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Wow… Smooth… really smooth

Will our little detective crew be able to solve the tremendous “pork in the beef” mystery in this episode ?

Well, without further ado, let’s dig in !

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One day, after a few days without any news from the boys, Kozua phones Aya. Wakatake is asking for a meeting at his place on Saturday. He says that everyone will be glad to see her again. She accepts and seems to be actually more happy than anyone.

Oh you can tell she’s happy

To organize their little Detective meeting they use Wakatake’s dad office ( who is in New York at the time). While Aya was gone sulking in a corner, they didn’t lose any time and investigated. Kuroki said that one week will be enough for her to calm down. He actually knows her more than she thought.

So, in order to solve the “pork mystery” they bought samples of meat from different stores and had them analyzed by the Lab of Kozuha’s dad friend .

The DNA analysis revealed that almost all of the steaks are 100% beef but a certain amount of them had  pork mixed to the beef. To get more information about Sunahara’s meat corporation , they also talked to a guy who works at the meat factory. According to him, the production lines are perfectly isolated. So they’re is no way pork could have gotten mixed in the beef production line.

But there is another suspicious guy who transports the meat to the factory. They observed him for days, because they apparently don’t have to go to school. School ? MEH, not as important as stopping a massive allergic epidemic. DUH, you should revise your priorities in life. The transporting meat guy slacks off a lot when he’s supposed to work. He even goes in the cargo to do stuff with the meat…

Yeah, I don’t really want to know what’s he’s doing with the meat…

Not that I judge or anything…

I mean, We all have different hobbies, passions and tastes in life…

AHEM ANYWAY, our detective bunch is too far away so they can’t see exactly what he was doing but there is a high probability that he could have been the one mixing pork and beef.

Well, I really want to know why. Does he have any grudge against the Sunahara’s family ? Or is he just doing it for the vine ?

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Don’t you have school or anything ? …

Wakatake is going to submit the Aya’s report to the police and he also wants to hold a press conference to hold all the fame. This guy is really seeking for attention. Is it because Daddy is never home ? I don’t know.

If the police decides to investigate and to inform the “food control services”, Sunahara’s meat corporation might go bankrupt because the company has lots of debts. Therefore, Aya is worried about young playboy Sunahara, she still thinks he’s a nice guy who hasn’t done anything wrong. Yeah, she just wants to warn him because he’s a nice guy. Obviously not because he’s far more Kakoii than the rest of the group. Just sayin’

But, all the other guys are bitchin’ about Sunahara junior. They keep on saying the same things over again. Is dangerous, Aya shouldn’t be hanging out with him and stuff. Pretty basic drama things. I’m really wondering if there’s a way to avoid all this unnecessary drama dialogues but I guess there isn’t. I’ll just have to roll with it.

Still, Aya wants to let him know what’s going to happen to his father’s factory. The guys accept but Uesugi wants to come with her to protect her because he really doesn’t trust Sunahara. That was Uesugi moment to shine, I’m proud of you kiddo. So she calls Sunahara junior and asks him to meet her at the park.  He arrives smoothly as ever and asks her what’s wrong..


That’s it . Next part next week. 9 minutes is too shooort. I want more, NOW !