Throughout the series, it was no secret that I always wondered if Minami’s dream was true to her heart. Ever since she was young, she looked up to her family’s business and was inspired to be a part of it. But every time the question would be brought up, Minami was the only one who appeared to be more subtle about it. Yet despite that, overtime I was slowly being convinced that yes, this was path she would take… until now.

Today her childhood dream was challenged by a new dream. Minami meets a marine biologist named Asuka. She is given the opportunity to see what kind of work Asuka does for her job and why she has repetitively declined the offer to work for the Kaido Group. Like MInami, Asuka has a passion for the sea, so she decided to stay true to her heart and followed through with her dream. This particularly struck Minami because not only she was incredibly fascinated by Asuka’s work. but because it was also an eyeopener. It appears being a Marine Biologist never dawned to her before, but after being able to take a peek of what it’s like and learn more about the career, this new finding has influenced her to think hard about it. But it wasn’t just that, while being introduced to this field of work, we yet again saw a different side of Minami. A side of her who is in constant awe, curiosity, and for the first time, actually showing signs her dream might finally change so she can work in the field she is the most passionate about.
To be honest, I have actually been expecting this to happen sooner or later. This particular development very important to happen in this type of story. As Minami is the eldest and the most mature of the group, it makes a lot of sense to see her take in what she has been introduced today seriously. Dreams can and are constantly changing as we grow. For some it stays the same, for others they discover it by narrowing down to what they are most passionate about, (though it is easier said than done).

We weren’t given a straight answer of whether or not Minami’s dream will change, but there was indication that she is seriously considering it. And besides, her parents been trying to recruit Asuka to group their company, but the woman has repetitively declined. Minami on the other hand, does have the option to still be a part of her family’s business, but in a different part of it than initially planned. Ultimately it is up to Minami, to walk down her own path and join Asuka as a Marine Biologist in her research (since she did receive the invitation regardless of her claiming it to be a joke), or she can continue walking down the path of working with her family in whichever field she desires.


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    Wow, this episode is very good! And I liked it!
    I was glad to see Minami’s parents, not to mention that I was happy to see Tina and Wataru again (it’s been awhile). ^^
    Asuka’s appearance really impressed me and what an important role she made in this episode. Especially for Minami, because she gave some advices and some teachings related to the sea and dreams. The scene that Asuka explained why she refuses to work with Kaido’s family business is really good and important.
    And I’m very impressed by your incredible review of this episode, Eva. I agree of what you wrote about it, especially about dreams being changed as a person grows and about Minami’s dreams and her experiences she had with Asuka. I’m wondering what Minami will do about that matter afterwards. I wish her luck. 🙂
    Now for the parts that I liked to see. One, the team going on a boat! Yui learns about Tina and Kanata comes too! Hooray! 😀
    Two, when Haruka got nervous during her introduction to Minami’s parents.
    Three, the team in the ship’s dance hall.
    Four, the team meeting the animals at the aquarium (and it even has a whale shark there! So cool! I liked to see the sea lions and penguins as well).
    Five, seeing the team and even Kanata during the party!
    Six, when Minami’s father appeared during the battle with Zetsuborg and met Cure Mermaid in person!
    Seven, I liked the Zetsuborg battle in this episode!
    Eight, when Minami’s father talked about the pretty cures right in front of the team! XD
    And nine, the ending of the episode with Minami and Asuka. 🙂
    As always, I wonder about the next episode. I hope it’ll have funny parts! And I can’t wait to see Haruka’s acting! Kawaii! XD

    1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      One sour note though was the absence of a conversation between Wataru/Minami and Kanata/Towa, well Toei proved that Wataru’s a side character after all, but it hurts T_T

      1. Marcos Pinheiro

        Yeah, that was unfortunate indeed, Wilfredo Clear Wilfred. But still, I think and I hope that Kanata and Towa will have “the” conversation when the time comes. And I also hope that Wataru will appear again.

