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YGO ARC V Ep 72 Img 0013Yuzu appears to have been the only one who actually saw Yuuya’s spirit dwelling beside/within Yuugo. Everyone else only heard him say Yuuya’s trademark line. But that isn’t the scariest part of all, is the fact there is one thing for certain now: The Dragons are connected. We have seen the dragons resonating outside of battle before, and only Yuuya at the time noticed while Yuugo was too busy enjoying his grand suite. However this time, Yuugo was now engaged in duel, wielding Clear Wing Dragon, and at the same time, unbeknownst to him, Yuuya took notice of Odd-Eyes Dragon glowing and all the sudden, as if cast by a spell- he and Yuugo were connected, channeling through each other. And this is what blows my mind. They were not overpowering each other, they were just merged together as one, channeling through both bodies! I mean, I was freaking out because I didn’t understand what was happening or what was in store for these two. First of all, Yuugo had no idea this was happening, and by the time they snapped out of it, it appears only Yuuya seems to have been conscious of what had just happened to him.  Now we have seen happen way back when Beserk!Yuuya first debuted. Yuuya snapped back to reality and had no idea what just happened except the crowd was stunned and terrified. Perhaps we can say this applies to Yuugo now, as the victim of the possession. The only thing however about this particular scenario is the fact Yuugo was still himself, but Yuuya at times had the authority over him such as the moment when they said, “The fun has just begun!“.

YGO ARC V Ep 72 Img 0015
I cannot deal with Yuuya wearing evil/smirk facial expressions

Then there were Yuuya’s facial expressions, which were scaring me even though I knew… or at least thought they were supposed to be Yuugo’s expressions. But at the same time, some of the expressions… they looked too wicked to be Yuugo. Instead I saw Yuuri, and that’s what freaked me out the most. OH GOD, I AM DREADING THE MOMENT YUUYA AND YUURI CHANNEL THROUGH EACH OTHER. IT IS GOING TO BE SO SCARY BECAUSE YUURI IS A FUCKING PSYCHO AND YUUYA ARE PRECIOUS PUPPY WITH A PSYCHO EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE (I MEAN YET, THERE’S THE BERSERK EXPRESSIONS BUT YUURI IS STILL SCARIER THAN THAT). Also, I sensed a lot of potential foreshadowing here. Such as, take the lines: “You underling of the evil dragon!” and “The despicable evil dragon is attacking the Heroine instead of the Knight!” Gee, who does that bring to mind? Oh, Yuuri! (God help us if it is referring to Yuuya.)

But more importantly, let’s face the messed up part. Yuuya is partially responsible for Sawatari’s defeat. This is the guy who nearly lost last week because he didn’t want to beat his opponent due to knowing the consequences of the loss. He just took out his friend full speed ahead! If Yuuya does retain memory of the “channeling” or whatever (which I believe he did based off two indications), the guilt it is going to eat him alive. Poor Yuuya, he has enough stress to deal with as it is…

YGO ARC V Ep 72 Img 0005Although the shock factor played a big role in this week’s episode, Sawatari absolutely deserves some recognition for his fabulous performance. This is really the first time we have seen him seriously duel with his own deck and with his own entertainment style. His performance was absolutely spectacular, and I was actually glad to have seen him use his brain without having to resort to Action Cards to turn the tide and adjust according to get around Clear Wing’s monster effect.
I loved how his style is a theater troop, telling a story within his duel. All his monsters played a fun and memorable role, and now I want to add his fun deck to my collection. But better yet, Sawatari was rewarded for his passionate performance by the audience. Despite the fact he had lost, the audience were still in love with him and praised him for his performance. I was happy to see him be satisfied with just that. Although he was upset, he still showed good sportsmanship to congratulate and encourage Yuugo to wave to the crowd as well. This is a positive side of Sawatari we don’t get to appreciate often, mainly because he’s too caught up with his “I will tell my father about this!” habits and of course, his ego.

Next week we will finally find out where the losers and many others have been sent, what king of environment are they actually in, and what sort of suspicious activities are taking place. Tsukikage is back to make a report to Reiji, and looks he or Reira may have something to say to one or the other. Anyhow, I will be looking forward to it since I have been wondering how long it will be before they show us anything! OH THAT’S RIGHT, the preview line also included: “”and on the field, a fearsome duelist awakens”! I forgot because they didn’t show him at all, but Sergei (who works with Jean) will be debuting on the field next week! Man it’s getting intense again, a storm is brewing…


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  1. Chris Marshall

    Damn you Actions cards!!!! I literally thought this would have been the first action duel without them showing up….man, I am pretty bummed that Sawatari lost like that (obvious he would lose, but not by an action card). Its been pretty much with a lot of their duels they either “Win because of an action card” “Lose because they couldn’t get to an action card in time” or “Have the due cut short before they can use the action card”. Whoever thought about making action cards needs to be slapped. Like I can understand with it being because pendulum decks in the show have a habit of opening a hand full of monsters (looking at you Yuya), but if real life is an indication on meta pendulum decks, they barely use spells/traps because the monsters more than make up for it.
    *ahem* Either ways, I was glad at least both of them were thinking their way around their opponent’s moves. Like how Sawatari was doing his combo to get around Clear-Wing while Yugo was doing his combo to raise the level of all monsters on the field. Its more fun watching duels like this than when they go for their shining draw and end up playing a card that is an immediate out for whatever situation they’re in.

