When I first started watching this show, I said to myself, Gee, this might be a fun comedy show to watch. Unfortunately, this how has devolved into something………unpleasant. The title really encapsulates what’s wrong with this show, and that is the actuality, that everyone here is a terrible human being. Why this time around? Well let’s begin and i’ll let you know.

So the episode starts out with Todomatsu at work in a Coffee place. He’s working hard and gets asked by a few cute girls that work with him if he’d be interested in going to a mixer with them that weekend. He of course is stoked and accepts.

D'aw they ARE pretty cute
D’aw they ARE pretty cute

Now of course this scene is going WAY too smoothly and nothing terrible is happening. It was at this moment I knew something was going to ruin it. And sure enough, that’s when the other five brothers show up and begin acting like immature assholes. Todomatsu begs them to leave saying that this is important to him, but of course, being the terrible human beings that they are, they force themselves to stay.

They learn that Todomatsu lied to the girls about being in school and use that as blackmail so they don’t have to leave.

These guys are brothers? Really?
These guys are brothers? Really?

The justification used here is that he told them that they embarrass him and are useless. Which….is very true. They’re NEETS, don’t have jobs, won’t move out of their mom’s house, and don’t do anything all day. They ARE pretty useless.

Anyway, they force themselves to the party and of course they blow it for him. Because…his pain is…funny?

Umm... (eye shift) funny?
Umm… (eye shift) funny?

This entire chunk was just…unpleasant to watch. You knew nothing good was going to come out of it and it just left you with a terrible taste in your mouth. The only time I enjoyed the episode was the first minute when the brothers hadn’t shown up. Yes he shouldn’t have lied to the girls, but he was still a good worker and actually was holding down a job unlike the rest of them. The message of the episode wasn’t even that. The message of the episode was that he’s going to be stuck forever with these guys and can’t escape and find his own individuality. That’s terrifying actually.

That's more like a horror movie than anything
That’s more like a horror movie than anything

The second little chunk is stupid. There’s four pastries and there’s six of them and they argue how to split it. After arguing for literally THIRTY SIX HOURS they decide to just give one to their parents and split the remaining three in half. Only one of them has a cream center so they fight over that. The end.


Okay, let’s forget first of all that this is stupid. Instead let’s just think of it this way. Let’s say that one of those treats averages about a buck. There are six of them. Let’s say that all of them only worked a 4 hour shift during that 36 hour period at minimum wage in US dollars. If you take out 10% for taxes that leaves you with a total of $156. That means if ALL they spent it on was those pastries they could have purchased around ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX OF THEM.

No, I do NOT find the fact that they’re too lazy to get a job (well, 5 of them as the Todo still has the job at the cafe place I think) funny I find it depressing. GET FUCKING JOBS. (I excuse Todo from this as long as he still has that job)

The final chunk of this episode goes from stupid and painful to FUCKING BORING. Like…no joke. This is the most boring thing I’ve seen in this series so far. There’s pretty much NO dialogue and it’s a whole lot of NOTHING.

Here’s the episode. The guy with the big mouth and the guy with no shirt walk a lot. THAT’S IT.


Eventually the shirtless guy freezes into a block and the guy with the big mouth kicks him off a cliff to his death and makes it to the end to see the Aurora Borealis. THAT’S IT. That is NINE FUCKING MINUTES. OF NOTHING.

It is dialogueless walking. It’s not funny. It’s not interesting. IT’S NOTHING. It’s like that “lost episode” of spongebob where it was just the walking cycle and they did it as a joke. That’s this. But for nine fucking minutes. I just….why is this supposed to be funny? HOW Is this supposed to be funny? It’s not. It’s stupid, it’s pointless, and it’s boring. NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS.

And then at the end, they have the balls to have a little “after the episode segment” where Osomatsu sits down with the big mouth guy and talks about “Oh, well everyone expects our show to be funny, but it’s not. So let’s label it vlcsnap-2015-11-17-19h37m44s041

Or…or here’s a better idea. BE FUCKING FUNNY.

You were funny in episode one. Now all you are is just a bunch of bad jokes, humorless nothing, and being just plain mean for mean’s sake. This isn’t funny. This is depressing.

I am no longer a fan of this show. I keep hoping every episode it will get better. It will do SOMETHING but all it does is just make me more and more disgusted with these characters. If that’s their intent, I don’t care. It’s not fun or amusing. If their goal is to make sure NO ONE EVER becomes a NEET again, then congratulations. This is a perfect propaganda film. Other than that….I don’t know what they were going for.

This show just has a very mean streak in its sense of humor. Sometimes that sort of humor works like in Drawn Together, but that’s because it takes it so far above and beyond the call of duty that it works. Here…it just makes me sad. I WANT these characters to grow up, I WANT them to mature and succeed. But slowly but surely, I’m stopping to believe that will ever happen. Oh well. I’m still going to continue both out of a sense of duty as well as the little tiny bit of hope I have for this series. But i’m not holding my breath.

Part 1: 3.5/10
Part 2: 6/10
Part 3: 2/10


I...I just.........(rubs temple)
I…I just………(rubs temple)


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  1. gorgonzola

    To the osomatsu san’s defence…….nha go to hell anime.

  2. TheVoid

    Todo was a two faced asshole. That was the point. He insults and degrades his brothers, even when some do try to be better than that, and all so he keep his secret mixer to himself. He might be trying to get higher in society, but he’s far from being a better person than the others. You treat people like crap and expect to get away with it and this can happen to you.

    Hell Ichimatsu who has been shown to have deep seated issues as the ESP Cat half showed was willing to go home, only to freak out the worse amongst them when he learned Todo was just doing it to pick up chicks. Also Jyuushi did try to clean the floors while he sent the others to the room. He’s the only one who was just doing it because he wanted to have fun with his brothers.

    Basically none of them are saints and Todo trying to rise in society doesn’t make him a better person than them because personalitywise he’s one of the worse.

  3. higgsbosoff

    “You were funny in episode one. Now all you are is just a bunch of bad jokes, humorless nothing, and being just plain mean for mean’s sake. This isn’t funny. This is depressing.”

    It’s called black comedy, really. It’s depressing on purpose. It’s bitter and mean and in fact more dedicated to satirize modern Japan, the job market and the current generation’s sad state of affairs than to just make you laugh for laughter’s sake. I can understand not relating to it but I think it’s actually pretty great. Doesn’t mean it’s uplifting – it mostly is not. In this sense it works like Watamote – for each laugh there is a kick that hits way too close to home. It’s not for everyone, but it speaks to you if you’re the target they’re trying to relate to – it says something that this is apparently one of the season’s most successful shows in Japan.

  4. Aughhh I completely agree. I was so excited after episode 1–it was original, it was hilarious, and it parodied tropes we see all too often! (I’d love an entire anime that was just a parody of romance/idol/harem shows.) I expected some letdown after the first episode, but not THIS MUCH. Like you said, all the characters are bad people! Who am I supposed to root for? And while I’m okay with the brothers, I really REALLY dislike the other minor characters. The Dayon and Dekapan segment of this episode just made me uncomfortable. Last week’s Iyami-centered episode actually left me in a worse mood than when I started the episode.

    There certainly have been some scenes that made me life (the Jiguzou scene comes to mind in particular), but most of this anime has made me cringe. This episode (#7) actually made me crop the anime. Props to you for continuing; I don’t have that kind of patience. Dx

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