And we’re back to one of the only shows that hasn’t disappointed me this season, Attack on Titan Junior High. I really am just completely baffled on why this show isn’t the most popular of the season. This show is great in every way. It’s funny, sweet, and i’m having a hell of a good time with it. Hm..maybe THAT’S why it’s not popular. People don’t know how to have a good time unless someone’s dying. Oh well. “I” love this show. So, that being said, let’s dive right into it.

So the episode picks up with them having finished the sports day last week. the people in the Titan club determine that the younger students need to go through a test of courage as a team building experience. To do this, they have to visit several rooms in the school and head to the gym at night with the lights off.

seeing these guys afraid of the dark IS pretty freaking funny
seeing these guys afraid of the dark IS pretty freaking funny

As they make their way through the rooms they being to see pretty creepy things. At first, they see a Mona Lisa whose face changes, the a ghostly Beethoven playing the piano, and then Eren sees a ghost girl at the top of the stairs.

I wouldn't normally say that AOT needs more ghosts but.....AOT needs more ghosts
I wouldn’t normally say that AOT needs more ghosts but…..AOT needs more ghosts

The girls who get separated (aka Sasha, Ymir, and Christa) go to the bathroom and Ymir tries testing out one of the legends of the school that if you knock three times a girl will answer and pull you in. There is a response and they freak out, only for Christa to get separated from the rest.

The faces everyone makes in this episode are priceless
The faces everyone makes in this episode are priceless

Christa ends up talking to a girl she meets outside and it makes her feel better until she is reunited with her friends.

Everyone eventually meets up at the gym where all the things that were freaking them out and congregate and chase them around until it’s eventually revealed that it was all the upperclassmen freaking them out on purpose and they set the whole thing up.

That is, except for the girl in white who turns out to have actually been a ghost.

Not sure if that's supposed to have been a reference of a character or just a ghost girl.
Not sure if that’s supposed to have been a reference of a character or just a ghost girl.

And that’s where the episode ends.

The reason this episode is great is all because of the reactions. The way that the characters all freak out and are scared as hell really make this episode. It’s hard to describe what i’m talking about unless you actually watch this episode, but it has a zaniness and franticness that really makes it funny.

It's even funnier when they change art styles
It’s even funnier when they change art styles

This episode is the reason I have so much fun with this show. They’re put in danger, but it’s not real danger. It’s just having all sorts of fun with these characters but I don’t have to worry about them dying every five minutes.

If every show I was reviewing this season was as good as this show, I wouldn’t be having so much of a problem. As it stands, the best shows are this one and Kamisama Minarai. Yeah, the two shows I did just for shits and giggles. What is it about me and picking shows for the hell of it but the shows i’m ACTUALLY excited for suck?

This show manages to take a series about fighting titans and pretty much just put them in the background and you don’t even notice it’s supposed to be about them. You’re so wrapped up in these guy’s stories that you don’t even care. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be sad if Titans never show up again. Seriously. They’re stupid.

haha. I like how Eren's Titan form is scaring him. That's cute
haha. I like how Eren’s Titan form is scaring him as a cameo. That’s cute

Regardless, I would highly recommend this episode as I found myself laughing the entire way through. As I said before, I will NEVER understand why this show isn’t more popular than the other AOT but to me, it’s far better. Seriously give this episode a view.

Episode 8/10


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  1. Eva

    I will have to give this a whirl then xD, I could never watch AOT because of the gore and violence, but this one can I watch and will probably enjoy a lot more LOL.

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