    1. Eva

      Me too! I am happy to see Sawatari didn’t have to use any in order to almost win-but like you, the way he lost sucks 🙁 *Shakes fist at Action Cards*
      The action cards also have an inconsistency in the show. I mentioned this a week or two ago, but where are the bad cards? There are supposed to be bad ones in there too, but we haven’t seen ANY in ages. It is almost as if they want us to forget there are bad cards and scrapped them altogether!

      1. yz

        Even in Standard, only certain fields have Action Traps. Maybe Reiji just didn’t include them as part of the Cross Over field? People have also suggested that Action Cards are context-sensitive, which is freaky in that it means that LDS basically owns sentient technology. It also means that every Action Card ever is guaranteed to be an asspull.

  2. yz

    Can I also gush over the animation? Everything was so pretty! And disturbing, in the case of Yuya’s expressions while merged with Yugo. You’re not the only one who got Yuri-vibes.
    I think the consensus in the fandom is that Yuto and Yuya did an overlaying thing, which is why they occupy the same body. This was Yuya and Yugo “synchro”-nized. Yuya and Yuri fused together is a terrifying idea. (Though this is all still Fanon.) This week also made me reevaluate the forgone conclusion that Yuya would absorb all his counterparts, since he clearly didn’t need to absorb Yugo for something weird to happen. I think it’s notable that right before the halfway break, Yugo is smirking and Yuya is frowning. It most other cases where we see both of them at the same time in the episode, they have the exact same expression. I haven’t decided what it means, other than that they aren’t 100% in sync, but that’s obvious in Yuya’s side comment about Sawatari being sent underground, and at the end when they de-sync. I wonder if this is a complete synchronization, or if something more will happen next time. I fully expect Yuya to Synchro in his next duel.
    I also wonder thought that with regard to Yuya, because he’s from Standard, all of the merging has to start with him (an idea I think other people have also tossed into the fandom). I’m not convinced that when Yuto and Yugo went berserk and talked about destroying everything that it was the same as this synchronization since Yugo remembers what happened this time. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be evidence that it happened the first time they met in Heartland (notably not in the presence of Yuya).
    Sawatari was great here, it was so exciting! I was slightly annoyed at the trolling episode title, but Sawatari still did a very good job. I was also very happy that Yuzu recognized Yuya in Yugo. Except that I felt she was starting to do the Kotori thing where all her lines consist of the name(s) of the male protagonist (and his clones). I clearly just need more Yuzu.
    Regarding the discussion last week of whether the angry Yuya was berserk, normal, or in some other state, I read somewhere that Ono Katsumi said in an interview that it was just normal Yuya since he’s supposed to have control over his anger now. Not that it excludes other theories, since a Director Ono revealing more would be spoiling plot twists.
    Do you read the episode summaries that get released in sets of four? I have more to gush, but I don’t want to spoil things… Though I might have already done that accidentally since I’m not very good at sorting what information is okay to say and what is not.

    1. Eva

      Agree! The animation was absolutely GORGEOUS today! I took like 300 screencaps and I had to narrow them down to 40, so hard to choose! XD
      It’s funny that you mention “synchronization” and “fusion”, because I didn’t even think of it, but the symbolism makes complete sense.
      I too expect Yuuya to Synchro Summon now since he gained some experience of how to.
      Hmm, good to have insight on that from the Director!
      I purposely avoid reading episode summaries to not spoil myself (I rarely visit the YGO ARC-V tags on social media)
      I also write better entries when I have no idea what’s going to happen, and it is way more fun and exciting! It has a great pay off! :3

      1. yz

        Ah ok! Glad I asked first. I will keep it to the current episode when I talk! I just don’t have the self-control to not want to know everything. (I’m so happy this blog exists, your takes on the episodes are refreshing after the rather uniform interpretations of the rest of the fandom.) I might accidentally drag in other people’s thoughts, but will avoid spoilers. (To be honest, I was halfway to the overlay/synchronization/possible fusion fridge-logic thing on my own, but was super confused until I realized that synchro summoning has little to do with the word. It might still not be the correct interpretation, because Japanese vs English.)

        1. Eva

          <3 <3 Thank you! That means a lot to me! It is a great pleasure of mine to be covering this series! <3 <3

  3. trejon pearson

    I read an interesting theory as to what’s going on it as has to do with the different dimensions whenever yuuya is possessed by yuuto the theory is that his soul is overlayed with his what we saw in this episode was yuugo and yuuya souls synchro

  4. Wisemen

    Wasn’t it dennis vs syun next week? Why is Sergei dueling?

