Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 49: Pulsing Signal


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Aw, man. I can’t believe Ishida’s really going through with this. I’m now wondering: is this how Tsukiyama fans will be feeling by the end of this arc? It’s true that she was heavily injured by Matsumae last week, but I don’t think anyone actually thought Hairu would go down from just a stab wound – no matter how fatal it might have looked. And we were absolutely right, because she got back up and promptly tried to kill Matsumae with the other quinque she happened to have (oddly, it looks and acts like Narukami). If she got decapitated though, and more importantly if she had a vision of Arima and a field of flowers (which is practically a symbolic death sentence at this point in the series) then I guess it really is over for her. I’m actually gutted – this is the first death in Tokyo Ghoul which is actually making me feel something. All the past deaths were for pretty unsympathetic – Yamori and Mado were twisted enough so that no-one would really lament their deaths, for example. Koma and Irimi were too minor as characters. Kaneki just made us pity him even more, and it was a bit relieving because we knew he’d be going to a better place – that his suffering was finally over (or so we thought). I mean, Hairu is psychotic too, but she’s also hot. And a less crazy version of Kijima with a bit more character development – I thought her character was just getting off the ground! Why, Ishida? Why are you doing this to me?

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I don’t care about Kijima, by the way. I now love and hate Matsumae at the same time, because I can’t deny how cool it was to see her tell Kijima to fuck off before chainsawing his face off. I’m pretty sure he’s dead, too. Not sure how his head got to be the way it is now, but I think that’s still a head, and so it’ll hurt and he’ll die if it’s cut in half. What I care about now is whether Matsumae makes it out of this arc alive. It wasn’t even her who landed the killing blow on Hairu, by the way – it was Mairo instead. Top butler, but fuck him. Now that Matsumae has used up the rest of her life’s luck surviving this battle, I want her to make it all the way. It’s the least she could do, really. Survive, rescue Master Shuu and live a peaceful, quiet life running a coffee shop or something.

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Saiko was the only other star of the chapter. I guess Urie, too – I love how he’s gone from abusing people in his thoughts to worrying about them in secret. What a tsundere, it’s great he actually cares for Saiko deep down. I don’t think she really needs people to keep her safe any more though, given how monstrous her kagune is – seriously, it’s implied her kakuhou is from Kaneki, but that was still incredible. Kuramoto got wasted by Noro, but Saiko cut him cleanly in half! At the moment she doesn’t seem to have any actual combat skill though, in the sense that she immediately gets tired after using it once and has to wait for her squad to give her an opening before she can get a good shot in – so I think they’re still in a lot of danger. Not to mention the fact that Noro has brought out his Uta-level regeneration, too. Does Kanae have that sort of insane ability now as well?

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tl;dr RIP Princess. Even if no one misses you, I will

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  1. No way. I want either Matsumae or Tsukiyama (or both) to die soon. I hate it when it is totally fine for the Investigators to die, but not the Ghouls.

    1. But so many died for Tsukiyama’s sake! At least if he lived it’d give some meaning to their deaths.

      I think many of the doves end up as fodder even though they have names, like Shimoguchi or Kuramoto. But yeah, not enough ghouls die, and when they do it’s always antagonists like Nutcracker or Big Madam. It was pretty even back during the original manga though, especially in the Anteiku arc – we thought Amon and Takizawa were done for, and in reality they survived.

  2. Well, I was right that the wound from last time didnt kill her. I am just as suprised as you are, I honestly didnt think Isida would kill her so early. Same with Kijima, who I disliked to a great degree but also expected to live longer. Buy the way, Kijima`s face and his past is explained in Tokyo ghoul Jail.
    On the other hand it was great to watch the quinx squad finally fight like a team, to bad that the opponed is Noro, who walks all this off easily. I am really worried for Saiko now, I fear after seeing her Kagune Noro is going to pick her to be kidnapt.

    1. I guessed they served a similar purpose to Mado or Nutcracker, being arc-relevant characters who ended up dying soon after being introduced. I think some people are speculating that Kijima isn’t dead yet, but… to me, getting your skull chainsawed in half is fatal even for most ghouls let alone a human. And of course, Hairu is decapitated so that’s it for her ;_;

      Keep Saiko safe! It would be agonizing if :re’s Aogiri arc consists of Haise and the Qs trying to rescue Saiko from being tortured by Eto.

  3. i agree with everything you just said. Hairu why did you had to died and very little charaters development.
    I too am sadden by loss of hairu and kijima what a way to go and all the blood on the flood.
    How is Ui going to take to arima that he loss one member of his team.
    Thing will really change after this??
    Shu and Sasaki what will become of this.

    1. Damn, I forgot about Ui. Hairu was in the Zero Squad as well, wasn’t she?

      As for T-Human… I have no idea. Some quinque names are basic enough, but others seem to be really random (I only understood after Jack that ‘Yukimura 1/3’ was called that because there were three blades made from the same kagune)

  4. I’m tremendously late to this party… (but aren’t such ones always the best in Tokyo Ghoul?! ;D)

    First of all, I think the worst part is that Hairu could’ve survived if she wasn’t so ruthless. It really like like Matsumae was going to leave her be in order to hurry after Tsukiyama. BUT NOOOO. Had to try and make the (admittedly impressive) clutch play! I wonder if T-Human would’ve broken through, but it’s not like Mairo would necessarily know its full capabilities.


    And one last thing – this is really why I bother commenting so late – why is there so much hate for Hairu again?! O_o Better… hope Noro isn’t just here as a corpse collector, by the way.


      Is it bad that I can actually envisage Ishida setting that up? And as for Hairu, I think a lot of people weren’t fond of how she was a edgy, female version of Arima who took far more pleasure from killing ghouls than she really should have. I was fine with that though, and the way she was introduced as a former Zero Squad member and as someone who knows and possibly knew Haise (as she was presumably there during the Owl suppression mission) made her feel very important.

      1. I guess people’s impressions of Mado set her up poorly for the whole “enjoy killing Ghouls” angle. Poor thing, and she could’ve had a great relationship with the Q’s since they were her age and all. C’mon corpse-collector and Kanau! Bring our little one back! Then Amon can save her o (I wish)

        Also, it’s not bad at all. Getting to know how the author works is a good thing, especially for your short term emotional health 😛

    1. I know, right? What even was that? Like, what the fuck? MM? How the fuck does he know about… doesn’t that mean…

      Ishida fucking got us. We were all wary of the wrong guy.

      (I’ll write up a proper post tonight)

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