The episode opens up with Hoshitani jogging and doing his morning extra practice when he stumbles upon Tsukigami practicing his dance moves. He goes over to talk to him and be friendly, but Tsukigami is a total jerk to him and blows him off. Establishing him as the guy we need to melt the heart of this episode.
Also, Nayuki crying and making rice balls…cute.


So last week we learned that Tengenji is actually a cute tsundere cat lover instead of just a jerk. This episode, we discover that Tsukigami has family issues due to the fact that everyone in his family is famous. So he’s not just living in his brothers shadow, but also his parents shadows.
His song which was the ‘I’m living in the shadow of everyone’s expectations’, was the song that I expected in this episode. I mean, after having to go to his brothers ceremony to award him as best actor. Besides, it’s a public secret that he hates his brother anyway. You know, since his outburst in his interview in episode 1.

Shu’s song was like the black sheep of the episode. It was like, Hoshitani and Nayuki were just talking to him about practicing their dance moves to his piano playing. Which he is apparently really good at. Sometimes I remember that everyone on Team Ootori didn’t pass the test to be in the music department for whatever reason.


Even though the people of Team Hiragi seem to be under the impression that Tsukigami doesn’t belong there on the loser team. Well maybe with his temper he belongs on the loser team, wait, TEAM FIGHT! The two teams get into an actual fist fight and pair off against each other.
Except for Tsukigami because he has to hold onto the lunches that Nayuki made for them. Then someone bumps into him and knocks the lunch into the air and him and Hoshitani jump to try to save the lunch and we see that Tsukigami isn’t that bad of a guy after all. Seems like Team Ootori is bonding well.
After the credits we see that Ootori is friends with Tsukigami’s brother. I wonder, everyone speaks so highly of Ootori and how he could be the leader of the Kao-council if he wanted to be. Why doesn’t he? Does it merely boil down to he thinks that he’s too much of a problem child?
What is he hiding?


the elimination stage is coming up quickly and Team Ootori needs to learn how to work as a team quickly if they want to make the cut.
So basically, this episode kept most of the character relationships the same with the exception of showing that Tengenji has lightened up since before. Tsukigami isn’t entirely on board with this, but he’s grown some affection for his loser team and Shu….well, he’s Shu. He doesn’t say much, he’s insightful and he had a random song.
Well, let’s see what happens next on gay boys sing and dance…wait, what’s this? I’m getting a memo telling me that they aren’t actually gay and it’s entirely in my head.
DON’T LIE TO ME! Wait, the ending song has girls in it!? When are they being introduced into this anime?