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If you didn’t know already, Sergey is a fucking psychopath, also probably a serial killer because he gains pleasure by destroying aka killing things that are beautiful. He is seriously fucked up, and for the love of god, I would like it to see either Selena or Shun get revenge. However out of all the characters left in the competitions, I would guess Shun would probably be most appropriate since he is probably more familiar with these type of strategies since it’s similar to his own, but more messed up and used in the most twisted way possible. FUCK YOU JEAN. YOU JUST HAD TO CHOOSE THE MOST PSYCHOTIC GUY WITH A VIOLENT RECORD TO BEAT YUZU.

YGO ARC V Ep 77 Img 0027Seriously, I don’t think I have much to say for this episode, because it was so fucking brutal to watch. I knew it was going to get ugly, but it turned out to be even more violent than I had ever imagined. Like, this crash is ten times worse than Izayoi Aki in 5Ds. I am seriously upset, not at the writers, but just seeing her get attacked like that. But at the same time, it was frustrating. We all knew she was trouble when we saw all his monsters were 0 ATK and she kept on attacking. It was so bloody obvious because of a frequent pattern and the similarities to Shun’s strategies. I kept on talking to the screen, telling Yuzu, “USE YOUR HEAD GIRL! YOU’RE SMARTER THAN THAT! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!” But then it just became fucking painful when Yuzu was being sympathetic because that is the type of person she is, and she courageously started speaking out about how the tournament is wrong, they are in danger of being invaded, and the only way they are actually going to function is to unite their hearts. After this tragic attack, it is a wonder whether or not Yuzu’s words had left an impact on anyone. It was a beautiful speech, but this society is so fucked up in the mind that they don’t see anything morally wrong with the underhanded plays where the the loser ends up in a critically injured or worse, possibly dead.

YGO ARC V Ep 77 Img 0030But we know Yuzu isn’t dead, it’s just a matter of whether or not she is critically injuries or she miraculously survived unscathed. I am immediately jumping onto the theory of how her bracelet just may have saved her- because one, let’s be real here: anyone who crashes into a build like that- would have been killed on the spot. And further more, we know that Sergey has a murder record as well, so realistically speaking we probably should have seen this coming, but the problem was we never imagined it to be executed at this scale. And two, this opens a valuable opportunity for us to learn more about the mysteries of the bracelet. We don’t know what kind of things it can do. It causes Yuuya’s counterparts to disappear once approached when they are with Yuzu (as well as detects Yuuya), and the Professor probably needs both the girls and their bracelet to accomplish is Dimensional Fusion plan, so surely, there must be something else it can do- and surely it must have saved her because god forbid her gaining an amnesia or get stuck in a fucking coma.

But if it does turn out, the bracelet had saved her: then that means there is a possibility Yuzu has been be teleported elsewhere in the city (or perhaps to another realm yet again- let’s hope not). On top of that, now that she no longer has protection from the board, Yuzu needs to be vigilant. At the moment is is unaware that she is being hunted down by both Sora and Jean-Rogers, but I am counting on Reiji to send Tsukikage to search for her in their steed to ensure her protection. I mean, he looked pretty furious himself in the preview, so I am crossing my fingers it is because of how disgusting Sergey is. It would also be a good opportunity to start gathering the team together again. Those who have been sent underground need to get the hell out because Academia is about to invade, and as soon as Reiji is aware of their presence in the city, he will need to round of the lancers altogether to ensure the safety of the group. The Synchro Realm will not protect them so they have no choice but to fend for themselves.

Next week, Yuuya will be up against Shinji… and I think it’s fairly obvious Yuuya is going to win. So there’s that. Bottom line is, I hope we don’t have to wait ten episodes before we know of Yuzu’s condition, because that would drive me bonkers.


