And because this is tribe cool crew, we are back once again for an episode as I have created this madness for myself of reviewing a series that has continued FAR past the point that I thought I’d be going with this show. But I have to say, I am enjoying myself, but there are some things I didn’t think I would see from this show along the way, and this time, oh lord this time was no exception. Let’s..let’s just start the episode okay?

Okay. All right. I expect some weird shit from the shows I see. I EXPECT Hellsing to have vampire nazis. I EXPECT people to be eviscerated in Berserk. But I will tell you what I DIDN’T expect. I did not expect a CHILD SUICIDE BOMBER in Tribe Cool Crew. That’s right.


The episode opens up with a flashback of what happened to Jey. Goaded on by her mother, this girl brings a TEDDY BEAR SHAPED BOMB up to Jey and blows herself up. I…I cannot say I was expecting that.

ISN’T THIS A SHOW ABOUT DANCING? First you put a sniper in this show and now we have a CHILD SUICIDE BOMBER? What do you even say to that? I’m sitting here STILL not convinced what I saw actually happened. Luckily the intro pops up (Oh yeah, same intro episode 46. Way to go above and beyond guys.)

So the guy starts talking about how Crowd High is the way of the future and there needs to be a contest, their teams vs Crowd High and whoever wins is the correct way of pursuing this.

The woman argues saying that this isn’t Jey’s way and the super happy guy from earlier states how Jey saved him. Then…I Have to say, the bad guy makes some pretty valid points. He states how they say they’re vying for world peace but they’re not really doing anything about it. He asks them how many millions of dollars they’ve spent on Dance Road alone instead of on the world peace they talk about so dearly.

..can't say I disagree with this guy.
..can’t say I disagree with this guy.

The interesting thing is, he agrees that Jey’s ideals are good, but while he’s been unconscious, he believes they’ve been going about this all the wrong way, and things have to change.

That’s when Momiji shows up to tell him how he’s wrong and what he’s doing is dangerous. She tells everyone that the dance itself is dangerous but before she can say the second thing she wanted to that apparently would shock the audience, she has to run away so she isn’t captured.

Pff. all she needed to do here was throw a rose
Pff. all she needed to do here was throw a rose

Afterwards, the teams are all fired up and want to dance fight the Crowd high teams. Needless to say everyone that doesn’t have a name or voice actor gets beaten.

No! Not...THESE GUYS! They were my favorite!
No! Not…THESE GUYS! They were my favorite!

Finally it’s time for Kumo/Mizuki to battle Lui/Moe. and the dance is going pretty well but then LuiMoe’s injuries finally catch up to them and they are carried away on stretchers, too injured to continue.

Fuck it. I still think Crowd high is a better dance.
Fuck it. I still think Crowd high is a better dance.

And Team TCC wins that round.

The episode ends with the villainy dude bringing out who he considers his most powerful duo, gold and silver.

Pfff. They look like character designs rejected from Kill la kill
Pfff. They look like character designs rejected from Kill la kill

So yeah, this was an interesting episode. It was cool to see a bit inside the head of the villain. You get where he’s coming from and you understand what he’s trying to do. It’s true that the way they’re doing Dance Road is flawed and they need to change their ways. (Of course I don’t know if the show’s eventual moral will BE that or if it will be just be a ‘tee hee, see? we WERE right all along and we learned nothing!’ If it DOES end like that i’ll be very disappointed with this show.

I guess one of the biggest problems is Jey’s idealisms kind of piss me off and I actually really do like Crowd High over the main character’s dances. Unlike Haneru I actually DO feel their dances and not so Tribe Cool Crew’s. Their dances feel more…bleh and bland. Once again, I’m not a dancer so I don’t know dancing, but I know what I like, and I like Crowd High more. (shrug) that’s just my opinion.

Now to go back to the thing I was saying earlier.

Child Suicide bomber?


I actually couldn’t stop laughing about how ridiculous that they put that in my show about DANCING. It’s SO out of place, that would be like putting a rape scene in Hamtaro. And it’s the FIRST SCENE OF THE EPISODE. It really left me too stunned for words. They could have gone for a random mine or explosive, or gunshot wound, but no, they went for CHILD SUICIDE TEDDY BEAR BOMBER. that’s..just..fantastically insane.

This show DOES surprise me sometimes and I DO have to give it credit where it’s due. I didn’t expect that.

It really does seem like the show is reaching its climax soon though. I’d be VERY surprised if this show lasted past 52 episodes as I have no idea where they’d go after this. Still, who knows, I could be wrong.

Still, all in all, fun episode, albeit I know what sort of message they’re trying to convey and I don’t necessarily agree.

Oh well.

Episode 6.5/10