Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Episode 8: [Why Sunahara, Why ?!]

” Don’t forget”


Last week’s episode stopped when Aya was about to announce to Kakeru that they know everything about his father’s Corporation. Since Aya has totally the Hots for Sunahara she wanted him to know what’s going to happen to his father’s society before the harm is done. So they meet in a little park where kids are playing and she tells him everything about Wakatake’s allergies and the fact that the society might go bankrupt…

Capture 3
Kakeru: handsome as always.

Sunahara explains that he already knew that the driver was unreliable. Also, he tells her that when he was caught by the police for fighting,  it was because he hurt the driver. The last one was passing his nerves on the car of Kakeru’s dad, blowing the tires. They went into a fight and the driver was wrecked by a 12 years old . LOL. Kakeru’s not a Kung-fu master you know, just a football player. I really think their abilities are a bit exaggerated. My younger brother used to play Football too but when we were fighting I was always winning… But apparently, in this anime, playing soccer makes you a superman. Anyway, Handsome-Kakeru already knew that the driver was a bitch who always complains about his life and slacks off a lot, in other words, that he was a failure.  But Kakeru’s father decided not to fire him and to give him another change expecting him to somehow change his behavior. Wow, Kakeru’s father looks like a  nice  guy ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ

Kakeru also insists on the fact that now Aya has 5 friends ( including himself) and asks to her wait until the next morning to warn the police about the Meat Factory’s issues. Apparently he has some problems to solve on his own so he decides to walk away like a poor lonesome cowboy. He goes talking to his father to warn him before it’s too late. Well at least that’s what I think he was doing because we don’t get to see the face of his dad nor to hear their conversation. It’s strange because Kakeru’s father looks like he has the same haircut and clothes than the driver. HHUUUUMMMM…If the company had a lot of debts that might be because Kakeru’s father is a dick and if they are ruined they might not be able to pay a driver, so Kakeru’s dad was doing the job. But on the other hand, why would he ruin his own corporation ? I’m sure I’m talking nonsense. Stop thinking that you’re Sherlock Charibo.

Capture 6
I’m sorry but the driver and the half of Kakeru’s dad look REEAAALLY SIMILAR

During the following days, Aya learnt by reading the newspapers that Sunahara Meat Corporation has gone bankrupt because of a meat infection. On top of that, Sunahara has disappeared. Just when Aya asked the boyzs if it was possible to had another member to the detective team. They seemed okay to add a new member but she forgot to mention one small detail : That it was Sunahara. Yeah, a really small detail, knowing the fact that they all hate him. But, there is no more problems because Sunhara has vanished. At this point I was shouting to my laptop : NO SUNAHARA DON’T YOU DARE VANISH ! And then, next scene when Aya was talking to the moon in front of her window like every drama character ever, saying that she will never forget him I almost cry.

Capture 9
*snif* Sunahara…

Yeah… I cry all the time. Last time I saw a video of animals rescuing other animals and I cried when I saw the final caption ” All you need is a friend “. God dammit, Why AM I SUCH A PUSSY ?! AND WHY AM I CRYING OVER THE DEPARTURE OF A 13 YEAR OLD KID ? the only time that I cried for a 13 year old kid was for Killua in HunterXHunter. God dammit Killua-chan why are you so handsome ? ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ

Also Aya never tried to call him nor to contact him because the thinks that he wants to be alone. STOP BEING A PUSSY AYA, CALL HIM DO SOMETHING ! ARE YOU THAT AFRAID TO CALL SOMEONE ON THE PHONE ? I’m afraid to call my Dentist or my bank on the phone because I really don’t want to talk to them, but here, we’re talking about bad boy Kakeru ! COME ON !

Anyway, the preview of the next episode let us know that there will be another exciting mystery about a backyard, Usuegi’s grades and Wakatake’s intuition. Can’t wait. Yeah I’m pissed off… Why did Sunahara leave ? He was the best guy ʕ´• ᴥ •`ʔ


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