Today’s episode revolves around character death. If you play any RPGs at all you can probably recall a time a character died beyond your control and it seemed like it should be easy for you to bring them back, but the story wouldn’t let you. Final Fantasy and Square-Enix are famous for this particular trope and just love the concept of death being real when in battle you can die easily and if your party all dies? You get a game over! Suffice it to say this always leaves gamers resentful (and some over technical about the term ‘KO’) and so I’m not surprised Bikini Warriors actually did this.

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But I am surprised how far they went with it! I expected them to knock the Mage out of it when she was under control and instead they just killed her! What the effing sausages?! I actually don’t know if they’ll keep this continuity and bring her back at all because the episode ended with them all looking solemn and her being carried off by angels. Jesus show did you just actually get depth?!

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It’s hard to say but despite the commentary I’d need to see if they just outright bring her back., The point isn’t quite so strong unless she disappears after we have all gotten invested in her. Afterall, random death and lose of of a beloved character is pretty much this whole trope in a nutshell.

[HorribleSubs] Bikini Warriors - 09 [720p].mkv_20150902_235647

TBF though, Warrior killed Mage. #bringbackmage