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  1. I was waiting the entire week to know what your reaction would be lmao.
    The Fandom around the world burst in flames, people wanted to hunt Sergey for what he did to Yuzu it was pure chaos and people screaming “HOW THE DUB WILL CENSOR THIS?!” and stuff.
    Her new “Ace” is pretty underwhelming, sure, you could combo with Anime!Schuberta for OTK but it’s still pretty bad compared to Bloom Diva, the trap looks good, hopefully they will change the wording from “target” to “send” so we can use it even with Aria on the field, this way we avoid less dead hand. Ah, and they revealed the effect of Score, the Melodious Diva, her OCG/TCG effect is like Honest 0.5 that can be recycled by Shopina and Soprano, so now it’s like Melodious Players have access to 5 Honests, pretty scary.
    I got really shocked to see Sergey do what he did to Yuzu, the writers have guts to do something like that to a female character, and the Point of view of Yuzu/D-Wheel made everything more shocking as we saw the crashing and explosion.
    About Sora I don’t think he wants to capture Yuzu, I say that because of his body language as well as his choice of words when talking to Dennis. When he was talking to Dennis he was smiling and very friendly, but as soon as Dennis said that he needed to capture Serena AND Yuzu Sora got serious and told him to return to the Academy, he also said that he would finish his mission to capture SERENA, but in no moment he mentioned Yuzu.
    Everyone is rooting to be Sora to save her, for points for his future redemption and because we want him to save our Queen. õ_õ
    Also, prepared for the emotional pain next week? Because we’re going to see the aftermat of the duel and we will get to see Yuya and Yugo suffering, Yugo at this point must be regretting/blaming himself for registering Yuzu in this messed up tournament.

      LOL I hardly view her new monster as her new ace (Bloom Diva FTW :P)
      I have a hard time giving Sora the benefit of the doubt, but perhaps he will prove me wrong. In the mean time, Yuugo is without a doubt going to be heartbroken, I look forward to seeing his reaction the result along with Selena and Shun. NOBODY HURTS YUZU WITHOUT BEING PUNISHED!
      O_O Yeah the eng dub is going to be censored as hell. LOL I don’t know what they are going to do to soft up this one, but god help the eng dub-viewers.
      Q____Q ALL THE PAIN. The OP and ED theme completely contradict what is actually happening. Have anyone who doesn’t watch the series only watch the OP & ED and ask them what they think the series is like LOL.

      1. Who sees the OP/ED of Arc V(with the exception of Future Fighters) will think that this is a cute and cheesy Slice of Life anime with crazy cute things like the happy protagonist riding a pink hippo. I swear they do it on purpose, because whenever something traumatic happens the cute ED starts playing, like Future Fish from Free! XD
        I feel bad to the Dub viewners because I’m 100% sure that they will totally botch the emotional impact of this scene just to make it “kid friendly”
        Yep, must have hurt to Shun, after someone revealed being part of the kidnapping of his dear sister he sees his sister look alike be “killed”(as far as everyone in universe is aware) and Serena will probably feel as if she failed to keep her promise to rescue Yuzu and keep her safe, it will be painful.
        Hopefully Shinji doesn’t go overboard on the revolution thing and insult Yuya like he did with Tsukikage, Yuya is in his worst moment to be able to endure something like that 🙁

        1. They will either just cut that entire scene out or just photoshop some purple mist in front of the building and add in some cheap dialogue how Seregy can send people to the shadow realm….hell, they’ll photoshop the thorns off his monsters and just cut out the self-strangulation scenes. There will be….so many commercial breaks in the dub version to make up for lost content lol.

          1. Yes, the shadow realm, she was sent to the shadow realm. LOL. I can legitimately see the EngDub making that cover up. Heck, they might even just cut out this entire match period because it’s too messed up for little kids. They might just slice up and put together some random scenes and make up their own original match up.

            1. Don’t mind me, young YGO dub fan coming through.
              Anyway this is my 2nd time watching YGO sub, first time was when I wanted to watch the rest of the episodes of GX but afterwards I realized that I wasn’t missing much…
              Didn’t really like the voices…
              But Arc-v? Great voice actors! 😀
              Just like in the dub.
              I see you guys making fun of the 4kids/4KMeida dub… well I’m just gonna say this, would you really watch that as a 4 year old?
              Not really cause your parent wouldn’t probably let you, depending on the parent.
              I’ve read up the dub edits and some of them I’m pretty happy they changed, such as Marik stabbing his Father? And Bakura licking the Millennium Eye?
              Eeeeeeeeew! That gives me the shivers. >_>
              4kids is literary FOR KIDS, in every way.
              And I don’ mean 4 -13, it’s more like 4 – 10. XD
              Oh and, I was greatly disturbed this entire episode. :”””””D
              Thanks YGO. XD

              1. LOL ofc, I understand why they would want to censor when it is too dark, but the 4Kids I remember were notorious with their decisions of how to censor or completely change the story/episode/characters.

