgonzola

        Next review is coming with Air “on the G string” by B-Dawg playing in the background I’m calling it (not).

      2. Vantage

        At least they have all the time in the world to work on them now. This entire issue is just a massive embarrassment given how good their reputation has been in the past (and recently, too – multiple one-hour specials for this year’s UBW).

        As for Kekkai Sensen, I hear it’ll be released on October 3rd, and will be double the length of a normal episode. It better be good, I remember very little other than White confronting Leo about his eyes.

  2. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    +1 Burning Love for that Kongou reference!

    It’d definitely be interesting to see Lenka play a different role during times when he’s out of omission or in reserve due to them not wanting to send him – and send a new-type at that – on anything but the most crucial missions and reduce his lifespan further, if your theory is correct. It’d be nice to see him get on the Major’s good side and really just be working with everyone he possibly can. It saddens me to say that while his wasteland knowledge is truly a treasure in its own right, I’m not confident in his overall ability to choreograph a squad’s combat in general :v He seems more of a specialist!

    Perhaps they’re using Aragami to bait Aragami, like some sort of bio-computer legion-esque being that mimics signals of different Aragami and relays those through the machines out in the field. I really hope we get to see!

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