Wow this episode hurts like a bitch. I didn’t want to see Kirara miss the plane. I knew it was going to come back to bite her if she didn’t make it. With all the build up, fame and hype around her being selected to participate in the internationally renowned fashion show, the Japan Collection- I knew the repercussions were going to be severe and would go as far as jeopardizing her dream to become a top model. And the thing is, I think Kirara was aware of what the backlash would be, yet she made the selfless decision to prioritize protecting Karin’s (a new model who was inspired by her) dream. But perhaps this is one of the boldest twists the writers decided to do. In fact, I commend them for this because Kirara was… let’s say more or less on a smooth path to her dream. But in reality, that’s not how life goes, there are bound to be slip-ups, some so bad it could or will make everything you worked towards fall apart.  Kirara made difficult decision and the price of missing the plane and the show resulted damaging her reputation as a model, and making it more difficult for her to get a jobs and such, regardless of her recognition before the incident took place. Go! Princess Precure Ep 42 Img 0027Kirara is clearly not okay, she is hurt to have lost this opportunity. She says she doesn’t regret her decision, she would do it again and again, and I believe her- but that doesn’t fill the void of the ultimate opportunity that was lost. In the preview we hear Kirara claims she will quit as a model, a startling announcement considering how much time and effort she had put into this job. We don’t know if this is merely just because she is rightfully upset right now (which seems to be the case since the Star Castle stopped glowing) or perhaps her dream has perhaps undergone its own transition like Minami’s, but more subtly. It looks like there will either be a mock-fashion show arranged by the girls or the famous dude- I forget his name- will approach her and offer her an opportunity to work on regaining her reputation.

Earlier in the episode, Kanata was seen inspecting the Star Castle that is still trapped in the thorns of despair. At the time some of us probably expected it to be cleansed by the end of the episode… well instead it lost it’s radiance (the star is no longer glowing). It might be cleansed next week, unless that is- they plan to make Kirara’s conflict even bigger than I anticipate it to be.
And I’m all for it if it means it involves the build-up to the final big fight.


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  1. elior1

    poor kirara but if she is happy with this decision it good she did what she was thinking is right she didnt wanted her frainds to be hurt at the cost of her fame

  2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    I refrained myself from commenting about this episode, but I just couldn’t hold on anymore, so I’ll just make it short and simple: WHY KIRARA??? Such a massive opportunity of your model career approaching just to sweep it aside because of wanting to stick with your friends and to rescue that rookie doll girl, a starter model? It’s going to haunt you real bad for dumping your dream like this, sweetie T_T And Kirara actually decided to quit her modelling career according to next episode’s preview hurts me even more!! (The lesson of Reika abandoning her overseas study during the Smile Precure season reminds me how the Precures are meant to stick together, no matter how big or noble the dream is, but it sucks T_T)

    1. Eva

      It is absolutely hear-wrenching ; _____ ; Damn it all! STUPID PLANE, WHY COULDN’T IT HAD BEEN DELAYED BECAUSE OF THE ZETSUBORG INSTEAD?!

  3. Marcos Pinheiro

    This episode really surprised me and also made me feel very sad for Kirara. Not to mention that I’m concerned about her. 🙁
    Goddamn it! Why Stop and Freeze always show up at such bad timing?!
    Now about the episode, it’s really good and show some surprises.
    The beginning of the episode is funny to see Kirara having a good time with doughnuts and then… AUTOGRAPH TIME! That’s one funny scene to me! XD
    Twinkle was really doing her best as a model and a Pretty Cure. It was like “So far so good”.
    And Karin is a cute girl and has a cute dream too. Can’t wait to see what she’ll do in the next episode since she became Kirara’s new good friend.
    One thing I noticed is that Shut once again is being treated like “a good for nothing Dys Dark member”. Of course, he’s not satisfied with that kind of life or duty. When he’ll get a chance to show up in front of Scarlet again?
    And it’s really cool to see Twinkle’s new attack, the Galaxy Chorus, just like Scarlet did in ep. 40! 😀
    What you wrote about Kirara’s decision compared to the reality situation, Eva, I agree. And yes, it was pretty hard for Kirara at that moment. I must admit that I didn’t imagined this episode’s ending for Kirara. I was like “No way… it can’t be…” and I really thought that she was going to get the plane but delayed. I couldn’t believe that she missed it, but I have to. 🙁
    I want to see the next episode so much and see the team trying to revive Kirara’s dream! Omoshiroi! 😀
    Oh, one more thing!
    Love the snowy weather in here and the Christmas style cover of the blog too, Eva. 🙂

