If you weren’t prepared for an emotional season, this episode should have established the fact this season will be full of feels- so stock up on your tissue boxes, you are going to need it (a lot of them).

Noragami Aragoto Ep 3 Img 0013The scene when Yukine learns Suzuha is dead in Bishamon’s manor was incredibly powerful and heart-wrenching. I was tearing up the entire time, because the emotions are only amplified when you see how devastated the regalia and Bishamon are. But the most pain staking moment was when Yukine lashed out in fury, blaming Bishamon for failing to protect Suzuha, for not being the grand and amazing Goddess Suzuha had told him about, and delivers the final blow by identifying her home as Hell. But the emotions only surged further, the unrest and tension between Bishamon and Kazuma. Bishamon who has been told about how Kazuma been meeting up with Yato and his regalia Yukine, perceiving his actions as a betrayal. Kazuma on the other-hand is trying to protect Yukine from being killed by Bishamon, even drawing a line between the two of them to shield Yukine. He desperately tries to tell her that she has misunderstood Yato as an enemy when he is in fact her savior. But Bishamon will not buy it, will not take even a second to listen, she even attempted to remove Kazuma’s name, but couldn’t bring herself to do it – and claimed he is now exiled as a nora. During all of this drama, Kugaha is having a field-day. A stroke of luck to speed up his plans of convincingly frame Kazuma as a traitor, and getting him kicked out in the progress.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 3 Img 0017But perhaps the most painful part about the tension and drama between Bishamon and Kazuma is how long they’ve been together. Kazuma is the sole survivor and witness of the tragedy which involved Bishamon losing all of her children, something Yato willingly takes the blame for.  He even said it Aiha, who attacked him while Yukine was trying to recover from the loss of his friend. I think we will learn the truth behind the tragedy next week, or if not for sure within episode five. Again, prepare your tissues because it’s another thing to add onto “The things I cried about reading/watching Noragami” list.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 3 Img 0033Kugaha continues to be the shit I hate, gleefully moving along with his plans, acting like he’s the peaceful guy of the house- the one behind the plan of Bishamon’s demise. It is disgusting to see him walk around so nonchalantly when he killed off their comrades. What is even worse, he is exploiting Aiha’s jealously, using her as a tool to further his plans. And the stupidest part of all, is the fact she is going along with it! This girl is so desperate for Bishamon’s recognition and affections, she is having tunnel vision of doing whatever it takes to accomplish that, even at the cost of hurting Bishamon in the progress. She too is taking the exact same prescription Kugaha has been providing to Bishamon to conceal the blights. Further more, they are collaborating together, by capturing Hiyori to bait Yato into invading Bishamon’s manor to save her, along with capturing Kazuma who caught them red-handed. Unfortunately for Kazuma, he wasn’t able to restrain Kugaha due to wearing the bells allowing him to be immune from Kazuma’s restraints. So now together, Kazuma and Hiyori have been captured and Yato now has no choice but to run into Bishamon’s place in order to save Hiyori. Remember if she stays out of her body for too long, it becomes dangerous.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 3 Img 0002Hiyori and Yato continue to be ridiculously adorable. Yato is so in love with Hiyori, he is terrified of being forgotten. Hiyori vows she wilt never forget and promises she will visit him and Yukine every day. Uff, that scene was so precious, it’s one of my earlier favourites of the entire manga. <3 It was great to see Hiyori so bodly enter a fight against a freaking regalia. Bless her.

With the steady and excellent pace they are going right now, this arc should be wrapped up around or by Episode 6.


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  1. Matsui

    It’s not the bells that’s keeping Kugaha from being restrained. No need to jump to that conclusion when the anime surely isn’t.
    And Kazuma isn’t a Nora, just an exiled regalia. A Nora has multiple names from multiple owners. Bishamon was just telling him she doesn’t care if he becomes a Nora since she’s unable to go through with revoking her most trusted exemplar’s name. ;C

    1. Eva

      Hard not to when the damn bells keep ringing ominously LOLOLOLOLOL. And I can’t remember why in the manga, so i went along with it 😛
      I know Kazuma isn’t a nora, she just exiled him for the timing being, but it appears I probably should have phrased it better.

  2. zztop

    I recall an interview where the anime director said they’d need at least 10 episodes to cover the Bishamon storyline. So I’m wondering why he decided to cut it down to 6(ish) episodes and fit in 2 arcs instead.
    The yellow stick Yukine uses to distract Yato is Umaibo, a Japanese puffed-corn snack. It comes in various sweet and savoury flavours such as chocolate, and cheese.

    1. Eva

      Ah yes, I remember reading the same thing in an article! Perhaps they managed to figure out how to make the pace work. It certainly helped significantly that they went straight into the story instead of doing a recap and flashbacks of S1 in S2 Premiere.
      = v = I’ve been meaning to try one of those one day.

  3. trejon pearson

    So does kuguha have a different name or something is that why the restraint didn’t work

  4. Noc

    Yatori is totally adorable.
    I can certainly tell they’ve cut down on some things, but I felt there was a lot of back-and-forth going on at this time in the manga so it serves the story well imo. I do remember BONES stating it would take a lot of episodes to do Bishamon’s arc, but that was a while ago, and now it seems they’ve taken some time to rework things which is definitely good. At this rate it does seem like we’ll be doing the whole next arc proper too, which has been my favorite arc to date because of reasons. Like, I literally burst into tears at the end when _____ said they didn’t want to ___ but ended up _______ anyways TT.TT
    …I don’t know how to spoiler tag on this site D= but the manga folks should know what I mean lol
    But what I’m curious about now is…if this season does well (why would it not!?) and they decide to do a third one, what will it’s subtitle be…?

    1. Eva

      You can add spoiler tags like this: [ spoiler ] insert spoiler here [ / spoiler ] *remove the space.
      I too am looking forward to the next arc, ugh all the feels. Not ready for it because my heart!!!!!!!!

  5. tcpcat

    I was crying so hard at the end. Sadly gotta wait until next week to figure out what happens next.

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