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Ok, he can be cute sometimes

Last week we saw Aya and the Detective crew undergoing a huge ellipse and be thrown into Middle school like it’s no big deal. Although they don’t go to the same school, Wakatake asked them to reunite at this house. So what new mystery is awaiting them ? Let’s find out

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Wakatake was actually bedridden because he’s sick not because he was dumped. But, he did had a girlfriend. Sad note, she was a bitch who dumped him when he called her saying that he couldn’t make it to their date because he was sick. Wakatake illness is due to his allergies. Indeed, he’s allergic to Pork and fully aware of that. Therefore, the  only way that he could have eaten pork is in the egg hamburger that he had the day before, after school.

Thanks to his special relations Kuroki learnt that the shop which was selling the Egg Hamburger bought the meat from a frozen food company . Just how powerful is Kuroki ? Looks like he’s at the head of a huge information network like a Mafia network of something like that. He’s saying “meh I just have friends all around the town”. What kind of Friends do you have ?! Gosh, Kuroki is quite scary.

Anyway, the food company in question is Sunahara Meats Corporation. *Dramatic music playing in the background* Oh SNAP ! IS THAT THE FOOD COMPANY OF KAKERU’S FATHER ? ” . Yup, yup, and Aya noticed that too. But all the detective guys are telling her to avoid him because he’s a delinquent. Plus, he was a member of the Soccer Team KZ before. He went into a fight and send an guy older than him to the hospital . After that, the Team got caught up in the mess, the police got involved and they had to cancel and forfeit many games. Then, Sunahara had to quit the cram school and the soccer team because of this incident.

But Aya doesn’t care about the boys bitching on her new crush and stand up for him saying that he doesn’t look like a bad person at all. At this moment Wakatake-no-chill and Aya start fighting about Sunahara and Wakatake ex girlfriend. OH get a room you two! ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

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Even if I don’t personally like Wakatake they are cute together

So Aya gets pissed off by Wakatake attitude towards her and decides to go home, promising that she will never come back. She even intends to throw the notebook away but finally decides to keep it.

Few days passed and the guys haven’t contacted her yet . So she gets a little depressed and while she’s doing her duty as the class leader the annoying popular girl start saying to her that she’s shit at her job and therefore the Homeroom class is hard to understand. WOW, this girl really wants to get attention.

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So young but yet so cool

Aya doesn’t give a fuck and replies that if Mrs Shampoo girl is not happy with the way Homeroon class is handled right now, she better come with an idea to improve the class. The popular girl is left speechless and Sunahara, the good looking green hair boy is impressed. After the lessons he comes to Aya, congratulating her for shutting Mrs Shampoo’s mouth. But he noticed that she seems depressed and asks her there is anything wrong. She tells him about Wakatake’s health condition without mentioning his name or the fact that Sunahara’s father might be involved in this case. So she basically says that one of her friends his bedridden because of his allergies. Sunahara seems concerned about Aya’s friends but also clueless about his father activities. But the most important point: He   gives her his mobile phone number, sweet move Sunahara, sweet move ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

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This episode was nice, I like how the “romance” between Aya and Wakatake is evolving but on the other hand I feel like the rest of the Detective crew is a bit useless. since the episode are short, some of them only get one or two lines of dialogue per episode. That’s a bit sad but it can’t be helped. Anyway, I’m not sure if Sunahara is hiding something but I like him. I’m sure this is all a misunderstanding. Cool guys can’t be bad, can they ? ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