Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 48: N. T.

Don’t slip on the blood!

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I don’t want Hairu to die ;_;

I was already prepared to start mourning for Matsumae, but look at her go! Is Hairu really dead? I would usually start proclaiming my undying adoration for Matsumae at this point, but the problem is that I really like Hairu as well. I know her haters are probably celebrating at her finally getting a taste of her own medicine. And I won’t say she didn’t deserve it, because she totally did – the blood she slipped on was most likely blood she shed herself. So this will teach her to be a little less messy, and to actually clean up after herself – and to think, Kijima was just warning them all to look out for blood on the floor just last week! I doubt she’s going to die, though – even if she is apparently killed. If she were a ghoul, then she could easily recover from that sort of wound – but she seems too important to kick the bucket so soon after she was introduced, given how much focus Ishida has been putting on her despite her recent entry into the story. Shimoguchi, on the other hand, has had his time. I think it was implied that Hairu was in fact stronger than Matsumae – it’s not that based maid couldn’t hold her own, because she did that magnificently. It’s just that Hairu is supposed to be a monster, and to me it felt like she had the upper hand until she lost her footing. It’s funny, because you could pretty much pinpoint the exact moment Hairu realized she was fucked – it was one of the few times she didn’t have her edgy smile on.

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I know this is about the hundredth time I’ve said this, but I really do admire Tsukiyama’s character development. I… I just can’t. It’s so amazing. Remember what an absolute faggot this guy was, when he was first introduced? I don’t even particularly care for him as a character, but by god is his development great. I was already happy with how it went up until now – his transition to caring about Kaneki, being in denial about that transition, and finally meeting Haise again but deciding to agree with Touka and leave him alone for his own happiness. And now, he’s putting aside his obsession over Haise to place his family first – because they sacrificed their lives so he could live. He doesn’t know anything about the person named Sasaki Haise, and he’s not going to let his family’s deaths go in vain. Even if he has to fight Haise – and even if he has to remind him, once again, what a real kick is.


tumblr_inline_nqtjt3ohDS1t1u7t6_500And you know why this is sad? It’s because there’s no way Tsukiyama can win. He’s spent two whole years out of commission, and even before then he was only S-rated as a ghoul. Haise, meanwhile, is already super strong as Haise. Even if Haise loses somehow, out of an unwillingness to fight perhaps, then Kaneki can deal with Tsukiyama easily. In the original manga, Touka beat him – I wouldn’t be surprised if another ghoul turns up somehow and interferes (please please please let it be Rize). Kanae is the most likely candidate, though it worries me that he has to qet through the Qs first, which means casualties are likely. I know I mentioned Haise passing off Kanae as the heir last week, but in light of the parallels there’s still Tsukiyama’s comment about being Kaneki’s sword left unfulfilled. And as we all know, ownership rights come in all sorts of forms after all…

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  1. Meh, I dont buy it that Hairu is dead. She is way to important to die in such a shitiy way, despite the fact that I dont like her at all. At the same time I dont think Shuu is going to die ether. His Character development in the last few chapters was amazing, it prity much solified my love for him. I still belive he is going to pull something like the Original where everyone thougt he died but he secreadly suvieved. I hope Aogiri dont get his hands on him, after seeing Kanae as Noro 2.0. Speaking of Noro 1.0 is her to ruin everything. Seeing that the next arc of the original was the Aogiri arc and that we had this talk betwenn Kanou and Naki, I fear he is going to kidnap a member of the Quinx. I fell the tragidy incoming.

    1. Even Ishida wouldn’t kill off a new, important and recently-introduced investigator, right?

      I doubt Aogiri are after Tsukiyama, Eto’s target seems to be Haise. We can’t confirm that though – if she really wanted him at all costs, she could have just sent in lots of Aogiri. So why only Noro #1 and #2? Maybe Haise will be the one kidnapped. And then, after a whole arc of soul-searching we get the ultimate parallel that mirrors the way he accepted his ghoul side. But instead of ‘I am a ghoul’, he goes ‘I am… KANEKI KEN!’

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