    1. Eva

      You’re right about that, but lets just imagine the list wasn’t in chronicle order, and the order of the duels are picked out of hat! XD

  5. 75chaosflare

    I was completely surprised when Sawatari actually managed to outsmart Yuya/Yugo while almost winning and found it sweet when people still cheered for him regardless that he lost.
    So if Yuya/Yuto Overlaid which later on created Odd-Eyes Rebellion and Yuya/Yugo – synched which will probably lead to a Pendulum Synchro later on, this would probably end up with Yuya/Yuri “fusing” won’t it?

  6. uncharted95

    I don’t know why but, this episode kinda reminded me of the new TV show called Sense8 where people are connected to each other, despite being far apart.
    Also, action cards have never really benefited our heroes at all. The only one it really helped was Yuzu. I’m kinda tired of seeing Action cards in general. I’m sure Gongenzaka and the others (minus Yuzu because she did need them in her duel) would have won if they weren’t there, I know for a fact that Yuya would have beat Jack Atlas if they weren’t present in his duel, even though it wouldn’t benefit Yuya at all because of plot reasons.
    Also you were right about the facial expressions. I noticed that, of all the dimensional counterparts, Yuya is the only one who doesn’t have a serious expression during all his duels. But Yugo/Yuto and probably also Yuri do. I guess if Yuya experienced the same kind of things that Yuto/Yugo did, like, having his world attacked, or his lover *cough* Yuzu*cough* kidnapped, then he would probably have the same kind expressions in this episode in all of his duels.

  7. Timeskipper

    Man, anime Clear Wing is much, much more overpowered than its real-life counterpart. Now he can negate effects even when they’re not activated? And can do so multiple times per turn? Writers, I understand that speedroids aren’t really all that great but could you have thought of a better way to make Yugo win besides creating that completely useless level 5 hi-speedroid? Seriously. When I saw Yugo pull out Double Yo-Yo, I thought he was going for an armory arm-like monster, or a synchro tuner to make an accel synchro. That level manipulation thingy was very, very far-fetched. I guess I should be glad that Yugo is using CWSD’s effect more proactively than Yusei did with Stardust Dragon, but this comes at the cost of it having an absolutely busted effect compared to the watered-down OEPD and the only slightly more OP DRXD. Which also begs the question of why Yugo didn’t use its effect against Duel Chaser 227. How does anime CWSD’s effect work, anyway?
    Other than that, the “synchronization” thingy was very, very interesting. The writers are teasing us, giving us small clues about what is really going on with each episode. The theory about Yuto and Yuya “overlaying” makes a lot of sense in this perspective. It’s sure more clever than him absorbing all his counterparts.
    I must say I’m not really impressed in Sawayari’s deck, it looks like a meh copy of Yuya’s, but it could have been worse. I find it clever that he tried to “tell a story with the cards”, and him taking on Yuya’s entertainer persona looks nice, but I think the crowd’s reaction was a bit forced. It’s an audience of adults that wants blood (figuratively). They scoffed at Yuya, and apparently they’re all on board with the “competitive” mentality of the Synchro dimension. Why are they cheering at Sawatari even after he lost? Well, I guess I should stop questioning things so much. After all, I admit that the crowd empathizing with and cheering at Sawatari was pretty heartwarming in its own right, and makes me hope that we will be shown that the commons are not just a narcotized populace that only cares about their bread and circuses without actual bread.

    1. uncharted95

      Actually, Clear wing didn’t negate effects that weren’t activated, (if I remember correctly, which I probably don’t because it’s like 3 AM now) because sassy rookie and pretty heroine were level 5, the moment the ability from one of Yugo’s synchro monsters (I don’t remember the name. 😛 ) started to affect them, he negated the ability from increasing their level, and thus he destroyed them. I think he gave them new abilities that would increase their levels.
      That’s what I think what happened, I don’t remember everything actually. I literally had to go to yugioh wiki to read about the duel because II didn’t understand it myself the first time I saw it.
      That being said, Clear wing shouldn’t have been able to destroy both of them, because he can’t chain both monsters without missing the timing of the other, so yeah. The duel was plot driven as fuck, which I didn’t enjoy really. But it was nice seeing some new Abyss Actor cards from Sawatari. 🙂

  8. Jason

    What? Yuya was basically the one in charge from the moment Sawatari first managed to take away any of Yugo’s life points. If anything Yuya is completely to blame for Sawatari being sent underground.

  9. TheVoid

    This is clearly Yuya’s “true self” mentioned before. Jean clearly show it when he let his emotions dictate his actions the previous episode. Yuya and Yugo synchronizing means the inevitable Yuya and Yuri fusion.
    Also next week they are getting sent to the underground facility, which is run by Gallagher. So yeah the facility did exist and the idea it didn’t was kinda people theorizing about the wrong things.

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