I have not seen a battle go quiet so according to plan since I saw the first half of Death Note. With that being said, Ains planned out his battle with Shelltear perfectly. He also made a point of showing that not just he, but the guild as a whole, would never be taken down. He switches from weapon to weapon of his old comrades. Using the power of the guild to bring her down.
Along with this, we get the commentary of the NPC’s who are watching the fight. Talking about who’s weapons they are, what they do, what tactical advantage he’s given himself by choosing that weapon.


In the end, it’s a spell that takes her down. The brainwashed Shelltear Bloodfallen is taken down. Good thing that the guild has MORE then enough gold to resurrect her!
Though she is brought back, her memories are pretty fuzzy and she can’t give them any clues on who used the world class item on her. All of the rest of the guardians give her a pretty hard time, but Ains is quick to assure her that it isn’t her fault. Also, it seems as if the resurrection went alright, except for the fact that her glorious breast seem to be missing.


Also, her thinking that she’s going to get laid and the resulting look on Albedo’s face? Gold!

As the opening music sparks up in the background, we’re welcomed to a barrage of things going on at the meanwhile. Things going on with the Theocracy, what’s going on with Sebas as he acts as bait. That guy from the cave that Shelltear scared off meeting up with Gazef in that stormy town that Sebas is in. We see Ains as an adamantite level adventurer, being told that there are no requests of his level at the adventurers guild.


As the music from the opening ends, we move into the ending. That’s it, that’s the end. Phew, um, well I think I’ll have to cover my thoughts here entirely in the Final impressions. As for this episode though? It’s good, not sure if it’s end of the season good…but it’s good. Now let’s double back and get down to our final impressions why don’t we!?
Final Impressions

The only thing keeping Overlord from being the best show of the season is there is no promise of a season two. With the series ending on a ‘There’s still much to do’ with the promise of an enemy that can actually stand up against them. Someone who can use world level items. I want to see more! With Light novels being hard to obtain in the states, it’s up to another anime adaptation for us to see what comes next.

This show has a lot good about it. The characters are fun and interesting, yes, the main character is OP and you almost never feel like he’s in any real danger. I don’t really think that’s a downside though. Yes, it would of been nice to see someone outside the guild give Ains a hard time. It might of been fun to see him struggle, but it didn’t need it.
It managed to be entertaining without leading us on to think our main character might lose. Actually, that’s something in anime that bothers me to no end. When you know a main character is going to win, but it makes it seem like they aren’t. That’s just….obnoxious really. Either actually have them lose or let them be so overpowered that we are never worried like with Momonga!


Overlord is really what i’ve been looking for in one of these ‘stuck in a video game’ anime. Since honestly, I don’t think he’s really in the game anymore. That being said, how did it happen? What happened to his body in the real world? Is he in a coma? In that case, is this a dream? Is it real? Was his guild from the game movedd to a fantasy world?
That once again brings me to, what happened to his body? This is why this show needs a season 2 so badly, it leaves so many questions. Who was it that did that to Shelltear. While the ending scenes lead us to believe it was someone involved with the Theocracy.

Who’s that powerful though?! It’s been said multiple times throughout the series so far that spells past level 7 are damn near impossible for a normal human. Much less world class items and magic. On the note of this not being another run of the mill, ‘stuck in a video game’ anime. I like that it has even sort of inverted many of the tropes.
Such as instead of having an attractive highly desired main character. We have a skeleton, with two girls who STILL want to be ‘boned’ by him. So it still carries on the harem aspect of most of these shows in an inverted sort of way.


The ideas behind this show. The loss of friends, the making of new ones, moving through hard times and well….a huge lesson in power-gaming. On that note, it’s not so far-fetched. We all know that guy, that guy who spent a ton of money on a game to become powerful or has poured in a rediculous amount of hours. You hear about them all the time on MMO’s so the best part is. He’s not special, he’s not a beta-tester or even someone who is that GOOD at the game. Just someone who put in a lot of time and money. it’s all just so interesting, it’s not like he’s even really trying to get back home. So much as find something of the people he knew before, and as he sees the NPC’s as reflections of his old guild mates in this last episode. I think he’s slowly finding what he’s looking for, if not in the way he wanted too.

The only thing we can do from here is hope that a season 2 will be Greenlit soon, so we can continue to watch the adventures of Ains Ooal Gown and maybe solve some of the mysteries that the first season left us with.

Um, so I guess it would be time to rank the series but that’s so hard without knowing if it will continue or not. Based off what we have?

9/10, 10/10 if we get a promise of more!


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  1. Shiki

    I was kind of hoping it would get season 2 instantly because in the opening there is already preview of the next arc but overall nice work on visuals, action etc

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