  2. i fucking wailed when he smashed his bike into Yuzu’s! What a fucking twat, they should have rules against that sort of thing like instant disqualification for purposefully injuring an opponent but obviously this world is so fucked up they don’t consider that! *holds in bitter tears*
    The moment i saw that his cards were 0 attack, i knew that they had some sort of monster effect attached to them. I didn’t expect the taking away his own life points, although when he did it i sort of assumed that he had some ultimate strategy to use when he’s at the very end of his life line. (i will say that monster of the woman tied with vines to a wheel blinded and gagged did disturb me and seemed quite sadistic and more something that doesn’t belong in THIS kind of anime. Although the style does match Sergey’s sadistic manner…)
    One thing i don’t get though is why didn’t Yuzu activate her face down card. She set it at the beginning of her first turn and i was waiting the whole time for her to be clever and deflect his ko attack with a trap card but it never happened… instead she went for an action card… I’m starting to see your hate with them. I never had a problem with them because they were fun at times and made the duels more exciting (wish they still had action traps though…) but now there seems to be an overreliance on them which is not good for any duelist.
    I honestly never thought the bracelet would do anything like that since it only really reacts to any Yuya’s so if Yuri was there perhaps she would be teleported away. But your theory could work… I know most would die if they got thrown into a building at that force but in anime they make the characters tough enough to survive the impossible, especially in Yugioh so i think she will be quite injured but not near death (hopefully i’m not wrong the thought of anything happening to Yuzu-chan *voice breaks*… i need a hug)

    1. *Hugs you*
      As far as I’m aware the only “trap” she set was the one she used to target Canon to SS Mozarta and the other card she had was a spell called “Re-Fusion”, the spell’s effect isn’t a quick-play effect and its effect was to summon from the graveyard a Fusion Monster which wouldn’t have helped her in this situation.
      Considering the situation it would be better if she summoned Bloom Diva, but I don’t think Yuzu would leave one of her melodious suffering on the field for the sake of pragmatism so…
      I wonder if this duel will stirr something for Yuzu’s character development, maybe questioning her kindness and pragmatism in the battlefield?

      1. Thanks for the hug.
        Maybe my memory is foggy about the trap, i dont recall her playing one… I do agree with her character development in this. She is very much the peacekeeping type, very much like Yuya except with a comically shorter temper. Her kindness like Yuya’s is only enchanced by her perception like when she noticed Sergey was grazed by a rock.
        I wouldn’t say she isn’t pragmatic, she certainly thinks logically and has skills with her cards… she does seem to have this naive idealology that kindness will result in people reacting as such in return. Yuya somewhat has this as well, but i think he reserves the kindness more towards the end especially nowaepisodes. He’s understanding that you can’t always treat ruthlessness with kindness (or even with fire) and that more often than not it will smack you hard in the face… I’m not explaining very well, but bottom line is i think Yuzu needs to sort out where her concerns at this point should lie. If she can’t even defend herself in this world how can she expect to defend anyone else?

    2. GROUP HUG!!!!!!!
      LOL that’s why I said, “We know Yuzu isn’t dead” XD Otherwise the writers would never hear the end of it!!!! Prayer circle that she isn’t going to suffer from an Amnesia or be stuck in a bloody coma like Aki. I can’t see them doing the coma part though because Yuzu is too important to the plot.

  3. Honestly though, if Yuzu stalled out instead of attacking, Seregy would have just gotten to his synchro and fusion either ways if Yuzu didn’t attack and would have kept on cutting his life down to finish her. It was a losing battle. Her deck (anime version) is a bad match up because all it can do is just special summon monsters to attack. Its not like her deck can actually do anything else (compared to real life melodious). If she had monster destruction cards then she could have bypassed this whole thing. Even if it was Yuzu and it did end that way….somewhat glad she didn’t make it to that action card. I’ve just gotten to the point where I hate those things that no one should even use them (with the exception of using them as tribute fodder for effects like Masumi did in her duel against Yuzu). So many duel outcomes changing thanks to those damned things (I actually thought that they would have tied and both get knocked out and sent to the hospital, but Seregy being the only one to make it back to the next round due to him being a robot in-all….so this was a surprise).

