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Game : Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story

Support: PSP/DS

You can also play the game on a PSP or DS emulator since the English Rom is available if you know where to search.  I don’t own a PSP because I’m broke as hell, so I download the emulator and played the game this way. The patch is really well done and full voiced. The only dark point: you can’t really give a long name to your heroine. I tried to go with Charibo, but for some reason they didn’t have the “Bo” character so I ended up with Chari. Meh, that’ll do…

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story was one of my first Otome game ever, and a logical continuation of my fan-girl way of life.
This game is the third Opus of the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side series. It also takes place at school for a length of 3 years starting in April.This game is a dating simulation game where you’re are playing as an average Japanese teenage girl, experiencing High school love.  In reality, it consists in harassing a guy you’ve just met to go out with you until he falls in love with you. And then playing dumb and acting surprised when he says that he loves you. OH ! RUKA-KUN ? YOU LOVE ME ? OH ! I’M SURPRISED, I didn’t expected that. It’s not like we’ve been dating for 3 years or whatever…ʕ ◔ᴥ◔ ʔ

Seiji Shitara wasn’t the first guy that I decided to go after. My first Tokimeki guy was Ruka, just because he was the main guy and because I wasn’t smart enough to use internet to check how to unlock the other guys. Also, everything in this game was screaming ” Go for Ruka”… So, as an Otome noob, I went for Ruka first. When I was finally able to choose, fully aware of all my options, I choose Seiji Shitara. Why ? Well, obviously not because he’s a fucking genius and Tsundere guy… PFFFT, that’s totally not the reason AHAHAHA.

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Ok there’s no point playing dumb with you, you can see clear right through me

I can’t help it, Tsunderes are my weakness. And my second weakness is artistic’s guys. Whenever there’s an artistic guy, I can’t control my finger and I press like. It’s automatic. Painter, Musician, Singer, Actor . I like, I double Like, I subscribe and I share.So yeah, a good looking pianist Tsundere who is your Senpai ?

Count me the Hell in ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞

Also, I’ve always wanted to date famous people in games.He looks like Beethoven. Not the dog, the compositor ( I’m not that desperate, thank you). I confess that I would have preferred Ryan Gosling or Henry Cavill but Beethoven will do.

M’ Lady, are you ready to fall in love ?

You first meet Seiji-senpai by practicing your Art command. After school, the Heroine hears piano coming from a room and decides to take a peek. It’s freaking Seiji-Senpai who is practicing. He sees the heroine and decides to suddenly stop playing. He acts all Tsundere with her and leaves. The second time that I met him was after school when I asked him to go home with Chari. His answer was clear: “NO”

At this point my mind was set.

So you want to play the not interested Tsundere with me Seiji? We’ll see… I will harass you to go out with Chari until you fall in love with her ! Don’t underestimate me, I lost 150 kilos to win the heart of a guy before and I also made Hairy-Samurais with self-control issues fall in love with me. I dealt with way more stronger than you BEETHOVEN!୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨


So Is Seiji’s route good ?

Well, my answer would be Yes, but …

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I had lots of expectations for Seiji’s route. That’s why I was disappointed.  I thought that because he’s rich and talented there will be much more drama. Like, his father was disapproving our relation or that he would have been forced to marry to a rich woman but quit everything because his in love with me.That he would be taking the heroine to fancy restaurants and exciting trips all around the world. But yeah no. Well, he does take you to his concerts and even to a fancy reception but that’s it.

When I think of it, it’s just the way the game is build. This is a high school love simulator. I shouldn’t have expected something else.  With that in mind I began to like his route for what it is. A nice little love story with a pianist , nothing else. So do not expect Arima Kousei‘s kind of sad background with piano. Seiji ‘s sad relationship with piano is less dramatic but still interesting in my opinion. He basically ran away from piano for a certain time because he was afraid to lose against someone in an contest. He’s actually really insecure about his talent and wonders what should he be doing in the future. Everything that he does is related to piano but he doesn’t seems to enjoy this fact. Yeah, he’s a pretty insecure guy in reality. It’s okay you can cry on Chari’s shoulder Seiji-senpai, I don’t mind fragile guys ʕ ◔ᴥ◔ ʔ

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Of course he’s still rich and because of game stereotypes, he doesn’t know anything about real world stuff, such as sending emails.

You live in an rich mansion, Seiji, not in a cave, get your things together ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

So he’s a bit awkward with everyday’s stuff. He’s also the kind of guy who thinks he knows everything but when you dig a little bit deeper you realize that he doesn’t know shit.  When you ask him what does he think of love his answer his “ It’s a waste of time”. As the heroine continues to question him about his bullshit answer he starts to realize that actually, he doesn’t know why he said that and that he doesn’t know a single thing about love.

But he’s still a nice Tsundere, with A LOT OF BLUSHING. After harassing him for one year, he finally liked Chari enough to start harassing her to go out with him. He’s a nice guy who cares about the heroine and it’s pretty easy to mess with him since he doesn’t really admit that he likes you. Or actually he does, but not intentionally. Aaah Tsunderes… I think his CG are nice, not wonderful but nice. Most of them are funny. Especially the one, when, in order to attend your school Festival, he dresses up with only a scarf and glasses thinking that no one will recognize him. Yeah, he’s a bit out of space. But that’s why we like him ʕ灬→ᴥ←灬ʔ


Regarding dating him, during the first year I had to throw away fun dating spots like the Amusement Park, the Karaoke or the gaming station because he was rejecting me all the time. So I opted for the Botanical garden, the Museum and the park. Pretty exciting uh ? It’s like doing field trips with your dad on a Sunday when you can be at home, relaxing, but HELL NO! Daddy has decided that today we will be going to the Art and Crafts’s Museum.

I had a though childhood okay ? ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ

Anyway, when he likes you enough you can invite him to different places. At this point he’s even the one acting like a cray fan girl asking you out every two weeks. He might also invite you to his place (a freaking mansion with guess what ? A piano in his bedroom). There’s not any big differences with the basic dates spots but you can get an extra scene in his house. Because I was playing in the “ Little Devil Mode”, Chari asked him where was his bedroom and she started talking about his bed and stuff. Well, that obviously makes him blush and he goes all awkward with the situation.  Of course, the heroine making references to how big his bed is and how comfortable it must be was intended. As I said, It’s pretty fun to mess with him.

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As for the ending, I don’t know if I didn’t get the best one because I messed up a bit ( by making a love triangle with the Student council’s president because I was bored and really wanted Drama). But my ending was MEH.

Seiji confesses his love and asks you to go to Paris with him but the heroine says no.  WHY ?! WHY CHARI ?! at your place I would have been “ HELL YEAH ! LET’S GO TO PARIS! YOLOOO” but no, she prefers to stay in Japan because she’s a pussy… Therefore, they can’t see each other a lot, sometimes it’s difficult but she hopes that everything will end up well….

WOW, that’s so realistic that it’s sad. As far as I know, in every other route the ending was like “ And we are super in love now  yeah ! ”. But yeah, Seiji’s ending might be the most realistic one. I’m not saying that it’s bad, it’s just different and kind of sad in a way. I think this ending was like Seiji’s whole route: Realistic. It’s kind of surprising though. When I first finished his route I was really pissed off. I just spent so many hours to get this bitter sweet ending ?! But giving it a second thought, I’m now okay with that.

So, should you play Seiji’s Route ? Well, his route is nice and if you like that type of character you should go for him. But don’t expect an heart breaking story, his route is decent. Nothing else.

I have an idea to make the whole thing a lot better

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Yeah it’s Levi …

Now we’re talking ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