Oh boy. Are you saying that I get to watch even MORE stupid time travel? I’m so excited!

Here’s the funny thing. I like time travel stories. I think they’re great. When they’re done right. However, this is one of the worst uses of time travel I’ve seen in a long time. For any of you people who watch Supernatural, these two episodes have been the equivalent of when Dean went back in time and couldn’t do a damn thing and Castiel’s like “Lol, you weren’t supposed to”. That right there? That’s these two episodes. And I hate that shit.

That being said….pff…guess i better talk about it.

So the episode picks up with Ushio face to face with Hakumen no mono and he tells Ushio that he’s going to enjoy watching him die. He fires off a blast but Tora deflects it. So…then I guess Hakumen forgets all about that killing him thing after that and leaves.

I guess it's like Spiderman like that. Everybody gets one. but i guess in this case afterwards he just gives up and goes home
I guess it’s like Spiderman like that. Everybody gets one. but i guess in this case afterwards he just gives up and goes home

They return back to their cabin and the brother’s really pissed that the sword did nothing and both parents died. He and Ushio begin talking and Ushio tells him that he’s going to make an awesome spear that is destined to kill Hakumen. Giryou then mentions that there is a way to make a super powerful weapon but it requires a sacrifice. His sister overhears and is like “Duhhh okay! I’m going to randomly do just that!” You know…without any further provocation. So…if he had said like “In order to make a perfect weapon my sister has to suck me off” would….(looks from side to side) would she have done that? So long stupid story short Ushio tries to stop her, but of course in the past he is Mr. Butterfingers as this is the second time today he fails and she falls in.

Buttering up my fingers seemed like such a good idea this morning!
Buttering up my fingers seemed like such a good idea this morning!

Using her sacrifice the brother also sacrifices himself to make the beast spear which then engraves Ushio’s chinese name in the handle and flies away.

The ghost girl then decides to show up and is like “Yeah. I’m sure it was totally worth it to scar you for life with this. So let me make you feel a little better by telling you about your mother.”

Damn it Castiel!
Damn it Castiel!

Turns out this every couple centuries this ghost lady picks a new woman to guard Hakumen no mono’s resting place because he attacked himself to the pillars of Japan so that if anyone attacked him he would make Japan sink. Because…you know…..that……makes sense I guess?

(rubs eyes) I...i don't think that would work
(rubs eyes) I…i don’t think that would work

i’m pretty sure Japan is not being held up by few pillars held together within a mile radius of each other. I..i don’t think geography works like that.

Whatever. Fine. In this magical world of Ushio and Tora, Japan is being held up by a few pillars. Fine. Okay, let’s suspend our disbelief. So the ghost lady who was reincarnated to fight Hakumen uses her powers to keep him shielded from the other demons so he doesn’t destroy the pillars as she waits for the return of the spear.

Turns out the spear was searching for Hakumen, but couldn’t find him so it killed a lot of demons along the way. It eventually got captured, but broke free.

They go through a few women before finally Ushio’s mom gets picked. She’s like “Oh, I had a dream about getting married and having a boy who will wield the beast spear.” So the ghost lady’s like “Oh, okay” and lets her go out for 2 years to get knocked up.

"I also had a dream where you brought me Mcdonalds." "ok bitch, now you're pushing it"
“I also had a dream where you brought me Mcdonalds.”
“ok bitch, now you’re pushing it”

Now…here’s my question. So….this ghost lady’s like “oh…we’ve been searching for the beast spear to take down Hakumen.” But…but you know where it is. It’s been piercing Tora against a wall for apparently 500 years. Yet… you didn’t know about this prophecy with Ushio’s mom until about 15 years ago. So….were you the only one NOT in the loop that EVERYONE IMPORTANT knew where the spear was? They’ve been having people train to wield the spear so..were they just planning on leaving it trapping Tora or…..WHY IS THIS SPEAR SO IMPORTANT?!?

See. This is a problem i’m having with this show now. Before it was just a badass spear that had Tora sealed to the wall. Now they’re making it be this huge be all end all big fucking deal. Why was such an important item just left in the wall. Did ANYONE ever think to just kill Tora since he was pinned against the wall and then take the spear? Did that just…….not occur to anyone? This is leaving me with painful plot holes.

Okay. I gotta finish this recap. So yeah, Ushio’s mom is still at the bottom of the sea hanging out with Sebastian and Ushio’s going home. Because….fuck it. He’s just going home to wait I guess. Because now where he knows where his mom is……I guess he doesn’t want to try to visit her at the bottom of the sea or talk to her? I don’t know. This episode was stupid.

I wish my first choice wasn't KILLING MYSELF
I wish my first choice wasn’t KILLING MYSELF

This did every single thing wrong that a time travel story can do. Towards the end of the episode we saw Ushio and Tora in a time bubble where they couldn’t affect the past, just watch. THAT’S WHAT THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN. When you let them become involved in the past, you can’t just keep the status quo. you have to make stuff happen that changes the present OR IT’S POINTLESS. Maybe he could have saved another character who now has a descendant in the future or something. But no. We had to have NOTHING different happen.

This is getting convoluted and stupid. I really just wanted a series about a guy with a spear fighting demons with a tiger demon at his side. But….I guess that’s too much to ask for and now we have a convoluted story about chinese omega spears and evil ancient deities and ghosts and prophecies and…….pfff……..Goddamn it Ushio and Tora. You’re not that deep. Stop trying to be.

Episode 3/10


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  1. asdfa

    The pillars of Japan is actually a refrence to one of Japan’s old folklore, in which earthquakes are caused by a giant catfish which is normally restrained by a giant stone pillar but causes earthquakes whenever it thrashes around

  2. hideki sohma

    Well that would make sense if they incorporated something like that, but Hakumen basically just goes “yeah, if i pull out these few pillars ALL of japan will sink” which just makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Henry

    Before Ushio, no one could pull the beast spear out.

    It’s difficult for a high school kid to reach the bottom of the Japan ocean. Yes Jie Mei should be able to bring him there. But if I remember the manga right, Ushio’s mom is reluctant to meet Ushio, because she feels guilty for not being a good mom.

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