So what’s the deal? It seems I apparently can’t have nice things this week as two shows in a row have given me the giant middle finger. I hoped at LEAST Ore Monogatari wouldn’t suck a dick, but I was wrong. I was very very wrong.

HOW exactly did this episode suck dick? Let me tell you.

So the episode starts up with the group all going to the zoo. The girl is too nervous to talk to Suna, but with the help of Takeo and Yamato she manages to talk to him a little bit.

See, it's cute now, but after you finish the episode it pisses you off.
See, it’s cute now, but after you finish the episode it pisses you off.

They even get involved in a trivia challenge which she wins because she knows a lot of random facts from reading so much.

After the day at the zoo she nearly breaks down having talked to Suna believing that he was only being nice to her and that he didn’t actually like her the way she likes him. So Takeo and Yamato talk with her to tell her that she can’t give up. She agrees and heads over to talk to Suna, where she basically finds out once and for all that he doesn’t dislike her, but he doesn’t like her either. However he gives her a present to thank her for the last ten years of chocolates and she accepts the fact that he doesn’t like her that way.

This is your 'no dick for you' present. I wrapped it in newspaper. Go fuck yourself
This is your ‘no dick for you’ present. I wrapped it in newspaper. Go fuck yourself

And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This is one of the shortest recaps I have ever done. Why was it so short? Several reasons. 1. I did not feel like dwelling on the little things that happen in this episode. 2. This episode was stupid. 3. I grew impatient waiting for something in this episode that ended up not happening.

All right. Rant number two of the week. Jesus okay fine here we go. (inhale)

First off I have to begin by saying that I am immeasurably glad that this series is almost over. This show has FAR overstayed its welcome. This was a cute idea for a 5 episode OVA. MAYBE a 13 episode series, but 24 episodes has been FAR FAR too many. There is NO development of Yamato and Takeo since episode 3. The only thing that’s happened is they say “I love you for another reason” every single episode. Throughout the past 20 episodes there’s been no strife, no arguments, no fights, no breakups, NOTHING. They have stayed stagnant and have done NOTHING all this time. They stopped being cute by episode 10. Now they’re just irritating.

I stopped around episode 10
I stopped around episode 10

Second thing that is pissing me off. Really? 2 episodes to go and you couldn’t fucking pair Suna with the girl? Really? Is this the show’s bullshit attempt to say “Not every romance ends happily”? Because if so, that’s bullshit. I had to watch these fucking two lameos talk to each other about how much they love each other for 20+ episodes and you won’t even give us a Suna romance with this girl? What kind of fucking sadist are you? It didn’t make me second guess romance or anything, it just incredibly pissed me off. I basically got excited only to get slapped in the face at the last second.

Was there a REASON to not have Suna like her back? especially after the whole “keeping her letters” thing you teased us with? Of course there wasn’t.

I guess what it all boils down to is this show is tiring. I was getting tired before, but with the introduction of this new girl I thought things would pick up, but silly me, that would take some of the focus away from Tweedle dee and Tweedle Dum. I don’t care what the authors reasons are or why they did it. It’s stupid and it just makes me irritated.

On top of it, without the payoff of them getting together, these past few episodes were a buildup of NOTHING. It lead to NOWHERE. Then again, that’s been the case with pretty much every other female character besides Yamato in this series. They’re inconsequential and honestly….this show’s boring me. I’m glad it’s almost over because I can only take two more episodes. I’m just…i’m really done.

It's too late to bail isn't it? (sighs) pfff. fuck.
It’s too late to bail isn’t it? (sighs) pfff. fuck.

Episode 2/10

I’m too apathetic to continue ranting. Fuck you episode.


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  1. Plinfan

    Year, I cant blame you. This show fells like something that should have ended long ago, but it just doesnt stop. It`s kinda sad that the quality is suffering so much because of it, if it would have ended earlyer it would be a really good show. Rant incoming: Why the hell does this show get extended to the Point of Painfullness, but Tokyo ghoul has half of the Content removed:-(. Well it is soon over now, even if I have no clue how this is going to end nor do I care, just…..make…it stop.

  2. Berry

    Okay so this is Hideki’s week for this show, so I won’t butt in too much. But what the FUCK. If Suna really didn’t have feelings for Yukika, then okay whatever. BUT THEY ONLY WENT OUT WITH EACH OTHER ONE TIME. JUST. ONCE. AND THEY HARDLY EVEN TALKED TO EACH OTHER. They still hardly know each other so how can things just end like that so quickly! And it was a weird shift too. The date was fun and cute, then the next day it takes a 180 and everyone’s sad and crying. LIKE?????? They couldn’t have hung out a little more at least? What gives?

    And I had a bad feeling this was going to happen because the show is nearly over and I don’t think they’d drag this Suna/Yukika thing for too long because they probably wanted to leave the last episodes to Takeo and Yamato. And…I was so excited for nothing. Fuck. At first the episode left me heartbroken, but after awhile I just got pissed. Damn…

    Yukikaaaaaaa ;_________;

    1. I agree with you that it ended pretty quickly. At the same time, I don’t blame Suna at all. It’s not his fault he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Given his personality, and the fact that he’s completely content the way he is, I don’t think he’d come to like Yukika the way she is right now. She’s too nervous around him; she can’t even talk to him! If she keeps feeling inferior to him, there’s no way she can communicate normally with him. (That’s something I learned in Kimi ni Todoke, actually.) And if she can’t communicate…obviously Suna won’t like her. If anything, I’m disappointed in Yukika for giving up so easily. I expected her to have more backbone considering she crushed on Suna for so long.

      1. Berry

        Mmm…yeah, I guess you have a point. Yukika did give up too easily, that bothered me too! I just think that they could have hung out more to get to know each other. Like I said, they went out only once. And for some reason neither Takeo or Yamato mentioned that. They all gave up too easily.

        Though in the beginning Suna did say that he wasn’t really interested in dating. So…that’s fine. He can be happy without a girl too. :I

    2. higgsbosoff

      To be frank, not only is she pretty plain (and I don’t mean physically, but in the sense that she’s so paralysed by her love for Suna that she can’t put two words that make sense together when she’s next to him), she also basically stalked him for ten years. Her perspective on “love” is completely warped. Yeah, she’s not a bad girl and Suna clearly understood this, but from there to actually being attracted by her… another whole story. Lesser men than Suna wouldn’t even have given her the benefit of the doubt.

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