This episode was a strong one for its running theme of “Family” as well as showcasing the vulnerable and the true confidence level of both Mika and Orga.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 8 Img 0026Mika was disappointed with his performance, he felt he had let Orga and the others down, nor did he consider himself helpful during this mission. Orga of course knows Mika done plenty and tells him that, especially with the wrecked condition Barbados was in, but Mika won’t accept any praise, instead he feels he needs to get stronger. Orga too though, he also feels and knows he needs to become stronger too. The biggest burden Orga faces, is ensuring the safety of his comrades. Naze gives him a very sharp reality-check, a grim reminder that as the leader of Tekkadan, as the one who will be laying out the plans and orders, if someone dies, he will need to take responsibility of that. He questions whether or not he is capable of carrying all that responsibility on his own. Orga had a very emotional response, saying he doesn’t want them to die in vain from stupid orders, and the place they die, will be the same place he will die, and he is willing to die for any of them. But Naze counters with flicking his forehead, further explains that if Orga dies, then Tekkadan will fall apart- and can’t have that now, can he? It is then when Naze provides them the revelation, the bonds, connection and mixed blood they describe their relationship to be is what is in one word: Family.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 8 Img 0028I was taken aback when I realized it has never dawned to Orga that he and his comrades are like his family. Orga was surprised, but we have to remember, they are all orphans, the definition they knew of ‘family’ has always been focused on blood-relations. So when they learn and realize Tekkadan is family, a bunch of brothers who stick together through thick and thin, faithful and loyal to one another, that itself can also be family.

Orga continued to show us a different side of him, the side playing a key reminder that he too, is a child, not an adult. We saw him become emotional, we saw him pout, be flustered, be embarrassed- the later being ridiculously adorable, I never thought I’d see such a cute side of him.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 8 Img 0018Mika really shocked me however when we later learned that he has to try hard and become stronger so that Orga won’t ditch him. It is stunning really considering how close these two are, but they both have very strong insecurity towards one another when it comes to living up to each other’s expectations- or more accurately, the expectations they expect the other to have. Orga reassures Mika, telling him he won’t ditch him- and tries to use the word family and explain it, but he was too embarrassed and resorted to their usual thing, fist bump. Ah, so adorable.

We don’t know what happened with Maruba after Naze and Orga struck a deal.Considering we haven’t seen anyone else run into him, we have no idea what Naze decided to do with him.

Orga has made the request to become a subsidiary of Teiweiz. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out since Tekkadan could really use some support and alliance- especially when they are up against Gjallarhorn. This will also be very important since they have received a message from Mars, explaining they are almost out of money, so now they need to find an experienced trader to sell their stuff which consists Gjallarhorn equipment and machines.

It was a bummer not make no gains regarding the mystery of Kudelia being someone’s property. We don’t know who it belongs to yet, or whether or not her father was the one who made it happen- but with the preview, it looks like we might just get the answer next week.

Fun Fact: All the women on Turbine are Naze’s wives, some of them even have children. And upon realizing that: The kids expression were priceless.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 8 Img 0011


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  1. K

    What a route! Most writers talk about the harem and put less focus on everything else but you’re an exception.

  2. zztop

    I wonder what kind of arrangement Naze has with his wives. Like, Monday nights with Lafter, Wednesdays with Amida, etc. and on Saturdays/Sundays everyone gets together in the 1 big bed for space harem time.

  3. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    “Maruba will be thrown into our resource mining satellite. We’ll have him work to pay back the costs for this.” I think he’ll be busy and out of the picture for a long, long time… Or perhaps the hardwork will help him find his ‘diamond in the rough’. I’m up for a awful boss redemption story coming to fruition in *ahem* Season 2. Who knows.

    1. Eva

      Ah I see I missed that line. Thanks for pointing it out!
      good that we won’t see him anytime soon xD

  4. exof954

    Ya know, I’ve heard others talking about it on forums and Twitter, but it wasn’t till now that the whole “papa Orga, mama Biscuit” comparison really clicked for me. Glad to see everyone growing up, getting stronger and actually getting character development! Maybe Orga won’t die halfway through the series now, unlike another wavy-haired badass (curse you, TTGL spoilers!!!)

    1. Eva

      Oh my gosh you’re right, Papa Orga, Mama Biscuits, I never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense xD

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