This week’s episode was a blast to watch! The fight was a brutal but gutsy and almost an one-sided one, taking both Akihiro and Mika by storm. Besides Gundam Barbados still in bad shape due to the lack of time to repair, Mika had a very difficult time against his opponents. Akihiro had a chance to shine brighter than Mika because he was the only one of the two with a fully functional machine. Akihiro had a great moment when he saved Mika, by literally pulling him out of the line of fire. You don’t see that often in space battles, so it was a fun bit to watch. He also deserves an immense amount of credit for fighting so courageously against two opponents despite the fact he himself was now in bad condition as well from the beating he was taking. Frankly I was concerned he was going to be killed right then and there, but thankfully the truce came through right at the nick of time. It was because of the truce’s close call that kept at least two individuals alive.

Gundam Tekketsu Ep 7 Img 0033The intensity of the battle though was far greater than the one against Gjallarhorn. Tekkan found themselves in a fight against Turbine, a sub-group to the infamous Teiwaz group we had learned about in the earlier episode. Orga and the others listened to what Turbine had to offer, and tried to negotiate, but Orga ultimately decline when he realized they were not in favorable conditions to do so since Turbine is focused on reclaiming all of Maruba’s property he had promised them when they took him under their wing. So Tekkadan did what they had to do, prove their worth, and survive by outsmarting the enemy by using unconventional methods. And that meant set up some smoke-screen, flying directly into the face of the enemy, and drop some of the guys off to infiltrate the ship. Man, you really have to hand it to them- Tekkadan got the guts!

Gundam Tekketsu Ep 7 Img 0024Orga left Eugene to be Captain of the bridge while he prepared a separate mission. I was wondering what he was doing since he wasn’t on the field with Mika and Akihito, but I have to say, I wasn’t expecting them to actually infiltrate the enemy’s ship. Orga was the one to lead the pack to infiltrate the ship and make a point that they aren’t young and stupid as they appear to be. But we don’t know if that move alone, would have been enough to work in their favor, when we saw how Naze reacted when he learned about the use of the Alaya-Vijnana and how the kids were forced into the operation. His face dropped into a disgusted look and it appears it was at that very moment, Maruba lost his favor and even more so when he continued on about how he had hired them because they had “whiskers”.

The Tubrine crew is a pretty badass one, and if they can become formal allies with Tekkan, that would be wickedly awesome. The question remains though, how will the negotiations will go now that they more or less had proven their worth. Orga looks a bit iffy about what is being discussed, but it is too early to say.

For now, the one thing the remains on my mind is, what did they means when Kudelia is considered part of Maruba’s property? Kudelia knows nothing of it (but it looks like Fumitan certainly does), so it sounds like there may have been a back-door deal she was unaware about, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that coward called her father was responsible for it. We will have to wait and see what will happen.


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