High School Star Musical Episode 7: [Live While We’re Young]

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I’m not even ashamed of this title


This week’s episode starts with the “boyz” on their way to the Hiragi’s mansion to do a musical training camp because in October there’s the Ayanagi Festival. Oh ? You thought the “Debut performance” was the end of Team’s Otori’s troubles ? TRICK ! You better think again.

Every year in October the school holds a music Festival in which each star team has to perform. The only difference is that they can perform what they want. Therefore, Otori-Senpai invited our funny crew to Hiragi’s mansion to train. Well, thanks to last episode we know that Otori and Hiragi are brothers but Yuta and the rest of the musical guys don’t. And they don’t find the fact that there’re going to Hiragi mansion to practice fishy at all. Even if they know that Otori and Hiragi hate each other ? Ok…

Capture 1

Look at him *w* Blushing and looking away… God dammit, I’m so vulnerable to Tsunderes !

During their bus trip they all seem happy and nice to each other. Special mention to the great Kakeru who keeps on saying that he’s not excited about this trip, but we all now that you are, filthy Tsundere, you can drop off the mask now. He’s also doing typical anime rich kid stuff such as pressing the bus stop button thinking it will ring the touristic guide. It’s déjà vu but I still enjoy those moments. It might be my personal opinion but Kakeru : best guy.

After a certain time they arrive to the mansion but it’s almost in ruins. Since they do not have training  today, Nayuki and Yuta decide to explore the mansion. In the backyard, they see a little wood cabin and a sign saying to be careful because there might be bears around. At the same time they hear noises coming from the Wood Cabin and they decide to open the door to take a peek.

Capture 5

The true monster of this show: this pair of shoes…It’s giving me nightmares

It’s just Inumine from Hiragi’s team who was eating radish or turnips in a dark corner of a cabin. I won’t even stop on how weird this is… He looks pretty pissed off and Nayuki and Yuta mistake him for a monster and start screaming like little girls, holding each other hands. Their girly screams of terror are reaching Shu, Kakeru and Tsukigami. Together they try to contain the “bear” inside the cabin. But Inumine manage to escape by breaking the wall of the cabin… Ok … Hum, that’s unusual… Then he decides to introduce himself by jumping in the air with sparkles because obviously, that’s the right way to introduce yourself if you’re a musical bishounen character.

Capture 7

He is fabulous

At this moment, all the members of the Team Hiragi start to randomly pop out from different places : behind the cabin, behind a bush, on the roof. They all start posing  and dancing like superstars.


This is…


I can’t remember the last time that I laughed that much watching an anime. I was drinking my usual cup of tea of the afternoon when I was watching this. I spit my tea on my computer keyboard and I had to run to find a blanket to whip off the tea… This was amazing… gosh, I think I’m laughing way too much over this.

Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my life, I did a little comic on paint to share my vision of this magical moment. Of course I didn’t use any graphic tablets. Who do you think I am ? My drawing skills are that amazing that I don’t need any graphic tablet pffft (Well in reality I don’t draw with graphic tablets because I don’t have any, I’m too damn broke). But yeah, why should I be learning my Kanjis or reading Rawl’s Theory of Justice when I can do such amazing masterpieces ?

A day in the life of Team higari

Click for full resolution

I really need to do something with my life ….

The insert song was nice, but the way that it was brought was even better, this was wonderful. The visual of the song kind of reminded me the song ” The dices are cast” from Quartet night in Uta no Prince sama, with all the Las Vegas fantasy… But this version is definitely more sparkling and filled with such amazing dances moves ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

Capture 9

And really modest apparently …

So apparently the Team Hiragi doesn’t know why Team Otori is here.Their respective Team leader tells them to deal with it and that it will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better. THAT’S RIGHT ! LET’S MAKE MORE HOMODACHI ! YOUHOU ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞

