So I have to say, at least this episode made a bit more sense. Unlike the last episode, this one was broken up into two coherent stories. However, the question is, does that mean that the overall quality is better? Well let’s find out.

So the episode starts out with one of the brothers looking around trying to find a job, but doesn’t really find anything that suits him. He arrives home to see his brothers goofing off and doing absolutely nothing. He begins to berate them on how they’re all useless but the brothers cut in saying how since they have food, clothes, and a roof, they don’t need to get a job. On cue however they find out that their mother and father can’t stand each other and are going to get a divorce.

The mother originally wants to sell the house, but the brothers won’t have a place to stay. So she decides to have an interview to see which three children will stay with her and which will go with the father.

Take THAT Sophie's Choice! Hard decision my ass!
Take THAT Sophie’s Choice! Hard decision my ass!

This is a lengthy part of the episode where they start listing off reasons why they should stay with their mother. 3 of them get picked while 2 of them do not. However the level headed one then tells her that she knows he’s the most level headed one and will probably be the one to get married and give her a grandchild. This breaks her mind as she really wants one.

This causes the sextuplets to get into a fight. Not wanting to see that happen, the parents decide to choose differently and it’s done in the style of the way you would do draft picks for sporting events. This causes the brother to realize that it is time they really all do grow up and become self reliant.

I'd be shocked too if my parents had had the money for that
I’d be shocked too if my parents had had the money for that

The second half starts off with one of the brothers in the girl’s house. (You know, the only girl that seems to exist in this show?) He’s nervous as he thinks maybe he was called over on a date by her, but that idea seems to collapse soon enough as more and more of the brothers show up wondering the same thing, until a press conference is held by one of the brothers and the girl stating that she’s now an idol and is going to having a concert, but needs to sell tickets.

I'm just...i'm not getting a personality vibe off this chick.
I’m just…i’m not getting a personality vibe off this chick.

The tickets end up being crazy expensive and everyone gets pissed off at their brother for going along with it, but once they see her sing, they get over it and enjoy the concert.

to be fair...and idol concert would be cool to see
to be fair…and idol concert would be cool to see

And that’s how the episode ends.

This show…is definitely different than what I first imagined it would be in the first episode. I can see the humor they’re going for and….at times it works, but also at times I feel it gets a bit too mean spirited. I am definitely beginning to tell the differences between the brothers which is good, however, i’m at the point now where I kind of want to see them start to achieve in some way. Get a job maybe, move out. Do something now that the “we’re lazy and don’t want to work” joke is getting a bit tired.

It's funny because it's...pathetic?
It’s funny because it’s…pathetic?

Maybe it’s because i’m projecting myself a bit onto this, but to me, it isn’t really FUNNY that these guys won’t get a job…it’s more…annoying. I’ve pretty much worked every year since I was 16 and I’ve pretty much been working nonstop so I really don’t get the whole NEET…thing. I’m sure if you ARE like that it’s funny, but I guess i’m missing some of the humor in it. Like I said, that isn’t necessarily a BAD thing if that’s your audience, but It’s just getting a bit lost on me.

I'm sure there's a joke buried....somewhere in here.
I’m sure there’s a joke buried….somewhere in here.

I do like the female character in the series, but I really do wonder if it will lead to an actual romance with one of the brothers or if it will be played off for laughs with no real conclusion….probably the latter.

The thing i’m worried most about this show is that it’s going to be episodic with no real connecting story and the characters won’t really develop or GO anywhere. Random crap is good, but something tying it together is always appreciated.

The first half…was okay, but I would have liked to have seen this divorce thing really push one of the brothers to get that job and make something of himself. The second half….was pretty weak. I didn’t really laugh and kind of just went “umm…okay? I guess?” Overall the episode was……

Episode 5/10


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