    1. I was hoping she would figure it out that she needed to drag out the duel and play passively to counter his strategy. 🙁 But like you said, her deck isn’t made for that kind of match-up.
      Yeah I agree about missing the action card, it would have annoyed me if she had suddenly won because of it.

  4. Words cannot describe how I felt how I felt about this episode but overall I have mixed feelings regarding it. One side being on the person who wrote the script of this episode and how brutal the ending was, as well as Jean not thinking that maybe a psycho like Sergey might take things to far especially with the fact he needs both Yuzu and Serena alive(smoothe move there).
    Also is it just me or does Jean using fusion as a trump just his way of fighting back against Fusion or basically foreshadowing their own demise with despite them being Synchro they depend on fusion too much. What I loved was how much concern Yuzu showed to her opponent regardless of what might have happen later even to the point of wanting the match called off.

    1. Breaking News! Jean-Roger is a fucking idiot. What a genius he was to assign a convicted serial killer to “defeat” and “capture” the girls.
      Hm, you bring up a good point about the fusion card being their own demise. It’s a touchy subject so I have no idea what to think as of now, but it is something I will keep tucked in the back of my mind.
      Bless Yuzu and her guts to even speak up to the crowd despite the fact she knew she technically hadn’t won yet. She had seen how it backfired with Yuuya, but she went for it anyways.

  5. And thus begin the witch hunt for the Duelist Crusher.
    Great expression of rage there Eva, I’m also harbouring intense hatred for SerGay as well for thrashing our queen like that! And now appears a long list of duelists wanting to claim SerGay’s head:
    Berserk Yuya: The most likely candidate and the one I DEFINITELY nominate. Quit your “smiling” talk blah blah blah, just go mad and kill him hard enough!! (And don’t you dare stick to your philosophy and make SerGay having his “Egao”!)
    Yugo: If Berserk Yuya didn’t face that behemoth, he’s the one most suited to pick on this asshole. He’s a close friend of Yuzu (who cares when Yuzu keeps muttering Yuya all the time?) and DEFINITELY chat more with Yuzu than Selena/Shun did, and therefore has a true motivation to beat him up.
    Selena: She might harbour a desire to avenge her look-alike, but due to plot reasons she’s going to lose (finally!) to Yugo, so forget about it.
    Shun: Interesting IF he saw Yuzu crashing as RURI instead, then he would be fuelled with enough rage and motivation to roast SerGay to dust with RR-Satellite Cannon Falcon, but an encounter with Yugo is still possible with the “Pawn of Fusion” thingy still fresh in his mind (and the undeniable fact that Yuto “perished” because of him).
    But according to next week’s preview, I truly want to PUNCH Shinji, he really doesn’t care about Yuzu and keeps bragging about City’s inequality by ditching Yuzu as a “loser” and DESERVED to be ditched. He might be provoking Yuya at the wrong time for trying to wind up a “revolution”, but it might be too early to see Yami Yuya return…

    1. While it may seem nice to see Yuuya get revenge, it would hurt my heart to see him unleash fury and revenge in his Berserk state. It would hurt his soul way too much. The mission would be better off with Yuugo, Selena and Shun in charge.

      1. I MUST sincerely disagree, Yuya should lead the race in taking on that behemoth, or you REALLY expect Yuya to “protect” SerGay’s “Smile”?! (It’s not like Smile Precure that aired a few years ago!) I’m tired of his tantrums and will await his change of perception after he thrashed SerGay instead of the usual “This isn’t duel”, “Duels are meant to be fun” etc. philosophies (like a certain Yuma I know)! Someone please return the “dark” motive to Yugioh, I’m longing for it (due to ZEXAL and its HAXstral and Shining Draw thingy I almost quit watching Yugioh)!
        One interesting note though, Eva, was the reaction of everyone upon watching SerGay crashing onto Yuzu our queen, did you notice that everyone except SHINJI looked horrified? Even Crow-sama expressed the same emotion! And if you watch the preview, he shamelessly proclaimed that Yuzu should be left behind like the other losers IN FRONT of an already half sad/half mad Yuya, I’m surprised that he didn’t succumb to his Berserk persona straight away and beat the shit out of the “revolutionist” wannabe! If you still keep the said system as your motive to fight, then good luck dude, once you lose I’ll go jeering for such a heartless bastard like you! *NoMoreRespectToShinjiAfterHimInsultingBothTsukikageAndYuzuLikeThat*

