Wow. So yeah, it looks like I finally have my answer, and yes, next week WILL be the final episode of Tribe Cool Crew. It’s strange. All these months I’ve been covering this show, ever since my first season here. This and World Trigger being the only series that have been continuing since then, and this one will finally come to an end. It’s sort of surreal in a way as I’ve always just assumed this series would be here despite all the jokes i’ve made about it doing so. Ah well, here’s to finding new shows and making new friends with new characters. Well we’re not saying goodbye yet, we still have one more episode after this. So that being said, let’s review the second to last episode.

So the episode picks up after TCC had beaten Gold and Silver. It looks like they’ve won, until the big baddie pulls out his super weapon, the evil robot of Jey.

You can tell he's evil because he's in negative film vision.
You can tell he’s evil because he’s in negative film vision.

He basically shows up to challenge TCC to one final match to decide the fate of the dancing world. However before that, we need some dialogue back and forth.

So we finally learn what’s up with Crowd High, and let me tell you, it’s as stupid as I thought it would be. Apparently the dance is used for some sort of mind control so that people will buy stuff from companies.’s really really stupid.

Momiji, I love you hon, BUT IT'S GODDAMNED DANCING.
Momiji, I love you hon, BUT IT’S GODDAMNED DANCING.

And because of that the companies can make a network and..i’m sorry this plot twist is just stupid. It actually hurt my brain. It’s dancing guys. It’s fucking dancing. Stop trying to make this world affecting. You’re moving your feet around to music. You’re not getting me to buy this “We’re taking over the world through dancing” nonsense. I didn’t believe that logic in Yugioh, and i’m not buying it here.

The bad guy admits that he’s doing this in part because Jey’s original ideals got him put in a coma. Also apparently he’s the one who saved Jey from flat out dying…despite the fact that HE didn’t end up in a coma or with any obvious physical injuries.

Seriously. How's THAT guy okay but Jey isn't?
Seriously. How’s THAT guy okay but Jey isn’t?

Then Haneru says something incredibly stupid about how he doesn’t understand that and everyone should dance and be happy. And instead of slapping him for being an insensitive asshole, the crew goes “Duhh yeah! That’s right!” Because…I don’t know, everyone took magical friendship fart pills in the beginning of this episode.

So after all that the final battle begins between TCC and the Jey bot. And during the battle…JEY SHOWS UP!

...don't tell me
…don’t tell me

Wait…please…please don’t tell me he woke up because…






I called it! I fucking called it? Didn’t I call it? Yes! I fucking called it!

I knew it! I said “He’s going to wake up out of his MASSIVE INTERNAL INJURY COMA THANKS TO THE POWER OF DANCING” I said it! Read my earlier posts! I fucking said it!



You can not just WAKE UP out of your coma because somebody is dancing with funky phresh moves! This actually pisses me off. This is insulting to everyone whose relative is in a coma. You’re basically telling them that they’re in a coma because the people around him aren’t DOING enough. Seriously Tribe Cool? I thought you had more dignity than that. Fuck you.

That’s the end of the episode. Yeah. It better be. Because that’s just fucking retarded. I’m sorry but no. That is beyond stupid.

You know what? I knew they were going to do this. I was preparing myself, but it didn’t help. I’m still pissed they did this.

Also, you can’t make dancing out to be this world changing thing which will effect everyone and then be like “Why the drama? Let’s just dance!”

Because YOU'RE the ones who made it that way you stupid fucking.........GAHHHHH!!
Because YOU’RE the ones who made it that way you stupid fucking………GAHHHHH!!

I just…ow my head hurts. Know what? I take back what I said. End show. Just fucking end. please.


Episode 3/10 (mainly because of evil jey’s funky moves)



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  1. BodaciousSpacePirate

    I take it you’re not going to watch the “sequel” when it airs in two weeks, then.

    (This production studio seems to REALLY like “dance robots”.)

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