This episode we take a look into Rin’s life while also her cute heart eyes friend, Sayo. These two have been best friends since kindergarten and when the advice of going to a different high school from Sayo hits her, Rin starts having doubts about her voice acting career.

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Ever since joining Earphones, Rin has been having a lot more work than usual. So that means that she’s been missing a lot of school because she always has to leave early. Between breaks she does her homework. In her student-teacher conference, her teacher tells her that it would be a better idea for her to apply for a different high school, preferably a high school that wouldn’t mind her many absences. Rin is devastated as that would mean that she would have to leave her best friend, Sayo. As a little girl, Rin was an extremely shy girl. So shy that she would hide behind things all the time. Sayo was her first friend and they’ve been friends ever since. And to help her lose her shyness, Rin’s mother put her in an acting troupe. Ever since then Rin has slowly become a little more outgoing, and no one expected for her to continue with the troupe and get into the voice acting industry. Rin didn’t exactly choose it either…it just happened. So now with this high school thing bothering her, Rin is starting to have some doubts.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 10 [1080p].mkv0086She really thinks things over for a bit, but then her manager comes up to her and tells her Rin got a job in an anime movie, where she plays the role of the little sister of Kamiya Hiroshi’s character. The reason why she got the role was because the director wanted a real 15 year old to play the 15 year old sister character. But Rin has no idea how to do that, as she’s realized that she’s not a typical 15 year old. She’s never been in a culture festival or a sports festival, and I really don’t think she has much free time to hang out. She doesn’t feel her age. When the first dry run was being done the director was telling her that she sounded too “reasonable” for a 15 year old, which I don’t understand? Is he saying that all 15 year olds are stupid? Alright then.

Well, she’s struggling. But then our returning guest Kamiya Hiroshi speaks with Rin and tells her that he’s not as composed and confident as he looks. But he explains that he always does his best because he acknowledges the hard work animators and others do for anime. He wants to do the best he can to make it so everyone’s work won’t be in vain. Rin was fascinated by all that and realized she needed to learn more.

The next day she tells Sayo that she’ll be applying to another high school with an art program, so they won’t be together. It was a small and emotional moment, but of course it all ended happily with them promising to hang out on their free days and to always go to the cafe every year. And so they eat their parfait!

I was afraid Rin was going to quit being a seiyuu for Sayo, but thankfully it didn’t go the extra dramatic mile. Rin really cares for Sayo, and Sayo for her. They have a strong friendship, so I don’t think they’ll just drift away. Rin has really grown from when we saw her as a kid, and she’s sure to grow even more when she gets older!


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