Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu No Cocotama Episode 3 [Let’s Go To School!]

It now being the third episode of this series, I am very much of the opinion that I am one of the 10 people in all of America who watch this show. It’s hard to find nearly ANYTHING about this show other than the toys on Amazon and after scouring for weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that NOBODY is ever going to fansub this show. Oh well, gives me a chance to practice my Japanese I guess? So…let’s just jump in.

So the episode starts up with the two Cocotamas wanting to visit Kokoro’s school, however she says they can’t because of obvious reasons. Their response to this well thought out answer?

Well of COURSE they sneak to school in her backpack! Has this girl never seen any cartoons like….ever? So, obviously as she’s at school now she can’t exactly go home so she has to keep them in her desk so no one will see them. Because remember, if someone sees them, they’ll vanish.

Unfortunately, Kokoro can’t watch them all the time as she has to go to gym class. Because these two are incredibly curious and not all that bright, they decide it will be a good idea to roam the school and look for stuff to do. They happen upon a piano and start to play it. However, we are introduced to the reporter character who wants a scoop for the school paper and almost sees them, but instead sees their eggs on the piano.

Ah, taking a picture of random items…she must have a tumblr account. BAZING!

They escape as she leaves to get a hammer to break them open (that…would have been a horrifying scene)

Meanwhile Kokoro’s friend Hana is feeling bad because she’s terrible at flipping at the bars in gym class and feels self conscious. She decides to confide in the school’s rabbit about her feelings. At this time though of course, Lucky and Merori are over at the rabbit cage having avoided the reporter girl. So they decide to help her out by pretending to be the rabbit who they say is a rabbit god.

Merori sings a song to cheer Hana up and they give her a motivational speech which seems to do the job. And Kokoro shows up and saves the Cocotamas.

              I’m not crazy! I’m just dancing because the rabbit god told me to!

Hana ends up being able to do the flip and everyone is happy and the reporter girl posts an article about the magic eggs. Oh, and another Cocotama is about to be born as Hana shoots a magic star out of her torso.

           See, you should stop doubting me when I say stupid stuff happened.

And that’s the end of the episode.

Once again, this episode was cute. It had a lot of tropes we’ve seen before, especially seeing as this whole episode was the “Thing that follows the main character to school that shouldn’t so they have to cover it up” trope. That being said, the biggest saving grace about this show is that everything is so damn cute. Even when the story gets a bit tired, the art really saves it. You’ll be like “D’awww so cute. I can’t stay mad at this show”. Then again, there’s nothing really TO get mad at in this show.

                             Oh my god why are these things so cute?!?!

Still, some of the reasons she gives for why the eggs are there are pretty damn funny. Like in one scene after Hana sees the eggs in the rabbit cage she asks “Huh? Why are there eggs there?” and she responds with “maybe the rabbit layed them” and hana says “rabbits lay eggs?” and Kokoro says “well….maybe god rabbits do?” I actually thought that was pretty funny.

I enjoy both of these characters as they’re both a bit naive, but their good hearts really make up for it. I am actually interested in seeing more Cocotamas and how they’re going to play in with the rest of the characters and I also wonder if there will be an overarching plot, or if it will simply be a Hamtaro “farting around’ series. I guess i’ll know soon. Still, anybody who’s trying to watch this with me, good on you powering through the Japanese raws. (tumbleweed rolls by) Hey! it’s that tumbleweed from Denpa Kyoushi! Hi Tumbleweed! (tumbleweed rolls away)

You’re a dick tumbleweed!

Episode 6.5/10


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  1. I think the only way I can “watch” this show is by reading your reviews as I don’t know any Japanese. I MUST know about these egg butt gods. But taking this show on…you’re an interesting man, Hideki.

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