Today begins the dreaded meeting between the rivals for Misaki’s love. In the right corner, our protagonist. Akihiko Usami! In the left corner, series current antagonist Kyo Ijuuin. It’s manga author vs Book author. Bishi vs Bishi in the Romantica couples biggest drama yet! They meet at Makukawa for the big battle.


Okay, that’s enough of that. This episode features the interview with Usagi and Ijuuin. Both of them pretending to be civil and smiling at one another, while everyone in the room can feel the tension between the two of them. In particular when the subject of love comes up in the interview between the two of them.
You can just tell that Isaka is loving every minute of this. From a business stand point, he has two of his largest authors battling off in love and he’s milking it for all it’s worth.

The most dramatic part of the episode coming when Misaki, Usagi and Ijuuin are all in the conference room where Misaki and Ijuuin first met and Ijuuin asks if Usagi and Misaki are a couple.
Now I understand that it could cause a huge scandal of word hit the streets that Usagi was gay. First off, he’s a well respected, high selling novelist and it could damage his career. Second off, he’s from a wealthy and well respected family, so that’s double the scandal double the fun.  Not only that, but it does endanger the only job opportunity that Misaki has been offered thus far.
Dating one of the companies best selling authors can be a little damaging to your career even if it isn’t a gay relationship. Most companies would frown against work place relationships.


However, Misaki. You should really just get down to telling Usagi that you love him but you’re not emotionally ready for all the baggage that would come with coming out yet. I mean, I understand avoiding the question around Ijuuin. I do, but when Usagi comes home drunk and absolutely desperate to hear you say you love him.



Oh well, it wouldn’t be as interesting and contrived if it was that simple right? So anyway, this was a pretty decent episode after all. It blew up the elephant in the room to a giant pink elephant.
Oh well, now for my weekly complaint. WHERE HAS MY EGOIST BEEN?