        1. I am not at all saying I expect Yuuya to “protect Sergey’s smile” – especially not after what he did to Yuzu. The guy is a fucking psychopath. I would rather if Yuuya wouldn’t have to go up against him just because Yuuya would have a hard time facing him emotionally (angry/fury/despair), and I would like him to be spared from that due to being through a ton of shit already.
          Agree Shinji is trouble, I don’t like the fact he didn’t seem concerned about her well being and how he talked bad both about Yuzu and Tsukikage. But I don’t think Yuuya will let him walk all over him though. Instead he will punch him back by defeating him. Nothing would be better than shutting him down in Yuuya fashion.

  6. Holy crap! That was one of the most brutal duels I’ve seen, and, dare I say it, it was very close to how brutal the Kurosaki vs Dennis duel was. And did you see the preview? Shinji became even more unlikeable with his dismissal attitude of Yuzu just because she lost.

    1. AKA: Congrats Shinji, you have received the nomination for Jerk of the Week, and will receive your prize next week!

    2. It wasn’t a dismissal attitude. As I understood it, he didn’t mean for Yuya to “get over with it”, he meant that Yuya shouldn’t waste his breath with the people of the City because they don’t care about people that lost, that’s all, he’s not mocking Yuzu. I honestly doubt it.

  7. I am so mad that Yuzu had to get hurt in this episode! Hopefully Yuya will get revenge against Sergey and Jean for hurting Yuzu! But I heard that Yuya is going to be friends with Jean, I don’t know if this true or not just rumors for now. Reiji can’t do anything to help anyone because if you watch closely the security is in the room with him and the Executive Council to stop them from doing anything.

  8. All we can hope is Serena making it past the next match to go up against seregey and beating his ass in the third rounds. Because Jean built up the fact that he also wants to capture Serena -using Seregy- too much to dismiss a duel between those two. Its kind of a kick in the plot if Yuya has to be the one to seek out revenge because that’ll put him in unofficial protective knight/boyfriend status, or essentially when the MC’s in YGO duel duels where they aren’t even needed. Like in 5d’s when Yusei dueled against the vice-principle of Duel Academy when Aki herself was connected more to the episode than Yusei was (she does go to that school). She should have dueled the dude. Only reason Yusei did it was because he was a “celebrity” as the principle stated.
    This whole Seregy thing is a Serena Yuzu thing while Yuya should moreover focus on duels that involve overthrowing the friendship cup. Do not cross over into Serena’s line Yuya! She needs this (after her last duel being jipped)

    1. I hope Selena can make it to the third round 🙂
      //Its kind of a kick in the plot if Yuya has to be the one to seek out revenge because that’ll put him in unofficial protective knight/boyfriend status, //
      Unofficial protective knight/boyfriend status FTW /RUNS AWAY

    2. Nice one Chris Marshall, but she will have to negotiate past YUGO first. [spoiler] Crow vs Kurosaki is confirmed to take place after Yuya vs Shinji, so good luck to Selena for attempting to break the script and resume her 100 winning rate in all her duels thus far. (Note: Yugo also posses a 100% record thus far.) [/spoiler]

  9. If what I heard is right about future summaries.
    [spoiler]Sora tells Yuya that Yuzu is unharmed.[/spoiler]
    Also Jean did have a chip installed to likely keep him under control like the rest of Security, but he’s such a nutjob that he breaks it through sheer sadomasochism. This is some Yubel level shit. Next you know he’s going to join Academia to fuse all the dimensions for the pleasure of making everything one.
    Oh and I’ve been seeing some details that apparently suggest Yuya doesn’t have a berserk mode. What’s actually happening is that he’s entering his Enlightened Mode, which happens to go around inflict suffering and pain when Yuyas mind breaks. I’ve heard this may have to do with his Enlightened Paladin as well.

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