        1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

          It’s totally impossible dude, Toei won’t show him in the future episodes because Kanata/Towa are actually core characters to the season while Wataru is definitely not (and he certainly WON’T appear again). The eagerly anticipated “sibling” conversation, we can only day-dream about that 🙁

          1. Marcos Pinheiro

            Hum… I wouldn’t be so sure. 🙁
            It’s just a feeling I have in this moment. I don’t mean to change your mind and I’m not saying that you’re mistaken. I respect your opinion, Wilfredo Clear Wilfred.
            And we all viewers of this series shall see what will happen in the next episodes and I would love to see some new surprises.
            Besides, “Anything can happen” and “What happened has happened”. 🙂

    2. Eva

      Thanks again! Precure always has some valuable life lessons for the young audience watching this show, so I always look to highlight them because they are important to both the story and the life we live. 🙂 And yet despite the fact it is more so targeted to the kids, regardless of age, no one is never too old to learn and/or remember these lessons.

      1. Marcos Pinheiro

        You’re welcome, Eva. ^^
        I really enjoy reading your great reviews of this series. And you’re right about the lessons that those girls are learning and that they teach to every viewer as well, no matter if some are adults. 🙂

  2. Keiko

    Hats off to Maaya Sakamoto for bringing us Doc Kitakaze in the show, so I wonder if she’d be part of the Pretty Cure Series in the near future but who knows? Anyhow, off to GPPC! So happy to see the whole team, in which I shall known as “The Great Royal Eight” (if we include Yui-Yui, Puff, Aroma and Kanata + the four royal heroines), sailing around the sea. Then, my royal bias Yui-Yui had learned about Tina being Minamin’s non-human BFF (and that is true, as expected from our cool butt-kicking mermaid).
    I already reacted about the huge cruise ship owned by the Kaido Group that is the “Sea Dream” being so huge, dang! At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Kaido on the nutshell and well indeed that Haru-Haru was so nervous on her intro to them. Kanata took his usual gesture even though he already lost his memories is a big plus for me. The team meets the other marine creatures while Doc Kitakaze was one taking them on a tour plus penguins. On the lighter side, I intend to agree on what Doc Kitakaze has said that, well, we need food in every living thing on Earth whether in the land or in the sea. The part when she and Minamin had some convey about their own dreams. We already knew that Minamin wants to be a useful person to others by following the footsteps of her dear Wataru-oniisama and her parents, but another dream came into her senses and that is to be a marine biologist in which, if we compared to an equilibrium that either of them can be followed by something – something that is closer to one’s heart. As for Doc Kitakaze, she repeatedly refused to work with the Kaido Group despite various offers and yet she wanted to be as free as the sea, much to Minamin’s surprise. But I like it, I mean, I’d be in the same way as Doc Kitakaze, yet at the right time I guess.
    Ah, good to see the party dresses (except Minamin’s) again after 25 episodes but with additions from the Hope Kingdom’s Royal Siblings and the part when Mr. Kaido introduces Minamin in front of many people. Something told me that Minamin’s parents were on an age gap, yet I think that’s where the good looks she and Wataru come from. Then Stop and Freeze got tried to ruin the party by locking Doc Kitakaze (who’s asking them that there’s a cosplay party XD) and her dream into a penguin Zetsuborg.
    The quite surprised part that Mr. Kaido was just popped on the battlefield and wanted to protect the ship despite giving a warning from Yui-Yui (since, well as always, she’s STILL the undisputed secret keeping helper of the Princess Cures and heck yeah, Kanata joins the Zetsuborg monitoring for the first time!) and met Mermaid personally, telling to guard down the peeps inside the ship (in which Yui-Yui already did most of the time in the show, yet it’s suppose to be though). The underwater fight was wave-like per se before tasting up for an Eclat Espoir on the Zetsuborg and poof, Doc Kitakaze was saved!
    On the finale part of the episode that Mrs. Kaido (whose first name was Masumi, as in, like the first name of Minamin’s seiyuu that is Masumi Asano) told the team that how quite terrible the event was, but Haru-Haru energetically said that the party was awesome and Mr. Kaido was talking about the Cures (Mm, better to keep that danged stuff a secret!). The convey between Minamin and Doc Kitakaze was superb so far in it and wanted to invite at her own party. But I guess it’s still up to our sea princess to follow what the right path was for her possible future.

    1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      True, Minami’s change of dream may be a surprise I’m anticipating as the season is about to end 😀 But still bitter about no “sibling” conversation between Wataru/Minami and Kanata/Towa, that sucks 🙁

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