Well, if you are hoping for an episode like last time, with all the changed art style and the crazy lists of animes…I’m sorry to say that this episode is not it. Now…if you’re still here after that comment, the question is, does that mean that this episode is any good on its own? Well, why don’t we find out together by just jumping right in.

So, to start off, we find some of the guys goofing off at a fishing hole.

Yeah..the roses don't make that much more sense IN context
Yeah..the roses don’t make that much more sense IN context

Eventually they all realize that they need to get jobs seeing as they’re in their 20’s and have no job experience whatsoever. They head over to the unemployment office and…well….I guess ‘try’ is a word to get jobs. Unfortunately, they’re terrible and get nothing.

Yeah...pretty much that
Yeah…pretty much that

After drinking for a while to forget their problems, they’re approached by their old friend who after a bit of talking, manage to get a job working for the people he works for. However, unfortunately the work conditions are hellish and it’s more of a sweatshop than an actual job.

Yeah....that place doesn't look like it has a very good benefits package.
Yeah….that place doesn’t look like it has a very good benefits package.

After a while they get fed up and quit and go home. They then realize that any job would be better than what they’re doing. So what do they end up doing? They end up getting a single part time job and switching out for a different brother every 10 minutes. Ah the benefits of being smart but incredibly lazy. (I…guess that was the moral?)

That’s the end of part 1. Part 2 starts up with the oldest brother wanting to hang out with all of his brothers but all of them are busy. So he decides to see what they’re up to. One of them is in line to see an idol so the brother butts in and starts talking about sex and incredibly vulgar things to her in what he thinks is helping his brother. Of course…that goes terribly.

I...I kind of want to hear him say this uncensored.
I…I kind of want to hear him say this uncensored.

Oh, and a side note I just HAVE to mention. the brother who loves the idol who looks like a cat girl…you MIGHT recognize his VA from another series I reviewed. That’s right. Choromatsu is the same Japanese VA as Kagami the otaku teacher from Denpa Kyoushi. That is just….amazing. Who else would you get to play a crazy otaku other than this guy. That’s a really good pick.

Anyway the same kind of things happens to the other brothers. One tries to act cool and falls into the river because of his brother, another ignores him completely, and another one…fuses with a cat and runs away.

Nope, doesn't make any more sense in context.
Nope, doesn’t make any more sense in context.

After being ignored by all of his brothers he decides he doesn’t need them and goes to get a drink. The guy who works at the ramen stand tells him how he always wished he had brothers as he was an only child and that he should treasure them. However he retorts with how that’s stupid and growing up with 5 people who look exactly like you is a serious blow to your individuality. However, that being said, he sees a random guy trying to take his place, so he punts him out of the house.

There he is, over by the moon
There he is, over by the moon

And that’s where the episode ends.

This episode…while definitely being different than the last episode still had its charm. It’s fun and quirky, while not taking itself seriously AT ALL. I guess one of the big things about this show is you can’t really expect a linear story from this show. You kind of have to just like the wackiness take you and you go with the flow. The plot is coherent enough that you can follow what’s going on, and it’s not an acid trip or anything, it’s just a bit….I guess strange is a good word.

That being said, this episode wasn’t BAD by any means, it’s just very very hard to review as this is another one of those “Not really about the plot shows.” You have to have a certain kind of humor to like this show, or be in a certain mood. If you’re not….you might not like this show. However, I’m always up for some goofy humor, so I enjoyed it at least. I’m interested to see if this show keeps being entertaining.

I’m STARTING to tell them apart, but man…it’s tough.

I mean seriously.
I mean seriously.

Episode 6/10



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  1. Nikolita

    Best review title ever. 😉

  2. Berry

    Okay so this is how I tell them apart so far:

    Ichimatsu – always has a bored look
    Jyuushimatsu – has the stupid look 24/7
    Karamatsu – usually whips out those sunglasses so there’s that, but tries to always keep the cool expression
    Choromatsu – has the smallest pupils

    and I can’t tell the other two apart until they talk lmao. So that might help. Anyway, this show is funnier than I thought it would be. 😀

  3. higgsbosoff

    I am not even trying to tell them apart any more, most of the time. The thing that helps is that the first episode had their more distinguishable idol personas, so I can think back to those and sort of link to their personality traits XD.

    And damn, that cat transformation scene was random.

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