    1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      The episode is so hard to stomach, especially after seeing my favourite sparkling heroine suffering from such dilemma ; _____ ; But I’ve sense that the writers are deliberately trying to prevent Shut from his (fateful) meeting with Towa! In my thesis there might be three possibilities:
      1. Shut still sees Towa as Twilight and will fight to reclaim his “lost love”.
      2. Shut finally snaps out of “Twilight being Towa” and decides to eliminate her for Dyspear’s sake.
      3. With his instinct in point 1, Shut threatens Kanata to hand over Towa as his beloved “Twilight” and urge him to cut all his ties with his sister OR Shut threaten Towa to choose between his love for “Twilight” or her loyalty to her brother. Should he choose the second drastic measure many will hate him for being too obsessed and selfish, but who knows Toei might pull THAT stunt?

      1. Marcos Pinheiro

        So true. What happened to Kirara is unbelievable.
        And wow, Wilfredo Clear Wilfred! Those are really interesting possibilities of Shut’s destiny!
        I’m very curious when his time comes and we all will see what happened.
        Anything is possible. And what happened has happened.

      2. Eva

        Well it certainly possible with the way they have been building up on it. Shut has been shut out from every activity ever since Close returned, and Dyspear shown she had far more faith in Close’s ability than Shut’s. I am curious and hope to see Shut change sides soon, especially since he has experienced being treated better by his enemies than his so-called allies. Or maybe he might just do something for himself – hence the first option being plausible for that route.

  4. Keiko

    International stardom or universal duty? What an expect-the-unexpected yet shocking episode ft our sparkling Kirara for me!
    Dang it, Stop and Freeze! You two have got the wrong timing in the middle of something important, ergh! >_< Poor Rin-Rin (and here we go again, even Kirara's assistant isn't survive the nicknaming gag!) whose fresh dream has just tainted by the darkness so early. 🙁 Yet for Twinkle, her balancing between a future supermodel and a Cure is very nice so far. But upon the words of Mngr. Tachi that she should go to the US, specifically in New York for the Japan Collection show. Speaking of Karin Ageboshi, she admits about being no-good in academics and sports until something drastically came into her mind: modelling. When Kirara was asking about her assistant's dream, she replied like this: it's a secret!
    Now for the Star Palace, it seems to start glowing but after a few hell minutes that it's already gone. I was like, "Now what? It's been entrapped by despair thorns." Then on the OP part when Kirara's about to taste the donuts until… A lot of random peeps are in line to get her autograph signing. I must say that she's really a phenom celeb at all. Meanwhile in the Dys Dark HQ, Close is NOT amused about the red rainbow being revived thanks to Scarlet and he's about to get ready for more to take our dear Princess Cures down. Surely, the punk-looking crow sends his "own" generals like the usual, yet Shut is entering the seen and wanting to pull our royal warriors off, but yeah, a good for nothing Dys Dark general. However, I'm sensing that he might see Scarlet again within the finale battle.
    And hell yash, Twinkle's Galaxy Chorus looks amazing! In fact, I actually agreed on what Kragito said: One member has an offer but giving for being humanity's greatest superheroine.
    "However the character will rather gave up the dream for the greater good. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few which is probably what Kirara is going through now… So when she turned around to help her friends, she gave a speech which make me change my views on her. She will rather gave up her dreams to help those in need as she won't be happy if the people around her will get hurt because of her personal desire. She will save everyone a thousand times over if she choose to give up her happiness because she is a Cure."
    In short: Once a Pretty Cure, always a Pretty Cure! Then, to add that in the words of the anime franchise's first leader that's Cure Black: it's hard being a Cure. And that is true.
    Ahem! On the part when Minamin is seeing an ad video about dolphins, I get a feeling that this will be a foreshadowing one regarding her centered episodes in the upcoming weeks. And I heard something about Kirara got quit from modeling on the next episode preview, I was like "What?!!!" But, it's up to Haru-Haru and the co to resilient Kirara's almost crushed dream, so I really wanna see the huge point on it. Plus… KARL LAGERFIELD IS BACK AGAIN, YEHEY!!! 😀 I'm sure he comes to the rescue and giving some encouragements to Kirara in regaining her reputation as an almost-to-be supermodel.

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