Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama Episode 2 [Enter The Music One!]

Well, because I am certifiably insane, I am back with another episode of Kamisama. Now, I have no other recourse then to assume I am insane in continuing this show. Not just because it’s a show for little girls for the sole purpose of selling merchandise, oh no, but also because NOBODY has picked this show up for fansubbing. Yep, that’s right, it looks like I am going to have to review this ENTIRE SERIES in Japanese raw. And yet, here I still am. Oh lord help me. Well, just for you all, I’m going to try. Like I said, my Japanese isn’t exactly fluent, so i’m going to recap this the best I can. Those of you who know more Japanese than me…..sorry.

Ok, so the episode starts up Kokoro going to practice her piano. She tells Lucky how she loves the piano and her little brother shows up. Lucky hides and Kokoro tells her brother that he can’t play near the piano and wash up for snacks.

While they’re getting ready (ah Japan, I wish America was as self reliant, leaving the 4th grader to take care of the 1st grader.) another egg forms out of the piano. It rolls into the pile of snacks and Kokoro takes them upstairs.

She tries to bite into it but realizes it’s a Cocotama egg and hatches it, to reveal Merori.

That would have been REALLY awkward if she had a stronger bite.
That would have been REALLY awkward if she had a stronger bite.

And she starts to sing. Because she’s the music Cocotama. Despite the fact that her underpants cutie mark thing is a heart. Whatever, fine, let’s just go with it.

So here’s the part I get a little flaky on, but I think I get the general gist. It seems that she was born due to Kokoro’s love for the piano. However, she already has a contract with Lucky so she can’t have one with another, which prompts Merori to be really sad.

Lucky’s kind of a jerk as he uses his magic to stop her crying without offering her any real solution. However, that’s when Kokoro has an idea. She takes the contract and from what I THINK happens, is she makes her the landlord of the cocotama house.

damn anime gods and all their paperwork
damn anime gods and all their paperwork

By the way, bit of a side note here, but I find it funny that the kanji for “Landlord” uses “big” and “house” so landlord in Japanese is spelled “Big House”(大家). I don’t know, I just think that’s funny.

So after all, Merori can stay. Surprise! I mean like…she isn’t in the opening or anything…

... oh...right
… oh…right

This series runs a lot like our shows over here in america. By that I mean that they’re 2 stories per episode. The second is called “cocotama no o0souji” Which, if my Japanese isn’t awful I believe translates to “Cocotama’s cleaning” Which would make sense considering the content of this episode. (spoiler. it involves cleaning)

So Kokoro heads off to school and the two cocotama’s start farting around having fun, playing on their house together. However, they realize that they’re kind of freeloading so to be nice, they decide it would be fun and nice of them to help clean up around the room. So they get to wiping the floors all anime style, however, they quickly realize that they and their rags are far too small to really do anything.

Yeah...not the most efficient way to clean a room.
Yeah…not the most efficient way to clean a room.

So they try to get larger rags and clean up. However, as Kokoro returns home, she sees that they ended up causing a huge mess instead of cleaning anything up. However, seeing how hard they tried, she instead thanks them for caring so much.


Okay, I can’t chastise her for this. I don’t care HOW messy these things would make my room. There’s no way in HELL I could get mad at these things. Too…cute………..overloading…..part of brain that criticizes….

To thank them, Kokoro decides to decorate their house more by giving them shades and a bunk bed. Oh, and Merori uses her magic which we see is music related. (well duh) and it helps Kokoro work better.

Ok, seriously, it is REALLY hard to be annoyed at this show when the characters are so GODDAMNED FUCKING CUTE!
Ok, seriously, it is REALLY hard to be annoyed at this show when the characters are so GODDAMNED FUCKING CUTE!

Afterwards Kokoro states how she’s going to have to clean up to which the Cocotamas are confused as they already cleaned but then see the mess and they wonder where that mess came from, but they all end up happy so all’s well that ends well. and the episode ends.

This was one of those “introduce the new character episodes” but, I have to say, Merori IS adorable and I don’t mind her as a character. Lucky was kind of a jerk to her in part 1, but that subsided quickly which is good because I really didn’t feel like having to deal with them being jealous towards eachother over who Kokoro loved more.

I would say if i had to choose that part 2 was better than part one, because I felt sadder for Merori as she was upset for most of the episode. It’s nice to see a female character who’s just….you know…nice. Outgoing, friendly, and nice. Not a violent bitch, not a quiet nothing, not a doormat, just, a nice female character. AND IT HAD TO BE A FUCKING EGG HAMTARO. Come on anime guys, writing girls isn’t that hard.

indignation without being a total bitch?! well I never!
indignation without being a total bitch?! well I never!

For a show specifically catered towards selling toys to little girls, I have to say, I’m enjoying the show. It’s nice to practice my Japanese with and the plots aren’t insane so it’s not THAT hard to follow most of the time. The characters are cute and it’s nice to know you’re going into a show with NO negativity or violence coming your way. It’s a nice show to just go “D’aw! that’s so cutttee!!” In fact, this show does the whole “cute” thing BETTER than hamtaro. So yeah, I’d say I AM actually excited for the next episode. I don’t know WHY no one has subbed this show, but it’s a shame. I mean, it’s a lot better than shows that DID get subbed and even licensed. (Yes, I’m looking at YOU Brynhildr)

Episode 7/10


Oh, and yes. If you want the playhouse, you CAN buy it on amazon. Christmas shopping time!




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  1. I dunno how did Meloly cried a tub of tears in the first part of the episode while the others cheering her up. Well anime logic I believe. And also the series felt more of a spiritual successor to Mirmo de Pon seeing it has the same writer.

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