But they have two different meanings of “getting to know each other”. For Team Hiragi it’s basically consists in making Team Otori their sex slaves. So while they’re practicing, the Team Otori has to do the cleaning duty because they are freaking victims. During their “Cinderella immersion”, they find a picture of Otori and Hiragi children next to each other. Nayuki informs them that the Otori family is actually a branch of Hiragi’s family, so now they know that they are brothers. After their cleaning duty, they meet the another team in the hall. One of Hiragi Team’s member, the little one with pink hair start bitching about them. Obviously the great Kakeru doesn’t like that. HOW DARE HE INSULTS MY KAKERU ? So they start fighting. Everyone is afraid that they could break the expansive vase. Inumine and Yuta wanting to help, start walking to reach the vase, but they end up falling and they break it.

They try to hide this from Otori and Hiragi by taking their clothes off to hide the broken vase. This is ridiculous but funny as hell. Of course, Otori and Hiragi find out pretty quickly that the vase is broken and Nayuki comes up with the idea to say that it was broken by a bear in order to save Yuta’s ass. Nice one Nayuki… Saying that it was a simple thief was too difficult ? Oh well, they decide to all play along .

Capture 19

Their faces are priceless

But they are, really, really bad a lying. Kakeru and the annoying kid were pointing out different directions, Shu said that the bear escaped by the window, which happened to be locked. But I think the trophy goes to Inumine for randomly starting sinning a song about the bear. I love all everybody stop doing what they were doing to look at him…Even for Tsukigami, Inumine is weird. Thank you ! I was starting to think that randomly singing to solve problems was normal in their world.

Capture 21

Oooh I love this episode


Well Otori and Hiragi aren’t dumb enough to eat the whole story about the bear so they also decide to put on a act, making them believe that the vase is cursed and that the people who touch it are going to die. I don’t really know why ( maybe because they are all a bit dumb) but they believe this story and start freaking out. Of course it was a joke and Otori comfort them by saying that the vase wasn’t even expansive and that it was only a replica.This is another lie but the brothers didn’t judge that telling them this was really necessary. They might get depressed and not able to concentrate on practice.

After that the funny vase scene, there are scenes showing the guys eating together, doing their laundry and other straight stuff such as taking a bath and playing together ʕ•͡દ•ʔ


There you go, fan service for everyone – Of course : No homo

Later on Yuta hangs in the repetition room and Tastumi happens to see him. They start talking about their motivations and stuff, so Yuta says that he came to this school because he admired someone ( someone aka, the rain dude/Otori). Tastumi is not really convinced that Team Otori is a threat and he also says to Yuta that being the leader of a Team is hard. Yuta answers that he won’t give up on his dream no matter how hard it is.

Wait ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

What’s your dream exactly Yuta? It’s episode 7 and I still don’t really know. Meeting with the rain dude ? DONE , FREAKING 6 EPISODES AGO. What’s next ? oh wait, that’s true. Yuta is as blind as a mole because he can’t see that Otori is the rain dude. Or it’s the Clark Kent syndrome again. Dammit you Clark kent syndrome… Also, they saw a picture of Otori as a child with short hair… But no, Yuta doesn’t recognize him. I think he needs to see Otori at the exact same place, doing the same dance movements when it’s raining to recognize him. Yuta, you might be nice and everything but you’re not really clever. Just sayin’

Tastsumi also says that Yuta is special ( Yuta’s Harem: + 1). Tastumi explains that he doesn’t see them as rivals but he hope that one day he will. They have a Bro fist of friendship and now they all are Homodachi for life. YEAH !

The end.

This episode is M-A-G-I-C-A-L୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨

I love this show. I love how you can’t take anything seriously, the best thing is that this sow assumes that side. They know that their inserts songs are random and they are playing with that. Everything is marvelous. It’s sad that this anime is not really popular. Maybe the content sounds too “gay” for some people, or maybe it’s the “musical” side that’s stopping them from watching it. Oh well, even if the drawings are not top-notch I’m still really enjoying this series.


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